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The Law of Love: the missing piece of the Law of Attraction II

By Grace Escaip
February 01, 2014

If you have tried to make the Law of Attraction work for you, but have been unable to manifest the life you want, it may be that as you try to apply the steps outlined by that law, a missing piece of the puzzle is preventing you from succeeding. This article introduces you to what that may be.

The law of attraction says that like attracts like, and that therefore we are going to attract or manifest in our lives people, events or situations of a similar frequency to the one we are vibrating in. In general, the things we want in life possess high frequencies, and so in line with the steps defined by the law of attraction, in order to manifest them we must vibrate at a high frequency ourselves. Through the law of attraction we have been taught many ways of achieving this; if you have learned them, if you are applying them and if they are working for you, congratulations! You are manifesting the life you want! But if you have learned the law and have applied to the letter everything it states and teaches, and even then you are unable to manifest the kind of life you desire, I can understand you because I was in that same position for a long time. Now I can understand that the law of attraction works, it in fact has always worked, whether we are conscious of it or not; however, the most important thing that I now know is that what makes the law of attraction work in your favor is: THE LAW OF LOVE! This is a concept that came through me, from my guides... In books, workshops, webinars, etc., much is said regarding the power of love: of loving oneself, that love is the most important and powerful energy, etc. But what I want to communicate today is that love is also a law, one that establishes that:

* What determines your level of frequency is whether or not you love yourself

* If you are loving yourself and others, you will be vibrating at a very high frequency

* If you are not loving yourself and therefore others, you will be vibrating at a very low frequency

* Therefore, loving yourself, and therefore loving others, is what determines what you manifest in life

* In order for the energy of love, compassion, and joy may enter our lives and our selves, we have to be willing to keep our hearts open, even though on the one hand this will make us feel our pain, on the other it will give us relief, peace and wellbeing.

As can be readily seen, what the Law of Love establishes is very simple, not unlike the law of attraction. Both laws are simple, but not easy, because as I already mentioned, the law of attraction states that in order to manifest what we want, all we have to do is vibrate in a high frequency: it is here where the following question arises: And how do I vibrate at a high frequency? As I already mentioned earlier, there are many teachings that answer this questions, but if you are still unable to maintain vibrating at a high frequency, and are still stuck in the same question, I want to share with you the answer I received: In order to vibrate at a high frequency so that the law of attraction works in your favor you must apply also in your favor the Law of Love. Perhaps you may say to yourself "Oh! It is simple! I only need to love myself and maintain my heart open," but then another question arises: "And how do I love myself, what does it mean to love myself, and how is that achieved? Because I hear it and read it everywhere but I really don't know what it means exactly or how to do it..."

It is also possible that at this point another thought crosses your mind: "If I am not manifesting what I want it is because I am vibrating at a low frequency: therefore, according to The Law of Love,it is very likely that I am not loving myself, in one way or another."

I used to have these same thoughts, ask myself the same questions and come up with these same conclusions; I was never fully satisfied with what I read regarding the law of attraction, nor with all that had been taught to me as a psychotherapist, nor in any of my other trainings. I do not mean to say that these were bad for me or that they do not work - by no means! - in fact, I learned a lot from them and they were very useful both personally and professionally. However, I felt that something else was missing, that it was not very clear how to love myself. I already had the concept of The Law of Love, but I did not know yet how to apply it fully - or structure it - and this is what I asked my guides to help me with. My guides used to tell me that I had to research the inner child and feelings, another area that I was always very interested and passionate about - and that I was unhappy with the way this was approached by the leading methodologies (in fact, the approach that I liked the most because of the way that it handles the subject of feelings and emotions was Gestalt, and that is why I trained on it; I have now recently developed the concept of Feelings Coaching, to help people listen and understand the information contained in their feelings). And so, during the course of my research on feelings and the inner child, I was guided towards one of Dr. Margaret Paul's books. And this is when I truly began to study Inner Bonding (so as to study the inner child), as per my guides' suggestions, and lo and behold, it was through my devoted practice of Inner Bonding that I found what I had been looking for all along: the answer to how - with much clarity - I could apply the concept that I had received from my guides, and that kept coming over and over again to me: The Law of Love.

This is the first time that I publish something regarding this concept, and now I know that communicating this concept is my life's purpose and my mission on the planet. This is why I publish it first, through Inner Bonding, because I know of no better system or tool here on Earth to help us apply in our favor The Law of Love, and therefore, the law of attraction, which I like to call The Law of Manifestation.

Through this article I establish my commitment to expand the concept of The Law of Love, with the teaching of Inner Bonding, and I wish to thank Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D. and Erika Chopich, Ph.D. for bringing on this planet, in a very clear and practical way, the possibility of learning how to apply for the good of the planet and all of us THE LAW OF LOVE!


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