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The Challenge of Evil

By Dr. Margaret Paul
April 23, 2018

Evil has always been with us. Itâ€ôs important to understand what it is and what each of us can do to counter it.

EvilWe are beings of free will, so we get to choose, moment-by-moment, who we want to be. We sometimes choose to put our ego wounded self in charge and act in unloving ways toward ourselves and others, but this doesn’t make us bad or evil.


What Then, Is Evil?

Evil occurs when someone completely disconnects from their essence, their soul that is created in the image of God-which-is-love. They disconnect from the kindness, caring and compassion for themselves and others that is their soul essence, and they believe that all they are is their wounded self.

Because they are so divided against themselves – having profoundly disowned the love that they are, they constantly need to be adored and admired by others to feel that they are okay. And they need to be adored and admired by others who they believe are like them, because if someone is different than them – a different race, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender – in their mind, those people’s adoration does not count. It counts only with people who think and act like them. So, they surround themselves with people who are like them and despise those who aren’t. They despise the individuality and uniqueness of others because they have so deeply turned away from their own true unique essence. In doing so, they have turned away from love and from their soul’s journey of evolving in their ability to love themselves and others.


Rejecting Love…

Having turned away from the spark of the Divine within, which is a turning away from love, they are essentially rejecting love.

Once someone rejects love, they turn away from their soul’s purpose on the planet and turn toward the purpose of the wounded self, which is to control. Without any of the tempering that comes from the love that is the soul, they can do untold harm.

Unfortunately, some of the world’s leaders, as well as heads of some of the biggest corporations in the world, operate from this darkness of their woundedness. They don’t care who they hurt or how many people suffer at their hands, because they are so cut off from their own heart and soul that they don’t care at all about the pain of the people they are hurting. All they can see is that they need more and more money, control and power over others.

This is evil. It has always been this way and it always will be this way. It is very unlikely that love will heal them because they are completely cut off from giving or receiving love.


The Hope for The Future

The hope lies in each of us strengthening our connection with our heart, soul and Divine source. The more light we each bring into the world, the less chance the darkness has to control our planet.

The young people who are speaking out are our hope for the future. They are smart, articulate, deeply caring, and they are connected with who they are and why they are here. Instead of coming from hatred and a desire to control, they are coming from love and caring, and I’m deeply moved when I hear them speak. They are far wiser than many of the people who are currently running our planet, and for this I’m very grateful.

A person cannot turn to the darkness of evil when they have even a small connection with the love that is Spirit. Even a moment of this love lets them know that they are not alone. The more each of us practices Inner Bonding and experiences more of this love, the more light we bring to the planet, which counters the darkness of evil.

It’s up to each of us to shift the balance out of darkness and into the light, out of hate and fear and into love and faith.

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