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"If you make an opportunity for yourself to attend either a live or Zoom seminar with Dr. Paul, you will never regret it. It brings the Six Steps of Inner Bonding to life - a whole new experience and level of understanding. I did a Zoom 2-Day Inner Bonding conference and it was amazing. I have an entirely new appreciation and depth of understanding of the process. I can't thank Dr. Margaret Paul enough.

"I was a bit reticent about doing a 2-day Zoom seminar, wondering how I would connect with a group of strangers in a meaningful way. Now, after attending, I would highly recommend more Zoom online events. Dr. Margaret Paul. created a most wonderful, healing safe experience. Participants were open engaged and present. It was wonderful. Thank you Margaret.

I would recommend Zoom conferences to be an option even once COVID passes. It saves on travel, expensive foreign exchange, etc. Can meet Dr. Paul and others from around the world an connect in a meaningful way from home."


"I loved it! I feel I finally have a tool to be able to take care of myself emotionally, to give to myself the love and care I so desperately wanted and needed as a child, but sadly didn't get. I can now love myself, challenge false beliefs, and come home to me and peace I've always yearned for.

"You are amazing! The workshop worked very well on Zoom. I loved being able to be home doing the work without having any travel involved. The mini-sessions you did with myself and others were very helpful."

Lisa Gordon,Hospice nurse

"Having meditated for many years, I already understood that our thoughts are not who we are. But how do we drop the controlling wounded self who is ruled by false beliefs and thoughts?  This [virtual] weekend workshop was a crash course on learning the process to rewire our brains to learn the truth of who we are. By doing this 6-step process to uncover our inner child’s feelings, we learn to recognize what is loving to ourselves. What a wonderful blessing and gift to have Margaret leading us though this journey. I can honestly say that since the two-day workshop, I see the world differently. My shoulders get hunched forward – oh that ‘s my wounded self, time to reconnect with my spiritual guidance, ah I’m spending too much time on my phone? What a wonderful journey.

"The workshop was clearly a turning point for me in the understanding how to improve my life.  It’s like I got a peek into a new world free released from my judgmental critical wounded self, and insight into what loving action truly means. The format was great, I loved the zoom small group breakout sessions, and the time of day and length of the sessions was perfect.

"This week was very significant for me. I approached life differently. I know I still have a long journey ahead, but I finally see a direction and light at the end of the tunnel.

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience so freely."



"Virtual inner bonding weekend workshop was amazing and so precious for me! I am very grateful for that online opportunity, since I live in Europe. I have been practicing IB for two years now; since I discovered this technique it geared my life towards greater fulfillment, love and creativity. Inner bonding is my main source of light and love every day, and especially during hard times. I went through a lot of courses on IB website, but this single workshop helped me immensely! I had so many “aha” moments, where I realized some of my misunderstandings, and I got to know better a part of myself. Honestly, I didn`t expect to get this much from this online workshop. And Dr Margaret was amazing as always. I felt very secure throughout the process of learning and discovering, which is important for me. Now I am even more in love with inner bonding practice, and I am looking for even more chances to work with Dr Margaret. This workshop I would recommend honestly to everyone, interested to go towards more happiness and love in his/her life."

Milica Panic,Graduate graphic designer, currently UX/UI designer

"I found the [virtual] weekend quite a bit more powerful than I expected. Dr. Margaret creates an atmosphere that is supportive and comes from a high frequency and nothing jarred that experience for me. I found that some exercises I know I would have found difficult on my own came remarkably easily and I had insights and felt a lightness and joy while doing them. It really was a delightful experience. I felt as if I was falling in love with IB and with myself. As can happen in a shipboard romance, I could slide back into the old ways, but this was a powerful boost to my inner growth and understanding of IB. "

Kate M. ,Retired

"I attended Margaret’s Virtual IB Workshop and it was outstanding, I experienced deep understanding and acceptance of my wounded parts and why it is there.  The virtual workshop was delivered extremely well, I always felt safe. I have attended face to face workshops and 5 days Intensive and now virtual, I always find that I learn something new, does not matter how many IB workshops or IB Intensive I have attend....I enjoyed the group work very much, the visualizations’ and listening to Margaret’s, prayer was so soothing.  Margaret, Victor and Pavlos were understanding, patient and so gentle with all participants including myself. Everyone was so loving. Thank you all!!

