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Attaining Prosperity Through the Practice of Inner Bonding

By Dr. Margaret Paul
November 04, 2018

Practicing Inner Bonding can bring about more prosperity!

Prosperity, abundanceYou might have heard about the law of attraction as it relates to prosperity. Perhaps you’ve wondered how this relates to Inner Bonding, and how Inner Bonding can help with any current financial issues you might be experiencing.

The law of attraction states that ‘like attracts like.’ It teaches that thinking in negative ways attracts negativity, and thinking in positive ways attracts positive energy to us.

Research indicates that this is true. In "Authentic Happiness," psychologist Dr. Martin Seligman states that:

"Research suggests…that more happiness actually causes more productivity and higher income. One study measured the amount of positive emotion of 272 employees, then followed their job performance over the next eighteen months. Happier people went on to get better evaluations from their supervisors and higher pay. In a large-scale study of Australian youths across fifteen years, happiness made gainful employment and higher income more likely." (pp 40-41)


It’s About Frequency

Happiness has a high frequency and unhappiness has a low frequency. In order for our spiritual guidance to support us in our prosperity, we need to be in a high frequency. When we are in a high frequency, we are open and available for Spirit to manifest through us.

The challenge, of course, is consistently staying in a high frequency. Here is where Inner Bonding comes into the picture. The more you practice staying in Step 1 of Inner Bonding - staying in your body and tuned into your feelings with a desire to take responsibility for them - the sooner you will be aware of when you are in a low frequency. Feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, hurt, guilt, shame, aloneness, emptiness and so on, indicate that you are in a low frequency - that you are thinking and behaving in ways that are not in your highest good.

By doing the 6 Steps of Inner Bonding each time you are unhappy, you can move yourself back into inner peace and joy - into a high frequency.


Our Intent can be Subtle

I have consistently found it to be true in my own life that staying happy and peaceful brings about the manifestation that I seek. But I have also found that if I am focused on the manifestation rather than on taking loving care of myself just for the sake of being loving, then I quickly move back into my wounded self - back into trying to control. We cannot use happiness as a means of control any more than we can use anything else as a means of control and keep on feeling happy! This is because whenever we have an agenda other than being loving, when our agenda isn't met, we are likely to sink back into unhappiness.

So, it's a bit tricky. If we get attached to the outcome rather than being loving for the sake of itself, we may find ourselves unhappy. However, there is nothing wrong with having goals. It is when we attach our sense of worth and happiness to achieving the goals that we may crash when our goals are not met.

When evolving in your ability to be loving to yourself and others is what gives meaning and purpose to your life, you will deeply desire to do Inner Bonding for the sake of love. The result will likely be more prosperity, as Seligman states, but the prosperity is the result of happiness, not happiness being the result of prosperity!

Join Dr. Margaret Paul for her 30-Day at-home Course: "Love Yourself: An Inner Bonding Experience to Heal Anxiety, Depression, Shame, Addictions and Relationships."


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