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By Nancy Swisher
December 31, 2006

In this playful article, Inner Bonding facilitator Nancy Swisher poses questions about the purpose of our "baggage". Using various questions about the metaphor of baggage, she prods your imagination to think more creatively about your own healing process.

Can we let go of our baggage without unpacking it?

What is baggage?

What does unpacking look like?

Can we really transmute the lower vibration feelings and beliefs of the baggage without becoming conscious of the origins of the feelings and beliefs?

In the present moment, any baggage we carry is created by us, not the past.

If you are thinking you're flawed, can you just stop doing that if you are not fully conscious of why you are doing that?

It is popular now to just let go of one's story because the story can keep you stuck.

Is the story not the very thing that is there so that we can heal?

Is the story not the sand in the oyster shell? The irritant that, through transcending it, creates the pearl?

Baggage lowers our vibration when we believe that it is true.

Unpacking is part of becoming conscious.

Unpacking requires support from someone who has already unpacked!

Unpacking gets us down to our Divine Essence!

You can get addicted to unpacking!

You can be living in the darn suitcase and not even know it!

Can you ever get so far inside the suitcase that you can't get out?

If you try to ignore your story and skip over it don't you just keep repeating the vibrational patterns your story created in your conditioned mind?

What the heck is "the story"?

Aren't stories fun?

Aren't stories part of our humanity?

Do we tell our stories in order to get attention?

Do we tell our stories in order to give?

Don't we have to tell our story in order not to identify with it?

Your suitcase is filled with stories. What makes your story baggage? What makes your story enlightened?


Nancy Swisher is a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator, writer and healer. She can be reached at 319-338-7833 or at

2007 Nancy Swisher


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