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Every time we blame someone, we make them responsible for our feelings and needs, which puts us in the position of being a victim. Every time we blame someone, we dis-empower ourselves. Today, notice the tendency of your ego wounded self to blame others for your upsets.


"This course expands on Step 4 of inner bonding, accessing one’s personal guidance, which requires that we maintain a high level of consciousness, called Frequency.  Although Inner Bonding is a spiritual program, it is not in any way religious, so it will work for atheists, Christians, Pagans, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, any or all,  because it is about the actual experience of spiritual connection rather than beliefs.  Here I learned about what creates high or low frequency; the importance of raising frequency to access guidance; how to move beyond defining my worth through looks and performance by learning to see myself through the eyes of spirit, and how to practice the presence of love."

Cheryl Gibson

"If you want to get off the merry go round of love-life coach services, books, courses, psychics or psychotherapy - Inner Bonding (bonding with God) taught on this non-denominational/ non-religious Frequency Course by Dr Margaret Paul - is for you. Directly consistent with the teachings of A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle and others such as Neale Donald Walsch - the Frequency Course is possibly the final course to help end the need for all others. Instead of feeling constantly compelled to run to a 'love-life coach', psychotherapist or 'psychic' to guide your life (in any area) when challenges arise, this course helps you to become your own coach by giving you the choice to 'directly' connect with the free, eternally ever present source of love and divine guidance within you. People like Liz Gilbert  (in 'Eat Pray Love') stumbled by accident upon their inner divine guiding voice of truth within. This course effectively teaches you to hear that same inner divine voice of guiding truth inside yourself - consciously. However you need to be ready to feel, witness and thereby take personal responsibility for all your feelings (both pleasant and painful ones) and to be open to learning from them by taking care of them. It is in fact through consciously feeling our feelings, in our heart and soul (not numbing them out by rational thoughts in our mind), that God directly inspires and guides all of us.

"Dr Paul is not a guru however, yet is probably one of the few 'healed healers' with the necessary personal self-awareness to run this course via an approach that seeks to remove ongoing dependence on traditional analytical therapy, by helping you to connect to your own ever present internal 'therapy'.

"This course is not for the faint hearted, nor is it for anyone wanting to keep emotional pain at the core of their being by: putting rings around it, blaming others, or wearing masks through life to shield it. If you are ready for this course,  you end up being grateful for the remarkable wisdom personally learned from every loss, setback, challenge or disappointment you've ever had. You then gain an enormously increased capacity to authentically love yourself and all others, which is simply not possible without experiencing life's lessons and challenges. The aim however is not to attract more painful life lessons and challenges - but to transcend and transform them to create a new future."



"I loved the course and am very sad it's finished yet I know my frequency has been raised from...doing this course and I know in order for it to continue to raise I need to replay this course 'frequently' AND continue my inner bonding process daily and hourly and just plain old more 'frequently'!!!

"I had such an incredible day of love and compassion for myself and others and I truly know I'm on the right 'Course'.

"I am always grateful for you and your work and for my decision to make Inner Bonding a major part of my life and  an integral part of my journey where I have more minutes, hours and days filled with love, compassion and grace."

Sharon Appleby

I loved loved loved all three courses (Love yourself, Frequency and Loving Relationship). They gave me so much information and input, it was amazing. Every little detail was explained over and over again, and it gave my Innerbonding pratice a new depth. For sure I will go back to the emails and videos over and over again. Thank you very much for all your wisdom!

Karin Gehrig

"Thank you so much for creating this course. The teachings have been incredibly powerful and inspiring. I honestly feel a deeper level of surrender and joy within. With feeling more connected, it also encouraged me to take bigger risks in life, where fear was holding me back before. Now I see how the frequency course seems essential to anyone interested in furthering their Inner Bonding practice. Having faith in the process and the supportive energy from Dr. Margaret and all the other participants made the experience truly enlightening.
Peace and joy from the bottom of my heart."



"I am so glad I took the course. It was great to have a focus on guidance, and at the conclusion of the course I am noticeably more tuned into my guidance and am relying on my guidance more often, particularly in situations with others. I used to feel anxious sometimes when others were speaking to me, I think because I was wrestling for energetic control of the situation in order to feel safe. Now when I notice those feelings, I tune into my guidance and relax into the love and energy coming from my guidance. A few people have expressed deep gratitude for our conversations, when I was able to hold the space with the help of my guidance, bringing in love and compassion for them and myself. I am remembering throughout the day to tune into my guidance more often and am more accepting of the fact that my guidance is here to provide unconditional love for me."




Frequency: Your Spiritual Guidance & The Art of Manifestation

Next course starts on January 10th, 2018
This course is offered only once a year

Are you ready to experience that you are never alone and to manifest your dreams?

A 30-Day Home-Study Experience with Dr. Margaret Paul -  to Connect With or Deepen Your Connection With Your Spiritual Guidance and Learn The Art of Manifestation


"Quite honestly, I don't have the words to express how immensely powerful this course is. It was brilliant, enlightening, and inspired. It expanded my understanding on the law of attraction and manifestation which I had previously viewed as a type of new age indulgence - to seeing how natural and deeply necessary they are to attaining a life of inner joy. ~Jenny Sherrell, Holistic Counselor

"I live in Africa, particularly in Zambia. I have enjoyed this course to the full. It has helped me connect with my Spiritual Guidance easily and more often.....This course just brought a new start in me for higher manifestation in my life. I feel so peaceful, confident, full of life, creative and I know now that Joy is my birthright. Happiness is within me because God is within me and all around me.I am growing in self-worth, which no one can take away from me. This course will remain my daily guide as I practice Inner Bonding which is my primary daily action to self love. Inner Bonding has become like 'MY DAILY BREAD'." ~Didasio

"This course is extraordinary!!!  It puts together for me the concept of Higher Self, Guidance, inner bonding, and most of all, God, etc. in such a helpful, loving and life-giving way. I have been looking for this 'information' forever. Thank you so much for the way you have put this together--clear, loving, personal and obviously well Guided! I am very grateful!" ~Maria K.

