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Live Your Soul not a Role

By Nancy Swisher
December 31, 2006

It's time to stop living the role-based life! It's time to start living the soul-based life!

Are you living the role of wife, provider, loser, star, mother, lover, artist or something else? You know you're living a role when you feel no passion in your life, when the day- to-day tasks feel a bit numbing. A role is a role is a role! There is an internal disconnect when you're in a role. Even though you may totally love your kids, you may still be playing the role of parent, rather than being the authentic soul-self that you are. Even though you may truly be an artist, you may be playing the role of artist. If you are doing anything in order to get other's love and approval you are in a role. If you are doing anything in order to avoid conflict and disapproval you are in a role.

A role is the opposite of living from and listening to your spirit. It's painful to live a role. It causes disease to live a role. Look into your life today and see if and when you slipped into your role, rather than being your authentic, powerful, beautiful soul-self. Write down when you felt like you were in the role. How did it feel? How can you discern if you are in a role? Does you voice sound different or feel different? Is your posture different? Is it a bit rigid? More than likely it is. When we are connected to our spirit there is flow and movement and flexibility in our bodies, our voices, and our mind is not in control.

It's time to stop living the role-based life! It's time to start living the soul-based life!

Committing to the practice Inner Bonding is a great way to make this shift because built into the steps of Inner Bonding is the question of intent. If your intent is learning to love your self you automatically move out of being stuck in a role

It's a choice. The choice takes courage. To heal the wounded role-playing self will take support, it will take time to discern, but it will happen! (If you are truly dedicated.)


  • Move your body
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth with the sound of "AH"
  • Call on your Spirit Guides, feel their energy in your body

Nancy Swisher MFA is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator in private practice. She can be reached at 413-655-0102 or


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