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"I truly had an incredible experience at this workshop.  I realized that I decided many years ago to close myself off to my feeling and be a more closed person.  Yesterday during our dialogue session I was overcome with emotion once I realized this it was a deep feeling inside my soul and it was almost a relief to realize this.  I am excited to continue opening myself up and using Inner Bonding to help me achieve this so I can live a happier, more compassionate and less anxious life!  Thank you Dr. Paul for giving me this experience to learn and continue to work on myself.  I feel so much gratitude in my heart and will continue to follow you and seek out new opportunities to go to your workshops.

Remi Kent,Strategies Partnership Manger
New York

"It was valuable for me to see other go through the Inner Bonding process.  It was great to see Dr.  Margaret Paul model a loving adult who has compassion.  I really like the idea of being guided by my higher self.  This workshop taught me that.  I have done inner child work in the past, but it left me in a victim mode.  This process empowers you rather than leaving you to feel like a victim and teaches you how to lovingly manage difficult emotions. '


"Incredibly useful system for having deep conversation with our guidance and ourselves.  Dr. Paul has distilled a wonderful method that labels the parts of ourselves so we can make order of what goes on inside ourselves.  I have found this so helpful in making choices in my life at a time of major transection.  I have been a caretaker that gave little attention or respect to my own needs.  This is a way for the healthy parts of myself to take the lead.  I love Inner Bonding.  It has and will change my life for the better to become more authentic."

Sarah L,Exec Director of Wellness Clinic
West Hartford

For me this has been about communication and expectations in relationships.  I feel less likely to take anything for granted and more likely to be more open and giving.  Simply, thank you Margaret for helping me to see what has been there for me to see the whole time but now with eyes opened wider.  This has truly been consciousness expanding.  It all worked for me, even the revelations which did not necessarily apply to my relationships or me. 

Paul James ,Ice Cream Vendor

Enriching and empowering weekend of learning to take care of the most important thing in your life - you.  Connecting to self and something bigger than yourself for guidance and healing were profoundly informative.  Great price, gentle approach, accessible, embodied what was practiced, taught - great experience and role model. 

Vivian G,Pharmaceutical Executive Director

The Inner Bonding workshop helped me to know where and how to start the process.  I was stuck on how to begin and afraid of doing it wrong and giving up.  I’m so glad I attended and took the leap.  I feel this is exactly the help I’ve been looking for to live a happier, healthier, loving life.  Dr. Paul, you are spectacular and wise.  I hope I can afford to follow along online and attend more of your workshops.  Thank you!

Julie ,stay at home mom, former Software Engineer
Austin, Tx

I came with the intent of uncovering why I have been turning to food/ punishing with food and I connected it with how out of touch I am with my feelings and being true to my inner child.  I focus on others and take on their issues - it’s not my responsibility to fix others! I am not in control of others' actions. My intention now - highest priority is to love and pay attention to my inner child. 


I found this workshop to be an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with other people who helped me feel comfortable discussing the painful feelings I experience and to learn from them.  Margaret is an amazing facilitator who is compassionate, understanding and funny.  She provides an amazing set of tools for us to learn to love others and ourselves.  Thank you Margaret for your understanding, time compassion and self, not only for myself, but for all of us.    


The best personal growth work available to understand your own behaviors and wounds and how it affects your life and relationships.  LIFE CHANGING!


Got more than I hoped for.  New personal insight.  The 6 steps give and are applicable to daily living and personal body, mind and heart experience.  Thank you. 

Nicole Mestern,teacher, missionary
Ottawa, Canada

I know a huge shift happened.  Thank You Margaret- You rock!


So informative!  This workshop has given me so much to work on when I go home.  Looking forward to more workshops with Margaret. Jam-packed sesisons - just the way I like it!


This workshop is a game changer.  A life-changing experience in which I learned to open up to long–buried hurt from childhood and to understand and recognize how my behavior has been a direct result of my childhood defense mechanism, which I was completely unaware.  The Kleenex boxes were very welcome and appreciated!  Really appreciated the compassion, warmth and professionalism expressed by Dr. Margaret. 

Amanda D,Copy Writer/ Translator

I wish I went to this years ago when my husband first suggested it.  I have a significant trauma history and have been numbing myself for years.  For the first time, I feel like I can and will change my life and finally be the loving strong woman I have always wanted to be. I can also better identify my wounded self and tell her to get lost (lovingly).  Dr. Paul is incredible!  Thank you for sharing your love, insight and spirit!! 

Desiree G,Teacher

We all have a great depth to ourselves that lies beneath the surface. I always knew something was there, but was fearful to explore.  Dr. Paul’s Inner Bonding helped me to navigate to those deeper layers of myself, to truly understand my core self, which is who I am, unlike my wounded child that has fooled me for decades into thinking that is who I was.  I am excited to put the Inner Bonding process into place and live a more honest and peaceful life.

Jacob Kent
New York

Amazing course.  Helped me to open some deep issues and realize the root of it.  Would like to continue practice Inner Bonding and want to attend an Intensive Course.  Dr. Paul connected with each one of us and shared many personal experiences that was helpful.  Thank you for all the knowledge.  Loved that you have shared many personal experiences from your life. 

