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The Law of Love: the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction

By Grace Escaip
February 01, 2014

Are you stuck trying to make the Law of Attraction work for you? Have you been unable to manifest the life that you want? If so, maybe something is missing from your process of trying to manifest the things you desire. This article will introduce you to a piece that may be precisely the missing link!

If you find yourself resonating with the law of attraction; if this concept has caught your attention, has awed you, attracted you and interested you so much to the point that you have purchased almost every book written on the subject, has attended as many workshops as you’ve been able to sign up for, and stays current on all the webinars that talk about it; if you feel completely attracted to everything that has to do with the law of attraction because every time that you read or hear all the great authors something inside you vibrates, excites you, motivates you, energizes you, gives you goose bumps, something inside of you knows that it is true, and knows and feels that it is only remembering something that it has always known, something that is precisely what is missing in order to create the kind of life that is your birthright, that is yours to live, that this is precisely what is missing in order to manifest the greatest version of yourself…

If after reading or listening to these authors you decide, fully determined and caught up in the mood of the moment to begin (finally!) to apply this law and everything that you have learned about it, and so you try not to have negative thoughts, or if you do have them, to change them immediately into positive thoughts, to try not to have uncomfortable feelings and to force yourself to feel gratitude, affection, happiness, joy, peace, compassion, etc…: to try to talk using only words that support that which you would like to manifest, even if not even you yourself believe it… if you try to do two hundred thousand affirmations a day and to fill your house, car, office, gym locker, etc…, with post its, with affirmations, phrases, and posting them on Facebook as well; if every time you are going to pay for something you feel anxious and afraid and so begin to repeat to yourself that “I am de source of all of my abundance, I already have the money, I lack nothing whatsoever”, “everything I want exists and is already here”, etc…; if you have already created your ”vision board” and your collage with all the things you want to have, and if, because you have been instructed to feel as you would feel if you had already manifest these things, and therefore you do numerous visualizations where you see yourself with everything that you want so as to conjure up the feelings, if you have done ALL these things and you are already manifesting the life that you want, then CONGRATULATIONS!!!

However, if you have done all these things, following to the letter everything you’ve been taught regarding the law of attraction, and even so you have not been able to manifest the kind of life that you desire, or if you have been able to manifest it but find it very hard to maintain the same level of commitment, if that is the case, I can fully relate to you!, and this is the reason for this writing, because at one point in my life I was where you are now, feeling the same things. I don’t know if this happens to you, but many times, when I tried to apply the law of attraction, and realizing that it was not working, I would feel very frustrated, angry, depressed, and even ashamed and full of guilt, or even fear of not being able to maintain the required state of gratitude and appreciation or of being unable to change my feelings or my thoughts through willpower. These experiences would deflate me to the point that at times, I even felt that everything that had something to do with the law of attraction was fabricated, a fantasy, made up, and I would walk away from this concept and from anything that had something to do with it. But deep down, I was never truly able to convince myself that the law did not exist, that it was a fake. I would even become angry and upset when somebody made fun of this universal law! Something within me knew that the law of attraction truly models how things work, whether I accepted it or not, believed it or not, used it consciously or not. Besides, I was never able to stop feeling attracted to it, and to all the people that teach it. There was no doubt whatsoever that everything I heard or read about it was true, but then I wondered why it was not working for me, I wondered what I was doing wrong, or what it was that I was not doing that prevented it from working properly for me.

A lot of times I noticed and realized that maybe it wasn’t working for me because I couldn’t truly feel how I was supposed to feel in order to manifest what I wanted. I realized that for the most part, most of the time I was unable to feel appreciation and gratitude for my reality, that I couldn’t maintain the feelings and the state of being that the visualizations produced in me, that no matter how much I affirmed to myself that “I am good enough”, “I am very worthy”, “I deserve everything that is good”, “I lack nothing”, “I am the source of all of my abundance”, “I have perfect health”, etc…, deep down I did not believe it, and much less treated myself as if this was in fact true or real. And so I kept on plowing ahead, trying to manifest my dreams, working on my academics and my research through a personal, spiritual, and experiential process. During most of this time, I was very demanding and mean with myself, I was treating myself very bad and of course, I was under a lot of stress; now I know that this was, for the must part, the reason why the law of attraction did not work for me, or rather, did not work in my favor.

It wasn’t until I began with my Inner Bonding process (in fact, until I had been using for a long time the wonderful tool that it is), that things began to change for the better. I began to realize that I was manifesting things that I never could have imagined but that I was being given what I wanted, that I was manifesting a way of life that was very enticing. simultaneously I was still interested in the law of attraction, but it was with the teachings of my great mentor Dr. Margaret Paul, together with my guides and my inner wisdom that I began to see what was missing from the principle I was reading or listening to, a piece that needed to be joined or combined. Each time I saw and felt with more clarity what it was that I was missing in order to be able to apply the law of attraction so as to make it work for me. Every time I read or listened to something that had to do with the law of attraction, I felt fascinated; however, the difference was that at that moment in my life, when hearing about it, I also realized from deep within my heart what I was missing, in other words, why it was hard for me to apply the law of attraction and to make it work for me. Each time I saw it more and more clearly; and the more clearly I saw it and the more I tried to apply what my intuition told me or, what I knew was the missing piece,  little by little and through great dedication, devotion and perseverance in my personal and professional process, one day it came through me and I realized that this was what I needed to understand and join!!! In order to structure, apply, and explain the concept that I received from my guides one day: THE LAW OF LOVE.

I understood that in order to have the law of attraction work for me, I had to apply as well (at the same time, if not first) the “Law of Love”. I saw it so clearly, it was so obvious to me, I felt it and knew it from deep within me, that I first began to notice that this is what I had begun to do when I first began to manifest the things I wanted, only I had been doing it unconsciously, without knowing what I was doing and why the law of attraction was finally working for me. And so I began to apply it, consciously, in my own life and in my own process. Afterwards, each day more secure, I began to say it out loud: first to my husband, completely convinced of what I knew, and then I began to share it with my clients, and with whoever brought up the subject of the law of attraction. The more I said it, the more sense it made to me, and so it was that the need grew to communicate this, to transmit this knowledge, to share it… and the first thing that came to my mind was to write articles where I talked about this law and explained it.

I talked about this with my husband and he questioned me why I wanted to write articles… that perhaps it was better to write a book about this, and I immediately liked and fell in love with the idea. That is how applying the law of love and the law of attraction I began a process to manifest this book, titled ¨The Law of Love: the Missing Piece of the Law of Attraction¨; I do not know how long it will take me to manifest the book, but for now my intention and desire is to enjoy the process. The main goal of this book is my deep and enormous desire that through my own personal style and frequency, I may express, transmit and share with you that which I have learned and received from my mentors (especially Dr. Margaret Paul), as well as to transmit and express the concepts and ideas that have come through me. And above all, the essence of why I am writing the book, to express what I have observed, learned, brought together and experimented regarding the law of love, since as I was able to personally and professionally experience, it is the understanding and most of all the true application of the law of love through practical and concrete actions, the missing piece in order to make the law of attraction work in favor of whoever wants to consciously use it.

The main reason for this article is to be able to tell you now, without waiting until I finish writing my book, that if you practice Inner Bonding with dedication, you can have the guarantee that you will be applying in your favor the law of attraction or manifestation and the LAW OF LOVE.


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Pain and joy are in the same place in the heart. You cannot put a lid on pain without putting a lid on your joy as well. Are you opting for the flatness of the illusion of safety, or are you willing to experience both the lows and the highs of life? Today, cry and laugh with your whole heart.



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