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Discover Your Art!

By Suzi Korsak
January 02, 2012

Art is beyond a painting, a poem or a piece of is something any of us can do and do every day. Art is your gift to the world. Each time we connect through our work, we not only create a shift in others, but a shift inside

If you interact with others, you have the platform to create something new - something that changes everything. I call that art.-Seth Godin

Our art as described by Seth Godin is "a human ability to make a difference." Art plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich. Art is a quite miraculous gift to the world, each time you connect to some form of art a shift happens, a connection is made with you and the artist. Art is beyond a painting, a poem or a piece of is something any of us can do and do every day.

What if for a moment you could imagine yourself as the medium (the substance the artist uses to create his or her artwork), rather than a canvas or a piece of paper? What if you were also the creator? Your art is you and your life as well as your creations, whether it be how you care for your children or perform your work. Through your life you create experiences, environments, and you share these with are an artist and you are about to discover your unique art....your gift to the world!

At first glance, the word art evokes a response either of love or fear. Britannica online defines art as "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others." I once heard a workshop participant say "when you brought out the crayons, I wanted to leave"..."I was told I was not talented....I can't do it...I really can't" and that breaks my heart. People have often felt terror at the idea of having to perform or create because of their own false beliefs about what constitutes art.

In an interview, fellow Inner Bonder and artist Rythea Lee said of art "Creativity is like a magical best friend that never leaves you." Elizabeth Gilbert talks of daemons and inspiration coming through you from the ether. If your art suffered, it wasn't entirely your fault...nor could your ego declare itself based upon success....both avenues allowed some freedom to create without judgment in her TED talk in 2009 ( as if there were magical mystical creatures responsible for our art. I believe art is a mixture of inspiration through spirit and determination, as Elizabeth Gilbert equated herself to a mule in her creative process. In this talk she encourages us to get a different view of what it means to be creative.

I say, and through the six steps of Inner Bonding you will find your inner artist... discover your spark, magic, special nature, your reason to share with the world. Transformation takes place when you take the loving actions discovered in the process. But you say..."I can't do this, it might work for other people and not for me." I would equate it to Natalie Portman's character, Mahoney, in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium when given a gift...."It's just a block of wood," she says to Mr. Magorium, as he smiles knowing that it is so much more. Finding your art is  a magical trip and if you are ready you may see your own sparkle the next time you look at yourself in the mirror.

            So let's begin...Step One....Take Responsibility for Your Feelings

What am I feeling? Physically, and mentally as I think about the word "art" and ask "am I an artist?"

            Step Two: Move into a Compassionate Intention to Learn

Can I have compassion for the parts of me that are resistant to viewing myself as an artist?

            Step Three: Dialogue with the Wounded Self and Inner Child

What am I telling you about art? What in my life feels like art? What are my fears about considering myself an artist in my everyday life? Do I have a favorite way of connecting to others? What are my fears?

            Step Four: Dialogue with Guidance

Take the information from the last step, and ask questions...What is the truth about my fears? What is the truth about the beliefs about myself as an artist? What are my unique talents? How might I view myself as an artist? In light of these discoveries, what would be a loving action for me to take.

            Step Five: Taking Loving Action

This is the critical step in every process, once you have the new information, and a plan the follow through is what brings us to peace. It is from loving actions your art is created. Each time you take a loving action you are sculpting another aspect of yourself and your life.

            Step Six: Evaluate

How do you feel now that you have taken a loving action? You are an artist yet to be discovered! Through your "work" (your work being our own unique presence).... you not only create a shift in others, but a shift inside. Our art as described by Seth Godin is "human ability to make a difference." So use the six steps to create your unique brand of art, use your creativity to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.


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Contentment is understanding with wings, and it can only be captured in the moment.



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