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If you go deep inside, you will discover that the hope of all addictive, controlling behavior is to protect you from feeling the loneliness of not being connected with another, and from feeling helpless over others and outcomes, and from the heartache and heartbreak of others' unloving behavior, and from feeling the grief of loss. When you learn to accept and manage these very painful feelings with kindness and compassion toward yourself and through your connection with Spirit, you will heal and find your joy, wholeness and freedom.


Happiness, Healing, Self-Esteem

Happiness, Healing, Self-EsteemDiscover how to have happiness, joy, self-worth and self-esteem. Through Inner Bonding, achieve personal growth, mental health, gain confidence and enhance creativity.

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The Key to Peace, Joy and Devotion to the Spiritual Path Dr. Margaret Paul
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The Power of Passionate Delight Dr. Margaret Paul
The Power of Your Own Pleasure Shelley Riutta
The Purpose of Shame Dr. Margaret Paul
The Shape of Healing is a Spiral not a Line Nancy Swisher
The Understudy Michael Barmak, CSW, LCSW, Copyright 2003
Trusting and Honoring Your Feelings Dr. Margaret Paul
Vibrational Vigilance Julia Padawer, M.A.
We Are Not Meant to Live Alone Dr. Margaret Paul
Welcoming our Disowned Parts Dr. Margaret Paul
What Creates Feeling Adequate? Dr. Margaret Paul
What Do You Really Want? Shelley Riutta
What Does the Loving Adult Feel When the Inner Child is Hurting? Phyllis Stein, Ph.D.
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Who Do You Think You Are? Nancy Swisher
Who or What Should Rescue You? Dr. Margaret Paul
Winter Solstice, a Symbol for Healing Nancy Swisher
You're Never to Young to Inner Bond Melissa Contreras McGavin
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