"Margaret provides a wonderful,set of tools so we can learn how to love others and our ourselves. IB is changing my life and I am passionate about healing my false beliefs. Observing others work is a powerful way for me to learn. I cannot believe I am saying it but for once in my life, I am starting to be gentle with my wounded self and understanding why is present and how she kept me alive, but no longer is serving me a purpose. I want to choose love over fear. LOVE is the greatest healer. Margaret is so patience, compassionate with others pain and trauma, so experienced in deep severe trauma. I thank GOD for IB!!"

Melinda Griffiths,Reiki Master Healer, Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Coach and Animal Reiki Healer

"This is an intensive [virtual] weekend, but well worth it if you are open to learning and want to heal. Margaret gives many opportunites to go through the Inner Bonding process with her on the course."

Stefanie Franchini,Secretary

“Initially, I thought Inner Bonding was just another self-help program being peddled to unwitting people in desperate situations.  However, Dr. Paul’s knowledge of fear of engulfment was something few other therapists seemed familiar with, so I bit.  Glad I did!  This program offers you not only insight, but the framework you can use on your own to be self-empowered rather than dependent upon a therapist.”-2020


CEO tech
Oakland, CA

(This is from the April, 2020 5-Day Intensive - the first one we have done on Zoom. It was very successful!)

Attending an Intensive with Dr. Margaret Paul is giving yourself the gift of learning how to embody the Inner Bonding process. If you want to master becoming a Loving Adult to your Inner Child, then there’s no better place to be than at Dr. Paul’s intensive. You will discover the holes in your current Inner Bonding process – whether that’s challenges around feeling your feelings, accessing guidance, or taking loving actions, and with loving support of Dr. Paul, you will be given feedback and tools to fill those very holes. Even better, you will have the benefit not only of learning from your own work with Dr. Paul, but also of learning from the work of every other participant in the program, which can be as deeply if not more impactful from your own work. You will see aspects of yourself in every participant, and as a result will gain tools from every coaching session, every role modeling exercise, or Anger process Dr. Paul does with others.

Having studied Inner Bonding for close to a decade now, I’m constantly amazed how every time I attend an intensive, I learn how much deeper I can go in this work to grow my Loving Adult and to live a life of peace, and joy, instead of fear, anxiety and sadness.

This last intensive showed me how often I have indulged a wounded part of me that likes to feel sad, worrying feelings as a means to “control” my helplessness over relationships and my career. During this intensive I had my first powerful experience of watching my wounded self try to make me miserable as I woke up by telling me lies about the future, and I was able to CATCH IT and SIT ON IT as Margaret likes to say. And the result is I was able to feel JOY for the rest of the day where normally that feeling could have lingered for days.

I was also able to stay inside the intention to learn with my husband during a three and a half hour conversation about things that he’d experienced that I needed to hear but normally would have avoided or reacted to or shut down. What a gift to both of us!

If you have relationship issues, or if you are struggling to stop sourcing your value from WHAT YOU DO, or WHO YOU LOVE, or WHO LOVES YOU and are ready to start sourcing your value from WHO YOU ARE – YOUR ESSENCE – and those UNIQUE QUALITIES OF GOD IN YOU – then get yourself to an Intensive ASAP! It will be the best investment of time and money you could EVER make for yourself. And this is speaking as someone with decades of therapy and inner work under my belt!

Anastasia Frank ,Relationship Coach

“This is an awesome workshop.  My experience at the Inner Bonding workshop was mind blowing.  A lot of truths about the truth and my journey came to the surface and to light and I experienced tremendous healing and breakthrough.  Having these tools now will be very helpful and healing for me going forward.  I love this process and I will continue to practice Inner Bonding.  Everyone should come to this workshop and learn Inner Bonding.  It will transform you and your life in such a positive way.  This is an excellent workshop.  Great Experience.”


