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Do You Feel Empty or Full Inside?

By Dr. Margaret Paul
December 31, 2006

If you ever feel empty inside, this article is for you. Discover what creates that awful inner emptiness and what you can do to feel the fullness of love within.

I feel emptyInner emptiness - the awful, hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach - is a common experience for many people. It is a feeling that is so distressful that it often leads to numerous addictions in an attempt to fill the empty, alone place within. Food, alcohol, drugs, TV, shopping, sex, busyness, gambling, and fantasy are some of the common addictions used to momentarily fill the emptiness. They become addictions because they do work for the moment, but because the fullness is short-lived, you have to keep doing them - more food, more sex, more shopping, and so on. They never fill you up permanently. They are just Band-Aids.

They are flimsy substitutes for what you are really needing, which is love. The inner emptiness is due to a lack of love - not a lack of food, sex, or TV. Yet trying to get love from another person is just another addiction. It feels great for the moment, but what about the next moment when the person is not there, or gets angry, or withdraws his or her love? Back to the emptiness and other addictions as you frantically try to avoid feeling so alone and awful.

As long as you believe that something outside of yourself can fill you - a substance, a process, or a person - you will be seeking the love you need in all the wrong places.

There is only one thing that can permanently fill the empty place - the love that is spirit, the love that is who you are in your essence, the love that is you - your soul self.

As long as you believe that who you are is your body, your mind - your ego wounded self - you will feel empty inside. Your body/mind/ego is not you. It is the physical home for you while you are incarnated on this planet, but it is not you. You are spirit. You are the love, joy, wisdom and peace of spirit. You are an individual manifestation of the love that is God, created in the image of Love, and therefore have all the qualities of thel love that is God.

The emptiness is there when the body/mind/ego has dominion over the soul. When, through the practice of Inner Bonding and the development of the loving adult, you learn to open to your essence and experience your connection to and oneness with spirit, you will feel the fullness and joy within of who you are.

Love will fill your being when the soul has dominion over the body.

However, you cannot begin to feel the fullness of love within until you decide to release your individual will to the will of your higher power. As long as you are devoted to your own beliefs and concepts, you will be stuck in your wounded self. As long as controlling others and outcomes is more important to you than loving yourself and others, you will be stuck with emptiness. As long as you attach your happiness and worth to your performance, looks, and to how others feel about you, you will be stuck in your pain. As long as you believe that you can know what is in your highest good from your own mind, you will continue to try to have control over what you think you need to feel happy and full.

Releasing our own will and opening to the higher will of our higher soul, which is a spark of the Divine, is a simple concept. Yet it is the greatest challenge we have. Most people are so stuck in believing that it is our own mind that keeps things going, that keeps things together, that we are terrified to let go and let God. Yet when you open to learning about loving yourself and others and take loving action based on your inner and higher guidance rather than on your ego wounded self, you find that things do not fall apart at all. In fact, they get much better. Taking loving action on your own behalf and letting go of outcomes - releasing the outcome to spirit - brings great joy and fullness of being.

Your inner child needs love - your love - to feel full inside. Loving yourself and sharing your love with others fills the inner emptiness. It is the only thing that does.


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