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Consciously notice and think about what you are grateful for and what brings you joy. Notice how you feel when your thoughts are on what you want rather than on what you don't want.


"The couples intensive is the best gift anyone can give to themselves and their spouse." Couples Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01
Danielle Koprowski

After years of therapy and many self-help books…something was still missing.  It seemed that no matter what I did (or approach I tried) I couldn’t get the “voice” in my head to quiet down or stop the negative talk.  And sadly, for some reason (actually many reasons) I not only couldn’t stop the negative talk  - I believed it! 
Enter Inner Bonding and Dr. Margaret Paul.  
Through Dr. Paul’s training I am learning to recognize when the “voice” in my head is filling me with false information. And more importantly, I now have a “tool” that helps me cancel out these thoughts and replace them with the truth.  
Is it a magic pill that changes everything immediately?  No, but it is a method that actually works.  The 5 day Intensive gave me an opportunity to work the process - which is critical because like anything unfamiliar it takes practice to achieve results.  Habits happen when we repeat them over and over again.  Intensives give you a safe and loving place to work on yourself and the benefit of Dr. Paul right there guiding you.  
This is my second Intensive and all I can say is…if you are hurting and seeking help INNER BONDING is the answer.  If you are looking for a way to grow spiritually Inner Bonding is the answer.  Truly, I believe that Inner Bonding should be a required course in life.  I know there would be a lot more love and peace in this world.
I am finally learning to love myself thanks to Dr. Margaret Paul :)

Chris Lieber

It has been one week since our intensive came to a close, and I find myself quietly reflecting in gratitude for the experience. And yet, the first phrase that comes to mind to describe it is MIND BLOWING (although mind expanding would probably be a more apt term!). The Inner Bonding system is an amazingly inclusive approach to healing, bridging the gap between psychological and spiritual truth in a wonderfully integrative way, illuminating no gap ultimately exists. For me, this has worked almost magically, helping to connect different parts of myself which I've spent years fearfully defending. And on a deep, intrinsic level, this has created a more authentic, intimate experience of Self -- interpersonally and intrapersonally. I still have a long way to go, but somehow, I've walked away from our time together with a somatic knowing that I'm more than up for the ride -- it is indeed, as Margie describes, a sacred privilege. I met two of my spiritual guides for the first time on this journey, and luckily for me, they both agreed to come back with me to New York!
Mike Moran

'This Intensive has challenged me in the deepest of ways.  I was not always happy about it, but it was exactly what I needed and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.  I felt I was unable to release my grief for the death of my Father when I was 6.  But Dr. Margaret Paul along with the Facilitators were able to create such a safe space, that I was able to jump-start that process.  Most of all it was made clear that it is my responsibility and that I have to move into the intention to learn and open my heart.'  Colorado Intensive 10.14

Philippe Carroll


'Before the Inner Bonding Intensive, I had suffered major anxiety and depression for most of my adult life.  I tried countless ways of getting "rid" of it.  Learning Inner Bonding at the Intensive finally gave me the tools I needed to take care of my emotions, to be in tune with my Inner Child, and to take loving action in positive, fulfilling and exciting ways!  I'm so excited for the relief that I feel!  I know that it's more than just a band-aid, but a long-lasting strategy for life!!' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.12

Amy Hunter

Hosted Chat

The hosted chat is hosted by Dr. Margaret or an Inner Bonding facilitator. Often a subject, such as relationships, addictions, boundaries, or parenting is chosen for the topic. Other times, it is open to any discussion.

Times: The times posted are all Pacific Time. 

Date Event Location Hosted By
07/24/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What Makes Your Inner Child Feel Loved by You? Dr. Margaret Paul
07/31/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What is the Biggest Addiction of your Wounded Self? Dr. Margaret Paul
08/07/2018 06:00 PM Hosted Chat: What is your Major Form of Self-Abandonment? Dr. Margaret Paul
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