Marnie ,Teacher
Redwood City, CA

“This workshop provided me with tools and insights that have inspired me to deeply love myself and care for myself.  Both Margaret and Carla were such gentle, loving and kind guides through this journey and are very passionate about what they do.  I recommend this program for anyone looking to deeply heal their relationship with themselves and move from a place of integrity and compassion.  Thank you so much!”-2020



“Many new concepts learned and understood.  Experiential process practiced in course and now I have personal motivation to continue course steps of Inner Bonding.  Inner Bonding leads to goals for self-love, life goals and shared vision of a better life.”-2020


T.M Herning,Educator/Small Business Owner

“Served as continuous review and recap of the Inner Bonding process.  I always learn something new!”-2020


Prue Greenidge ,Career Coach

“I enjoyed my experience that gave me the tools to practice Inner Bonding and self-love in my daily life.  I learned not to act out of expectations or out of an agenda.  Overall, great experience.”-2020



“This program is so real and fundamental to human wellbeing.  I feel so grateful to have it in my life.  It also fits in beautifully with my Buddhist practice.  It also feels hard and complicated and important to remember that it’s a process that unfolds over time and commitment and patience.  I can’t imagine NOT having it in my life.  I feel grateful to have an Inner-Bonding partner to help support me.” -2020



“Thank you for the valuable work you both have done and provided for us to learn.  Your wisdom and truth is refreshing.  Inner Bonding is critical lifework and essential for all to learn so we vibrate higher.  Wow, what a loving place it could be.  I appreciate Margaret’s dedication and hard work.”  -2020



"I truly had an incredible experience at this workshop.  I realized that I decided many years ago to close myself off to my feeling and be a more closed person.  Yesterday during our dialogue session I was overcome with emotion once I realized this it was a deep feeling inside my soul and it was almost a relief to realize this.  I am excited to continue opening myself up and using Inner Bonding to help me achieve this so I can live a happier, more compassionate and less anxious life!  Thank you Dr. Paul for giving me this experience to learn and continue to work on myself.  I feel so much gratitude in my heart and will continue to follow you and seek out new opportunities to go to your workshops.

Remi Kent,Strategies Partnership Manger
New York

"It was valuable for me to see other go through the Inner Bonding process.  It was great to see Dr.  Margaret Paul model a loving adult who has compassion.  I really like the idea of being guided by my higher self.  This workshop taught me that.  I have done inner child work in the past, but it left me in a victim mode.  This process empowers you rather than leaving you to feel like a victim and teaches you how to lovingly manage difficult emotions. '


Very practical guide for a path to healing and be coming your whole self.  Dr. Paul show how this practice can easily be integrated into everyday life.  -2019


"Incredibly useful system for having deep conversation with our guidance and ourselves.  Dr. Paul has distilled a wonderful method that labels the parts of ourselves so we can make order of what goes on inside ourselves.  I have found this so helpful in making choices in my life at a time of major transection.  I have been a caretaker that gave little attention or respect to my own needs.  This is a way for the healthy parts of myself to take the lead.  I love Inner Bonding.  It has and will change my life for the better to become more authentic."

Sarah L,Exec Director of Wellness Clinic
West Hartford

I feel this weekend is something of a line that has divided my life into a before and after.  I’ve been searching for an answer to deal with my stubborn, angry, lonely, sad inner child and now I have tools to help heal her and to go forward as a loving adult, helping myself and others feel joy in daily life.  Margaret is a blessing on this planet and I thank the universe for leading me to her. -2019

Gail,Tour Director

For me this has been about communication and expectations in relationships.  I feel less likely to take anything for granted and more likely to be more open and giving.  Simply, thank you Margaret for helping me to see what has been there for me to see the whole time but now with eyes opened wider.  This has truly been consciousness expanding.  It all worked for me, even the revelations which did not necessarily apply to my relationships or me. 

Paul James ,Ice Cream Vendor

Interactive and Informative instruction on the Inner Bonding process.  Each step was explained and demonstrated which allowed the participants to learn from each other.  Well organized - would attend again to have my skills.-2019

Lee Ann,Family Physician

Enriching and empowering weekend of learning to take care of the most important thing in your life - you.  Connecting to self and something bigger than yourself for guidance and healing were profoundly informative.  Great price, gentle approach, accessible, embodied what was practiced, taught - great experience and role model. 

Vivian G,Pharmaceutical Executive Director

The Inner Bonding workshop helped me to know where and how to start the process.  I was stuck on how to begin and afraid of doing it wrong and giving up.  I’m so glad I attended and took the leap.  I feel this is exactly the help I’ve been looking for to live a happier, healthier, loving life.  Dr. Paul, you are spectacular and wise.  I hope I can afford to follow along online and attend more of your workshops.  Thank you!

