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Ask yourself 100 times today, "What is in my highest good right now?" In this moment, do you need to work, exercise or rest? Do you need to eat or stop eating? Do you need to offer caring or support to someone? Do you need to speak up for yourself with someone? Asking what is in your highest good will keep you connected with Spirit and on track in taking loving action for yourself and with others.


"No other experience has gotten me closer to healing my core shame and realizing the manipulative power of my wounded self. As an MFT intern on track to be a licensed therapist, I highly recommend Inner Bonding, particularly the Intensive to anyone involved in the counseling profession. Inner Bonding is by far the most profound and effective healing modality I have experienced." L.A. Intensive, 2/05
Jeff Frymer

"Before coming here I was kind of resistant to coming to the Intensive. But after coming here and experiencing the bond with not only myself but with all the other people, it was a wonderful experience. Margie has a way of being very loving and right to the point and you just open up and feel all the pain which leads to an abundance of joy and freedom that I never knew was possible." Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
John Koprowski

'This was my first Intensive & found it to be a very safe space to help break through our limiting beliefs & barriers.  The energy of the group was very caring & I found everyone in attendance to be genuine.  Tears & Fears do surface but Margaret's technique in helping us to see the real person behind the fears is extremely powerful.  For me, personal healing & closure with many issues are resolved & will continue to as I continue to practice Inner Bonding.  This isn't a 'quick fix' system, yet a lifelong process.  Attending this Intensive got me directly to the root of many things I was in conflict with.  I would highly recommend attending an Intensive for real, serious, deep, intense conflict resolution & healing.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10
Judy Squires-Gleason

"I came not knowing what to expect and having been to many workshops before.  What I found was an elegant and powerful way of being with myself and others." Colordao Intenisve, 8/08
Shelton Huettig

"As my 2nd Intensive, this was an even more profound and wonderful experience.  The safety and authenticity that are created in this group allowed me (& others) to go deep into feelings, emotions, insecurities & false beliefs.  Everything was well thought out in the Intensive - focusing on always being open & in the truth constantly.  The amazing process of learning to work with, heal & evolve completely within oneself is a brilliant & revolutionary method - completely unique." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08
Lisa Mansfield

'As a 15 year old going to this Workshop with my Mom, I was obviously skeptical about whether it would be a huge waste of time or not.  But after meeting some of the people and getting to know them, I realized that my age changed nothing.  I was treated the same way.  And I guess that made me open enough to get what I needed out of the experience.  I feel so much more mentally prepared to take things on and I never thought I'd have that.' Rowe, MA Workshop, 5.12

Taylor Sweet

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