Elina Diemer,Broker
New York

It was worthwhile, Margaret covers a lot and is committed to packing every moment with rich content.  The energy is relaxed, pleasant and authentic.  I personally feel very excited about it’s application to my life.  It has been an awakening even after years of studying Inner Bonding.  I am very grateful to be here and for Margaret’s commitment and generosity and who she is.  April 2019


Knowing something needs to change and having compassion enough to do it is a revelation.  I found loving my inner child and helping her has truly saved my life.  Having courage to walk forth in the strides of my truth has burst me out of my closet.  Realizing I don’t have bipolar but in fact was living a bipolar life.  Part of me out in the straight family life and my true sexuality locked in the closet.  Freedom. -2019



This course was very powerful in getting in touch with my inner self.  I am a registered nurse and have had LOTS of courses and training in my nurturing, helping profession but have never had it taught this way.  The times Margaret had someone up in front to work with were Powerful.  Margaret is an outstanding speaker facilitator, getting deep to the core of relationships with one’s self as well as with others.  She has a beautiful, caring heart!  April 2019

Dorothea ,RN

A totally radical system of addressing any issues which traditional therapy did not hit on. -2019


It helped me understand the process more.  I took the “Love Yourself” course and this workshop continued the learning.  It was a more in depth experience.  Rally understanding it.  Dr. M. Paul answers your questions.  I learned from others questions and answers.  She gave examples that were relative to me.  I thank Margaret for sharing her Inner Bonding process to the world.  April 2019

Darlene M

Inner Bonding has been a missing link for me in many years of self-healing work.  It’s a simple and straight forward way to move into wholeness.  I am grateful that I gave myself these 5 days. -2019


What a wonderful workshop.  Learned so much and looking forward to putting into practice.  It was a pure blessing to be able to share this with my two daughters.  April 2019

Carolyn,Retired Fire Fighter

I have been consciously pursuing my healing and Inner Bonding is the missing piece.  I am so grateful that I manifested this experience and I am so grateful that Dr. Paul has had the courage to step into her life purpose in such a powerful and authentic way.  This course is exactly what I needed, the missing tools.  Thank you so very much.  It was a wonderful workshop. -2019


It was the greatest gift- coming home to the most beautiful, tender part of me that I’ve been disconnected from.  April 2019


What a splendid experience!  I could not image it a better lesson to be learned on such a beautiful weekend. -2019



It helped me understand the process more.  I took the “Love Yourself” course and this workshop continued the learning. It was a more in depth experience.  Really understanding it.  Dr. M. Paul answers your questions.  I learn from other questions and examples she gives that I could relate to me. 


I need longer to write about my experience because it was so amazing I can’t write in such a small space in a short amount of time.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I love you!  Wow!  I learned so much and know my destiny is to teach self-love to everyone willing to listen. -2019


My experience has been eye opening.  I’ve learned a lot about myself during this process.  I’ve also learned about my parents, partner and past traumas.  I feel I have the information now to be able to deal with my anxiety and relationship issues in a healthy way now.  Margaret, has a beautiful soul!  I appreciate Margaret sharing her history, wisdom and insight on life.  Thank you for creating Inner Bonding for all of us.


I am thankful for attending the workshop.  I have taken the 30-day online love yourself workshop and read a couple of books but to be have interacting with some others and with Dr. Margaret it’s been very beneficial.  I am excited to leave here and continue the Inner Bonding practice.  I think that Dr. Paul has done a great job explaining the steps and helping other understand their issues.-2019


“This technic is friendly and can be used by anyone.  Inner Bonding is teaching you all three aspects of self-care.  How to be open and loving and how to ask for help.”  Nov 2018


This was a very helpful workshop.  It gave me time, space and tools to do some much needed work and I feel confident going back to real life that I am ready to take positive loving action.-2019


“So willing to be flexible modify the workshop according to graphs dynamic.  Was open and loving.  I was so impressed and moved with content, sharing and process.  Everything was wonderful.”  Nov 2018


This workshop was a very worthwhile thing for me.  Being immersed in the Inner Bonding process with Co-Creator, Margaret Paul, and the other participants gave me insight and hope.  Plus, it strengthened my motivation to practice Inner Bonding daily and learn to love myself and others as a loving adult.- 2019


“It was an excellent workshop.  So graceful.  I really appreciate having additional opportunities to attached workshop.  Everything was amazing.  I really appreciated your openness and honesty.”  Nov 2018


It was wonderful and challenging experience.  I have learned that I tend to be controlling, demanding and impatient and these tendencies are not serving my core self.  I find that doing this inner bonding practice frightens me because I have become so disconnected from my core self over the years.  It’s took a lot of courage to attend the retreat and I’m very proud of myself for coming and committing to the work.- 2019


“Stel, thank you for your knowledge, love, compassion and excellence teaching style.  It was so easy to connect and learn from you.  Thank you for your authenticity and choosing this path to help others”  Nov 2018


“Stel is very informative, professional, loving, kind, caring, and patient.  Stel knows what she is talking about.  Her helper Sharon and Karen are two lovely ladies.  They all made me feel safe.  I feel wonderful finding my little me.  I would do this again.”  11/2018


"So helpful to reconnect to spiritual guidance and a reminder to stay present and keep returning to my loving adult. You're a natural presenter." Kripalu 9.18

Peggy Wilbur,Social Worker / Hospice

“Very cathartic for me and others.  We now love the method of Inner Bonding.  I know now that good results will occur by following the steps of Inner Bonding by practice.  Was really really good.  Obtained a lot of insight into myself.  Everything was wonderful.  Stel is a wonderful therapist.   Sharon and Karen were very great support.”    11/2018


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