For more testimonials, click here.Frequency
  • Do you have problems connecting with your spiritual Guidance and maintaining your connection, or even believing that there is something spiritual to turn to?

(You don't need to believe in God to benefit from this course).

  • Do you have a spiritual connection but you want to deepen your ability to connect and enhance your spiritual growth?
  • Are you ready to have a deep experience of knowing that you are never alone - that you are always being guided in your highest good?
  • Do you want to learn how to make your best, right decisions - which is a major result of spiritual growth?
  • Do you want to understand how to develop or deepen your power of manifestation - your ability to manifest your dreams?
  • Are you ready to embrace your spiritual growth and lead a life of inner peace, joy and Grace?

"I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and Dr. Margaret Paul is by far one of the best teachers I know. I just finished taking her frequency course and although I consider myself to be a spiritual person, her teachings are direct, clear and so easy to follow, along with bringing me a great sense of joy...What she teaches should be taught in every single school. She is authentic, kind and smart. A great mentor for me." ~Deb Moran

"I wanted to thank you for yet another wonderful course. I would have to say that this was my favorite one of the three that I have taken so far. I have really learned so much from your courses and feel that the daily emails are always totally perfect. The way that you explain things makes such a difference. Thank you for the work that you do to uplift a world that is starving for this information."  ~ Sherri Stahl


Come join me in this life-changing course!       (Photo by Julia Caesar)

FrequencyIn this course - which will take only about 20 minutes a day - you're going to learn about:

  • The beliefs and behaviors that block you from your spiritual growth and your spiritual connection
  • How to raise your frequency and keep it high
  • How to connect with your personal source of spiritual guidance
  • How to move from mind dominion to soul dominion
  • How to learn to trust your spiritual Guidance
  • How to make the Law of Attraction work for you to manifest your dreams


"I loved the course and am very sad it's finished yet I know my frequency has been raised." ~ Sharon Appleby

"The insights on this course are truly astonishing - like getting a much bigger flashlight for the journey of life." – M


FrequencyPeople learn in different ways. Some people learn by seeing, some by hearing, and some by reading, and some in all of these ways. You will have an opportunity to learn in all of these ways, because here is what you will be receiving in this course:

  • Each day, for 30 days, you will be receiving an email from me that contains an article and an action step for you to take that day. Each simple action step, which you will be able to easily integrate into your day, will gradually lead you to deeper connection with your Guidance and into your ability to manifest your dreams.
  • A number of times each week you will receive a 3-5 minute video or a 3-5 minute visualization that will support you in your developing your ability to connect with your Guidance and manifest your desires. I've created these videos and visualizations just for this course.
  • There will be a special forum that I've created just for this group. In this forum of compassionate and caring people, you will be able to share your experience and receive help from each other and from me.
  • In the forum you can ask your questions, and once a week we will have a live coaching call, where I will be answering your questions and helping you with your healing process.
  • If you can't make the call at that time, don't worry! I will be answering your questions that you asked in the forum and you will be receiving a recording of the coaching call.

"Thank you so much Dr. Paul, it was a wonderful course! I feel after the inner bonding and frequency course considerable change in my well-being and in the stability of my well-being, in relationships from all areas of my life, as well as in finding my way in different situations and taking the right decisions!" ~T.

Thanks to the Frequency Course I have been able to consciously choose peace, joy and grace for my life....I recommend to anyone looking to get in touch with the infinite source of love and wisdom available to all of us!" ~Denise

"If you want to get off the merry go round of love-life coach services, books, courses, psychics or psychotherapy - Inner Bonding (bonding with God) taught on this non-denominational/ non-religious Frequency Course by Dr Margaret Paul - is for you." ~Madison, Attorney

"I truly liked all of it! I like the fact that you share your own personal experiences. I like feeling that you genuinely care about helping people to heal and grow. I like that you teach and inspire us to find and follow our own inner guidance. I like the audios/videos and conference calls. I save everything so I can read or listen to them again." ~Linda



  • Watch the 1 hour Intro Video, which is included with the program
  • Take the free Inner Bonding course

Our Guarantee

We will refund the cost of the course minus the cost of PayPal if you cancel within one week after the start of the course.

Space is limited! Don't delay in taking this life-changing course!

Thank you so much for this life-changing course! ~Sharon 

With my guidance by my side, I know I have the power to be happy, enjoy life and the skills to manage the heartbreaking feelings of life when they show up. I am so much stronger.... and am looking forward to what life has to offer to learn. Thank you." ~ Carolina

"For me the most outstanding lesson taken out from this course is realizing that in our minds we can not find the joy and peace we are all looking for. That it actually comes from our hearts, souls. Now, thanks to this course I can practice tuning into my heart…to feel peace. Moreover, I can start believing in my dreams as they make me feel good inside and what is best is that I don't see them so impossible as I used to." ~Abeja

"Thank you so much for creating this course. The teachings have been incredibly powerful and inspiring. I honestly feel a deeper level of surrender and joy within." ~Holly

This course has really given me tools to begin changing my life. Thank you!! ~ Pam


SpiritualityCome walk with me through this powerful course! I look forward to getting to know you!

The program cost is $199. You can register through PayPal - either with your PayPal account or with a credit card, or you can call our lovely assistant, Valerie, at 888-646-6372.