Virtual Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop

Hosted ByDr. Margaret Paul
Start10/03/2020 07:30 AM
Finish10/04/2020 02:30 PM
LocationVirtual on Zoom


Join Dr. Margaret Paul for a powerful virtual Inner Bonding® Workshop.
Learn the 6-Steps of Inner Bonding and transform your life!

Times: 7:30am to 2:30pm pacific, 10:30am to 5:30pm eastern, 3:30pm to 10:30pm UK time.(Unless you are a night-owl, this won't work for people in Australia)

There will be a 1 hour meal break, with short stretch/bio breaks.

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Cost: $350

Cancellation: 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop

Space is limited - register now!

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Even if you've been practicing Inner Bonding, this workshop will be helpful to you. People who take this workshop over and over say that they benefit and go deeper each time they take it. 
The Inner Bonding Weekend Workshop offers you a profound roadmap for breaking free from the cycle of shame and self-abandonment that leads to anxiety, depression, addiction, aloneness, emptiness, anger, resistance, and relationship failure.
Discover how to love yourself rather than reject yourself, and learn to make your best decisions through at-will connection with your personal source of higher wisdom.
Through lecture, experiential exercises, visualizations, journaling, and demonstration, the Inner Bonding process shows you how to:
  • Rapidly discover and release false beliefs about yourself and others
  • Move beyond self-judgment into self-compassion
  • Let go of life-long addictions
  • Confront the resistance that might be keeping you stuck
  • Heal the fears of rejection and engulfment that may be keeping you from having a loving relationship
  • Heal relationship conflicts; learn how to create the love and intimacy you've always wanted
  • Access the truth about limiting beliefs and the actions that are loving to you and for your highest good
  • Find your passion and purpose
  • Learn how to achieve at-will spiritual connection

Unless you were raised by parents or caregivers who were loving to themselves, each other and to you, you may not have learned how to lovingly manage your painful feelings.
As a result, you may be operating from your ego wounded self, controlled by your fears and false beliefs.
Your wounded self often takes over in unloving ways, trampling on your hurts, ignoring them or avoiding them with various addictions and controlling behavior such as: 
  • Addictions to drugs, food, nicotine, alcohol, relationships, sex, pornography, work, TV, social media, the Internet, or video games
  • Co-dependence - trying to control others with anger, violence, guilt or compliance - making others responsible for your sense of safety and worth
  • Self-judgment, shaming yourself
  • Obsessive thinking, ruminating
  • Resistance to taking loving care of yourself
These forms of self-abandonment perpetuate fears of rejection, abandonment, aloneness, engulfment or failure, which heal through the practice of Inner Bonding.
Through discussions, exercises and direct work with Dr. Margaret Paul, you learn the Six powerful Steps of Inner Bonding.
The workshop will include:
  • Discovering the fears and false beliefs of your ego wounded self
  • Discovering who you are - your true soul essence, your beautiful inner child
  • Understand and developing the loving adult
  • Learning and practicing each of the Six Steps of Inner Bonding, including the Three-Step Inner Bonding Anger Process
"Transformational Beyond Words!  My heart and soul and true essence overflow with love and gratitude.  I'm so eager and excited to go home and do Inner Bonding, and share this with my husband and son, and most of all MYSELF at any given moment." ~Margaret Dean Godhard, Mom, Educator, Gainsville, GA
"This is a very high quality workshop.  I have learned more in one weekend about how to live a loving, joyous and wonderful life than I learned in my 52 years prior.  The tools and process are practical, make so much sense and will be so valuable in my life." ~Donna Dietz,Technology Executive    
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Today, slow down. Breathe. Walk more slowly. Be mindful - present to yourself, to others, to your environment, to Spirit. Each moment you are truly present is a moment of enlightenment.



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