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No Shortcuts in the Law of Attraction

By Grace Escaip
March 11, 2014

If what you are looking for is to find quick and easy way to make the law of attraction work for you, this article explores why this approach may not be working out for you.

The path that leads to making the law of attraction work for you lacks shortcuts or detours; what is more, this path also includes the law of love, since they are part of the same path and the latter cannot be skipped or circumvented, nor a detour taken. If the path you are on right now does not take you through the law of love, then you are not on the road that will make the law of attraction work for you: again, it is impossible to take a detour, ignore, or bypass the law of love, because if you do not pass through the law of love, then you have veered from your course and are no longer on the path that leads to having the law of attraction work for you, you have strayed from the course you wish to be on.

I believe that these paths are -at first- parallel, and at a certain point they merge into one, and it is there where both laws are working in your favor; but if you feel that the law of attraction is not working for you it may be because you have been trying to take a shortcut in order to avoid the law of love, and therefore, you have been unable to walk down the true path of the law of attraction, since all the signs leading to it are found in the law of love.

Remember that what determines if the law of attraction is working for you is your frequency, and what determines your frequency is whether you love yourself or not. Now in order to know if you are loving yourself or not and in order to learn how to love yourself and others you have to walk on the path of the law of love. The GPS that will help you stay on course and prevent you from getting lost, the internal guidance system that will help you reach eventually the road where both the law of attraction and the law of love work in your favor are your feelings; that's right!: your internal guidance system, your GPS that helps you maintain the life course you wish to create is your feelings. Therefore, it will be very hard for you to reach the path where you can begin to create the life you want if you keep looking for shortcuts in order to avoid accepting, feeling and tending your feelings, and thus be able to listen to all the information that they have for you.

The first thing you can do to raise your frequency is to want to and decide to turn on-from the bottom of your heart - your GPS so that it can lead you immediately to the path of the law of love or, in other words, decide and want from the bottom of your heart to love yourself by virtue of getting in touch with your feelings so that they may help you and guide you through all of the information they have for you, and thus being able to truly loving yourself and others.

If you realize that you feel afraid or that you resist using your GPS because you do not know how to install it, how to turn it on, what is going to happen, or where it is going to take you once you turn it on, do not worry. Maybe you have very good reasons to believe this, and what you can do (which will also immediately raise your frequency and put you on the path of the law of love even if you have not yet turned on your GPS) is to with the help of Inner Bonding, begin to explore all of your false beliefs and thus all of the good reasons that you have to not want or that prevent you from using your GPS. Simply your intention of wanting to explore this will open your heart and will raise your frequency, which will allow you to apply the law of love in your favor.

Feelings are energy that reside in your body in the form of sensations that are meant to attract your attention and to thus satisfy their purpose of guiding you and give you all the information of what is going on inside and outside of you and the manner in which you are loving yourself or rejecting yourself. Feelings are your allies, they help you love yourself and help you stay on course during your travels through this planet; they are a wonderful tool that we can count on but that we are often afraid of because nobody has taught us how to use it. If you do not accept, listen, or mind your feelings, this energy will nonetheless remain in your body until it accomplishes its mission of delivering the information that you need; until you listen to it this energy will be stuck, and the feelings will talk to you louder and will be blocking the healthy flow of your energy.

Because of this, and continuing with the analogy of the path to walk on, it is as if the road that you need to follow in order to apply the law of love in your favor and eventually the law of attraction as well, is filled with mud in which you can get stuck in, blocking you, preventing you from being able to continue to advance... The only way to remove these obstacles is by listening, minding, and transforming your feelings in order to reestablish the flow or transit through this road so you can continue to advance, because as I mentioned earlier, there are no other roads - nor shortcuts - that you may take to avoid these obstacles while staying on the path of love. If you are not walking down the path of love, you are not loving, and therefore, you are not applying in your favor the law of love, and therefore, you are not operating at a high frequency, which means that you are not making the law of attraction work for you.

I used to think that there were other roads, an express path (quick fix), or shortcuts, that could take me much more rapidly to a place where I could manifest the life I wanted, until I realized that this belief was not only taking more time, but that it was making me veer off course and was in fact distancing me from the true path of love and of the life that I truly wished for. I was able to understand that this was a false belief that was limiting me and causing me harm. This made me decide once and for all, and from the bottom of my heart, to take the path of love along with its inherent obstacles and difficulties, but with the faith and the trust that my guides are on the driver's seat and whom every step of the way help me to transform the obstacles that I run into and to overcome the most difficult and painful sections of the path, allowing me to enjoy more and more the path I am walking in and surprising me with unexpected and wonderful things, people, and places that begin to manifest on this path of love.

I truly encourage you not to look for shortcuts, nor express routes (quick fix) nor other roads other than that of love to manifest the life that you want and that through the practice of Inner Bonding you turn on your internal GPS, and learn to use it, so that you can take the right path towards making the law of love and of manifestation work for you.


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