Hosted Chat

The hosted chat is hosted by Dr. Margaret or an Inner Bonding facilitator. Often a subject, such as relationships, addictions, boundaries, or parenting is chosen for the topic. Other times, it is open to any discussion.

Times: The times posted are all Pacific Time. 

Date Event Location Hosted By
05/21/2019 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What Causes Emptiness Dr. Margaret Paul
05/28/2019 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What are you Most Trying to Control? Dr. Margaret Paul
06/04/2019 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Emotional Responsibility Dr. Margaret Paul
06/11/2019 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: Physical Responsibility Dr. Margaret Paul
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Daily Inspiration

Today, seek Spirit through connection with others. It is easy to know God when sharing love with others. Open your heart to the sharing of love, and seek out those with open hearts. You will most deeply experience God not in the getting of love, but in the sharing of love.


The [couples] workshop offered an excellent opportunity to learn by examples what it means to listen to your inner child, to open to spiritual guidance, and to practice the entire sequence of the Inner Bonding process. Observing (and sometimes participating) in other people's explorations offered both an opportunity to see the Inner Bonding process in action, but also an opportunity to see an issue one has being dealt with by another person who has the same issue. Doing one's work with Margie as a coach is very effective.
Dorothy McKinney

So wonderful and helpful to me.  Deep appreciation and gratitude for giving me a path to heal and take care of myself.

Chauncey Kupferschmid

I think the intensive was transformational for me.  I am 63 years old, but feel I am born again with love for myself and others.  I am so looking forward to the rest of my life and what it will bring.

Mark Bult

'The Intensive was moving, thought provoking, emotionally stirring, intense, intense emotionally, eye opening.' Colorado Intensive, 4.12

Anne Anderson

"I am filled with gratitude for my new awareness. There is only one need and that is love. Love starts with acceptance. Acceptance comes from Spirit. All I need do is remain open to Spirit. I stand in awe of the power of learning which comes from 12 open students and one gifted and guided teacher." Advanced Intensive, Amherst, MA, 10/04
Stuart Paris

'Immersion into the Inner Bonding process was extremely beneficial to me. I learned so much by watching Dr. Margaret stay tuned in with her feelings & reflect what she experienced in interactions with others.  I love reading the materials online, but there's nothing like experiencing the process in person for myself & others. I learned as much or more watching Dr. Margaret's interactions with others as she helped us all understand the Inner Bonding process. Dr. Margaret is so skilled at putting feelings into words and expressing them in a clear, direct ways with others. This was a very safe place to express difficult feelings, get support from others, and also learn ways that the IB process can help me move forward & change my response to difficult feelings.' 5-Day Intensive, 6.14 - Loveland, CO

Susan Gallagher

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