Julie ,stay at home mom, former Software Engineer
Austin, Tx

The workshop was powerful and effective.  I now have the tools to love myself fully. 5.17.19


I came with the intent of uncovering why I have been turning to food/ punishing with food and I connected it with how out of touch I am with my feelings and being true to my inner child.  I focus on others and take on their issues - it’s not my responsibility to fix others! I am not in control of others' actions. My intention now - highest priority is to love and pay attention to my inner child. 


I was able to get in touch with my inner child, more consistently, at the workshop-which I guess relates to step one.  I was able to, thru a visualization see my higher guidance more clearly and understand that higher guidance is separate from loving adult.  5.17.19


I found this workshop to be an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with other people who helped me feel comfortable discussing the painful feelings I experience and to learn from them.  Margaret is an amazing facilitator who is compassionate, understanding and funny.  She provides an amazing set of tools for us to learn to love others and ourselves.  Thank you Margaret for your understanding, time compassion and self, not only for myself, but for all of us.    


The best personal growth work available to understand your own behaviors and wounds and how it affects your life and relationships.  LIFE CHANGING!


Got more than I hoped for.  New personal insight.  The 6 steps give and are applicable to daily living and personal body, mind and heart experience.  Thank you. 

Nicole Mestern,teacher, missionary
Ottawa, Canada

I know a huge shift happened.  Thank You Margaret- You rock!


So informative!  This workshop has given me so much to work on when I go home.  Looking forward to more workshops with Margaret. Jam-packed sesisons - just the way I like it!


This workshop is a game changer.  A life-changing experience in which I learned to open up to long–buried hurt from childhood and to understand and recognize how my behavior has been a direct result of my childhood defense mechanism, which I was completely unaware.  The Kleenex boxes were very welcome and appreciated!  Really appreciated the compassion, warmth and professionalism expressed by Dr. Margaret. 

Amanda D,Copy Writer/ Translator

I wish I went to this years ago when my husband first suggested it.  I have a significant trauma history and have been numbing myself for years.  For the first time, I feel like I can and will change my life and finally be the loving strong woman I have always wanted to be. I can also better identify my wounded self and tell her to get lost (lovingly).  Dr. Paul is incredible!  Thank you for sharing your love, insight and spirit!! 

Desiree G,Teacher

We all have a great depth to ourselves that lies beneath the surface. I always knew something was there, but was fearful to explore.  Dr. Paul’s Inner Bonding helped me to navigate to those deeper layers of myself, to truly understand my core self, which is who I am, unlike my wounded child that has fooled me for decades into thinking that is who I was.  I am excited to put the Inner Bonding process into place and live a more honest and peaceful life.

Jacob Kent
New York

Amazing course.  Helped me to open some deep issues and realize the root of it.  Would like to continue practice Inner Bonding and want to attend an Intensive Course.  Dr. Paul connected with each one of us and shared many personal experiences that was helpful.  Thank you for all the knowledge.  Loved that you have shared many personal experiences from your life. 

Elina Diemer,Broker
New York

It was worthwhile, Margaret covers a lot and is committed to packing every moment with rich content.  The energy is relaxed, pleasant and authentic.  I personally feel very excited about it’s application to my life.  It has been an awakening even after years of studying Inner Bonding.  I am very grateful to be here and for Margaret’s commitment and generosity and who she is.  April 2019


Knowing something needs to change and having compassion enough to do it is a revelation.  I found loving my inner child and helping her has truly saved my life.  Having courage to walk forth in the strides of my truth has burst me out of my closet.  Realizing I don’t have bipolar but in fact was living a bipolar life.  Part of me out in the straight family life and my true sexuality locked in the closet.  Freedom. -2019



This course was very powerful in getting in touch with my inner self.  I am a registered nurse and have had LOTS of courses and training in my nurturing, helping profession but have never had it taught this way.  The times Margaret had someone up in front to work with were Powerful.  Margaret is an outstanding speaker facilitator, getting deep to the core of relationships with one’s self as well as with others.  She has a beautiful, caring heart!  April 2019

Dorothea ,RN

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