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Are you Advocating For Your Health and Wellness?

By Sharon Appleby
March 01, 2024

Are you taking the time to learn what's in your highest good when it comes to all areas of your health and speaking up so your inner child feels cared for and loved?

believe in yourselfMany of us grew up doing what we were told by our parents, teachers, peers, etc... We watched their interactions and behaviour and absorbed their beliefs. We learned very young what is acceptable and not and who knows best. Questioning those in authoritative positions was discouraged in my home during my upbringing and if I dared do so, I was either shamed or ignored.

Listening to others' opinions rather than trusting our intuition may have profound consequences on our mental health, potentially leading to anxiety, depression, and anger.

Living with the numerous false beliefs acquired from our childhood and mimicking others today, can keep us stuck as victims preventing us from taking responsibility for our health and advocating for our wellbeing.

Consistently practicing Inner Bonding has helped me reconnect with my inner knowing and higher wisdom, giving me the confidence to begin to speak up and stand up for what’s in my highest good. Additionally, with the assistance of the internet, researching and exploring diverse perspectives from experts in various fields can help educate and challenge mainstream beliefs as well as our own false beliefs.

When our loving adult leads, we can start to take responsibility for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and shift out of our victim state and into our personal power. By making conscious decisions about what we put into our body, from food and prescription drugs to skincare products, or how to manage a toxic family member or friendship and by paying attention to our aches and pains, we can begin to make better choices. Taking action to improve all areas of our health will make our inner child feel safe and loved!

In a world filled with toxic chemicals and relationships, self awareness is crucial to ensure our choices align for our optimal health.

My client has been on antidepressants for many years. I asked her if she knows the side effects, as she consistently complains about her poor sleep schedule. She admitted she is scared to find out and trusts her doctor. Blindly accepting what others think is best, or only what they know, can have severe consequences when not collaborated with both your loving adult and health practitioner.

Amidst our very busy lives, finding the time to learn from many experts may seem daunting and challenging. Yet, the potential consequences of neglecting or depending on others for our health decisions can be severe, even life-threatening. Are you avoiding important health issues, listening to an old narrative that others know better, or living in fear of speaking up in any or many areas of your life?

Practicing Inner Bonding can help you find your voice to speak up on your behalf and for others who can’t. Being open to learning and taking loving action for what is best for your mind, body and soul will always feel good.

This will certainly make a positive change for all and start to heal our world from a surviving mindset into a thriving mindset!



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Contentment is understanding with wings, and it can only be captured in the moment.



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