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Are You Addicted To Your Activities?

By Dr. Margaret Paul
December 31, 2006

Learn how to know the difference between activities that are a way to relax, connect or express yourself, or are an addiction.

Addiction to activities


Activities - such as sports, creative projects, reading, work, TV, meditation - can be a wonderful way to relax, express yourself or connect to yourself. Or they can be an addiction. How can you know the difference?

  • Angie would surf the channels whenever she felt stressed or alone.
  • Karen would lose herself in a book when things felt overwhelming.
  • Keith would retreat and meditate when his wife wanted to talk.
  • Patty's work schedule left her little time at home.
  • Carl spent more time in the garage fixing things than with his family.
  • Patrick's love of running was interfering with his family time.


It's All About Intent

Whether or not an activity is an addiction depends upon your INTENT.

  • When the intent of an activity is to avoid the pain of aloneness and loneliness, it is an addiction.
  • When the intent of an activity is to avoid the pain of rejection or the fear of domination, it is an addiction.
  • When the intent of an activity is to put off doing something you don't really want to do but need to do, it is an addiction.

Whenever an activity is used as a way to avoid something, such as painful feelings, or difficult or boring tasks, it becomes an addiction. It's really no different than using substances such alcohol, drugs, or food to avoid painful feelings or challenging tasks. The problem with using addictions to avoid painful feelings is that the feelings don't actually go away. They are just numbed for the moment but are silently eroding one's sense of self. We can get away with it only for so long before it shows up in some way - illness, divorce, anxiety, depression and so on. And avoiding tasks means that the tasks pile up, eventually causing the very stress we want to avoid. Our society is filled with ways to avoid. Yet it is avoidance that leads to the very feelings we are striving to avoid!

When the intent of an activity is to take loving care of yourself by providing yourself with fun, creativity and expression, relaxation, personal growth, spiritual growth, physical health and well-being, then it is a loving action rather than an addiction. It all depends on your INTENT.


Become Aware of Your Intent

Next time you want to participate in your favorite activity, you might want to notice your intent. Do you want to relax and enjoy watching TV or are you avoiding some difficult feeling or task by surfing the channels? Do you find yourself scheduling more work than you can really handle to avoid dealing with aloneness, loneliness, or conflict with a partner, or are you really loving your work and feeling fulfilled by it? Are you exercising to support your health or to avoid feelings?


What To Do Once You Are Aware Of Avoiding Your Feelings

Once you become aware of using an activity to avoid, you can practice Inner Bonding:

1)Welcome the feeling you are trying so hard to avoid. Pay attention to the feeling - fear, loneliness, aloneness, agitation, boredom, anxiety.

2) Make a decision to learn what YOU might be doing to cause this feeling rather than continuing to avoid it.

3) Explore what you might be doing to cause this feeling. How are you not taking care of yourself that is causing your painful feeling? Are you procrastinating, judging yourself, or not standing up for yourself in conflict? How are you avoiding responsibility for your own well-being? Are you allowing yourself to be a victim, waiting for someone else to make you feel better?

4) Once you understand what you are doing to cause your distress, then you need to ask "What would be the loving action for myself?" You are asking this question of your highest self, or of your spiritual guidance if you are connected with a source of guidance. If you open to learning about what is loving, ideas will pop into your mind.

5) Now you need to take the loving action on your own behalf - complete a task, stand up for yourself and speak your truth with someone, and so on.

6) Re-evaluate how you are feeling. Are you feeling more peaceful and more powerful? You will feel more peaceful if you have taken the loving action. If you are not feeling better, don't just turn back to your addictions. Look for another loving action until you find what really makes you feel safe on a deep level, not just the temporary pacification of an addiction.

You will find your addictions fading away as you practice Inner Bonding and learn to take loving care of yourself.

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Today, notice if your intent is to get love or approval from others or to give love to yourself and others. Trying to get love or approval will always end up causing suffering. Giving love to yourself and others brings joy.


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Today, notice if your intent is to get love or approval from others or to give love to yourself and others. Trying to get love or approval will always end up causing suffering. Giving love to yourself and others brings joy.



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