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Are you afraid to be seen? Are you afraid for someone to look deeply into your eyes and see your soul? Are you afraid that what they will see is nothingness? Your wounded self believes you are empty, nothing. Yet you are a great gift, a child of God, a child of Love. Your soul is love. When you discover this, you will know who you are, and you will no longer be afraid.


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Accessing Great Thoughts From Your Spiritual Guidance

By Dr. Margaret Paul
December 27, 2016

Have you discovered what connects you with your spiritual Guidance and supports you in downloading 'great thoughts?'

spirituality"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking." - Friedrich Nietzsche

I have been walking almost daily for about 50 years. I love my walks out in nature with my dogs, doing my morning prayers and my Inner Bonding process. Generally, I spend most of my Inner Bonding process communing with my spiritual Guidance. For over 30 years, since Spirit downloaded Inner Bonding to me and Dr. Erika, I've received most of my "great thoughts" from my Guidance during my walks.

So I was delighted when I discovered this quote by Nietzsche!

Some people can sit in meditation and receive their great thoughts from their spiritual Guidance, but not me. I'm not generally a sitter – I'm mostly a mover. Even as a small child, if I had to be indoors, I couldn't sit still for very long, but outdoors was a different story. We went camping a lot when I was a child. I loved to climb on top of very big rock outcroppings and sit, mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Even as a child, I sometimes had great thoughts,sitting out in nature.

But then I discovered walking in nature and that changed everything for me. There is something about walking out in nature that connects me with my higher Guidance. I discovered that walking in nature while doing my prayers, expressing gratitude and doing my Inner Bonding process out loud, is my very best form of meditation. Perhaps it's akin to what some indigenous peoples do when they move into a trance state through dancing and chanting. I don't go into a trance state, but I certainly do go into an altered state that raises my frequency and allows me profound access to my Guidance.

Doing this each morning sets the tone of the day for me. I find it much easier to stay connected the rest of the day when I've taken my half-hour morning walk. Not only do I love walking in nature, I also love that it sets the tone for my day and supports me in staying connected throughout the day. And, since I do a fast walk up and down hills, I get exercise at the same time!

We generally do what we love to do. Since I love my walks in nature, and since I love connecting with my Guidance, I am highly motivated to walk each day. In fact, I try very hard not to miss my walk. Even in the dead of winter when it's  cold and snowy, I walk, wearing my heated vest and heated gloves. I marvel at the beauty of the snow-covered bare trees.

Walking in nature doing my Inner Bonding process isn't the only way I access my Guidance, but I've found it's the best way to start my day. I also access my Guidance when I paint and make pots on my wheel, and when we kayak on our lake, and when I play with my animals – and, of course, any time I'm in a true intent to learn.  

I encourage you to find what works for you to access your 'great thoughts.' What raises your frequency and connects you with the love and wisdom of your spiritual Guidance? What fills your heart with peace and joy? What do you love to do so much that you don't have to force yourself – you do it for the joy of it?

I hope you find what does this for you so you can experience the great joy of connecting with your profound Source of love, peace, joy and great thoughts!

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Photo by Joshua Earle


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