Hosted Chat - Responsibility for Your Feelings

Hosted ByDr. Margaret Paul
Start03/17/2009 06:00 PM
Finish03/17/2009 06:30 PM
LocationOn-Line Chat
DescriptionJoin Dr. Margaret Paul for a chat on the topic of "Responsibility for Your Feelings." To enter the chat, click on "chat" from the Member Menu. All times are Pacific Coast times.

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Which journey do you focus on - the earthly journey or the soul's journey? When focused on the earthly journey, we want to get all we can while attempting to control others and outcomes. When focused on the soul's journey, we open learning with our spiritual Guidance, allowing the Love and Wisdom that is God to guide us. Since we are here to evolve our souls in our ability to love ourselves and others, focus today on the spiritual journey of the soul.



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