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Like A Warrior: the Power of Archetypes

By Suzi Korsak
August 16, 2012

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell Archetypes are defined as models of people, behaviors or personalities. The idea of archetypes were popularized by Plato, Jung, Carolyn Myss and Joseph Campbell. Campbell used archetypes to discuss the journey of the individual through the hero's journey. Read on about how archetypes can help you in your Inner Bonding process.

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

Joseph Campbell          

            The warrior says.... Stop fighting and start healing....the warrior says... let’s go climb some mountains and let’s go cut some trees and let’s go raft some rivers and swim some oceans....stated a participant, Asad in a Tony Robbins event. In this way archetypes were used to tap into his resources by using his body and imagination to come up with solutions, uncover his beliefs and move into a more compassionate and loving space. This event took place after 9/11 where a large group, many of whom were New Yorkers were attempting to make sense of the tragedy.

            Archetypes are defined as models of people, behaviors or personalities. The idea of archetypes were popularized by Plato, Jung, Carolyn Myss and Joseph Campbell. Inspired by the work of pioneering psychologist Carl Jung, Jeremy Taylor believes that our dreams can not only connect us to our authentic selves, but also foster healing in society (The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap Into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life, 2009). These models can be used to help uncover what appears to be within your unconscious mind to bring about healing.

            Much like the archetypes of Jung, Inner Bonding has the use of the Inner Child, Wounded Self (of various ages), Loving Adult and Guidance. Each of these are an integral process of the six step process. What if within your process you found yourself at an impasse? A feeling of resistance, without indulging the resistance, but opening to learning with the resistance...give it a name. Perhaps "Victim" or "Bully", by getting to know these archetypes and becoming familiar with them you will find that they each have light and dark attributes...none of the woundedness is "bad". It is more truthful to say all woundedness has information if we are willing to explore.

            “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” said Joseph Campbell of the hero's journey. It is your journey into your thoughts and beliefs that will bring you to the elixir....or blessing that you will acquire while doing this work. If you for instance take a look at the "victim" with compassion...you will learn that this part was created because it thought it would prevent you from victimization...and you would learn that playing the victim has served you when you've received attention or positive feedback .... pulling on others for what you needed that you were not giving to yourself. If you allow the victim to speak to your open heart you can learn the "very good reason" for the presence of this archetype without identifying this energy as you.

            The energy of the "bully" hides behind and conceals deep fears by abusing others both verbally and physically, but also can help you confront the inner fears that you allow to bully you. Perhaps in your quest for guidance, you choose an archetype that would bring you peace...such as a sovereign...a king or queen...benevolent knower of your purpose...they know why you are here and give you guidance of what needs to be done next. You can tap into other aspects of your journey through other archetypes that call to you....like the Healer, Mother, or Father, embracing their energies and guidance through their attributes.

            The mother has the light attributes of nurturing, compassion...giving birth to ideas. Using the questions such as "what part of me is in need of compassion at this moment?" The mother's shadow aspects are connected to smothering children...instilling guilt if a child becomes too independent as well as capable of abandonment. The questions such as "what part of me is unwilling to give unconditional love to myself? or what part of me is choosing to abandon my difficult feelings?" Embracing the mother attributes both light and shadow allow us to approach this energy in our bodies without judgment but with curiosity. The mother energy is connected to steps one through four of Inner Bonding. It is the mother/nurturing energy that helps us feel safe and open to learning. It is also the shadow aspect of the mother energy we use in our "stuck" places. Making peace with these aspects rather than judging them opens us up to learning.

            The father has the light attributes of creating and supporting life, a guiding force and the aspect of loving action. This is the part that takes the loving action in step five of Inner Bonding. The father's shadow aspect is abuse of authority or the need for dictatorial control. It is in our beliefs about creating safety that the shadow attributes of our inner father energy will act to control rather than to learn. Recognizing that there is balance in these energies, and that these energies have "very good reasons" for their choices.

            I believe that connecting to each of the archetypes as presented in Inner Bonding are an integral part of the larger Guidance experienced through the steps. The inner child with its purity, innocence and deep connection to the Divine, the Wounded Self that awakens in us compassion and helps us along in the path of forgiveness....it is the pain of the Wounded Self that brings us to a path like Inner Bonding...and we can thank that part for it awakening the desire to heal....and our Guidance....whether an angel, religious figure, relative, a source of light or our higher selves connects us to our best selves and to others.

            Caroline Myss said "Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help. Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems. It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas, flowing through dreams and illuminations. Whether guidance comes during times of tranquility or trauma, however, it is up to you to have the courage to acknowledge it." I believe guidance flows through us in our energy whether through our connection to our bodies, our feeling selves, our imagination and our external guidance as we understand it. I believe the study and understanding of various archetypes has helped me learn more about my "very good reasons" whether in my waking Inner Bonding process or in work with my dreams to help me become a kinder, more loving and creative person.


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