5-Day Virtual Intensive

Hosted ByDr. Margaret Paul
Start03/13/2024 08:00 AM
Finish03/17/2024 03:30 PM
LocationVirtual on Zoom

Join Dr. Margaret Paul for her next 5-Day virtual Intensive!

For information or to register call
310-459-1700 or

The cost for the VIRTUAL 5-Day Intensive is $2195.

(Times to be determined based on location of participants - but approx. 8am-3:30pm pacific daily).

"My experience was absolutely incredible.  The group that I was in was so open to learning and healing themselves. We all seemed to take a deep dive together knowing that we were in a very safe space with Dr. Margaret and the other facilitators.  It seemed to flow with Divine energy as we all laughed and cried together, sharing our most intimate moments.  We cheered each other on as we healed wounded parts of us that had been there since childhood. I myself had suppressed memories surface, which I believe were at the root of most of my suffering.  I am still processing from those 5 days and I truly feel like I am closer to being my true self than I was before I began.  I felt safe enough to let all of my shadows be seen and all that I got in return was enormous support and Love and there is no better feeling than that. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience and I will keep it close to my heart for all of my days. Thank you again to my group and Dr. Margaret & all of her helpers who made this possible. It was truly life changing and I look forward to the next one!! --With Love, JFo " Nov. 2023

 "The Intensive with Dr. Margaret Paul gave me the opportunity to dive really deep into attending to my feelings and needs and learning to take care of me in a very loving way. Margaret’s clarity and ability to hold space for deep and meaningful explorations is outstanding. Witnessing the other participants doing their very deep work created a space of mutual compassion, understanding and healing. I am looking forward to attending the next Intensive!" November, 2023 --Valentin,University student of energy engineering

"This intensive was a deeply immersive experience, the likes of which I've never encountered.​​" --Michelle Rousseau, PsyD, LP,Licensed Psychologist

"Margaret Paul’s materials are amazing, and yet, she was even better in  person! Margaret’s modeling of being a “loving adult” throughout the intensive and her incredible facilitation skills with participants was invaluable.  Inner Bonding is the “missing piece” I’ve been yearning for on my path of  personal, spiritual development...I’ve already made a huge shift that would not have been  possible without this experience." 

"For a person who has attended many other programs before, this intensive was a cut above the rest. It was THE MISSING PIECE IN MY LIFE. I wholeheartedly recommend this intensive – please do give it a go….it could be life-changing!” --Anonymous​​

"I very much enjoyed the Zoom intensive. Offering some of these via Zoom may allow people with more limited funds access to help they really need....Thanks so much for doing these!"

"Having studied Inner Bonding for close to a decade now, I’m constantly amazed how every time I attend an intensive [even one on Zoom], I learn how much deeper I can go in this work to grow my Loving Adult and to live a life of peace, and joy, instead of fear, anxiety and sadness."

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Your emotions are a great gift, letting you know when you are on track or off track in your thinking and behavior, or when you need to attend to what is happening with a person or situation. Today, practice learning what your painful emotions are telling you, rather than avoiding them with your various addictions.



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