Hosted Chat

The hosted chat is hosted by Dr. Margaret or an Inner Bonding facilitator. Often a subject, such as relationships, addictions, boundaries, or parenting is chosen for the topic. Other times, it is open to any discussion.

Times: The times posted are all Pacific Time. 

Date Event Location Hosted By
11/20/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Family Challenges Over Holidays Dr. Margaret Paul
11/27/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Is Your Environment in Harmony with You? Dr. Margaret Paul
12/04/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Are You Happy With Your Work? Dr. Margaret Paul
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Daily Inspiration

When you greet someone, are you welcoming, or do you wait for them to welcome you first? Is your intent to give or to get? Are you hoping others will make you feel safe? You can create your own sense of inner safety by loving yourself and sharing your love with others.


'Dr. Margaret's skills and her loving manner drew out my true essence, helped me see where I am acting out of my wounded child, and above all underscored the importance - the need - to stay connected with Inner Guidance at all times. Living from that center, I feel I have made a transition.  Thank you Dr. Margaret Paul.'  Colorado 5-Day Intensive, 10.13

Phyllis Schafer

"This was my first Inner Bonding Intensive and I was not sure what to expect, though I had high hopes of improving my connection to my guidance. The Intensive far surpassed what I hoped for. The experience of doing deep work with Margaret and watching others do their own work was very powerful and moved me forward spiritually in ways I couldn't have imagined. I'm looking forward to going to my next Intensive next summer! Thank you to Margaret and all my fellow Inner Bonders for providing a safe and loving environment to grow in." Colorado Intensive, 7/07
Mary McCanta

"The best thing I've ever done for myself. It has evolved my soul. Truly miraculous!" Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04
Cynthia Collins

'The knowledge I gained is life changing.  It has given me a whole new way to work with my wife on our relationship to make it stronger and more complete.  It has given me an approach to make me a better more complete person.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10
David Airth

'I had the experience of accepting and loving myself unconditionally, bringing me great joy and a new sense of freedom inside my being.  With this new way of being, I can now see actions towards others causing resistance and conflict that I had thought were loving, were actually controlling, and I am now committed to letting go of control and sharing my joy with others from unconditionally loving and accepting myself.'    Colorado Intensive, 4/10
Deborah Lange

'I am on my way.  I have found a place of peace within my heart and I am deeply grateful for this experience.  Thank you for your guidance and for introducing me to my own inner Guidance.' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive

Jeanne A. Heinzer

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