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Addiction recoveryArticles related to all forms of addiction, using the Inner Bonding process as the foundation for recovery from substance abuse and addiction and process addictions - such as gambling addiction, work addiction, spending addiction TV addiction, video games and Internet addiction. Articles related to addiction to anger, withdrawal and caretaking.

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Article Author
Recovery From Addictions, Part 3 Dr. Margaret Paul
Recovery From Addictions, Part 4 Dr. Margaret Paul
Recovery From Addictions, Part 5 Dr. Margaret Paul
Sitting On Your Wounded Self Dr. Margaret Paul
Subtle Addictions Dr. Margaret Paul
The 12 Steps and Inner Bonding Monte U
The Addict's Soul Monte U
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Seek to be with like-minded people. Your own growth is supported by being with others who are striving to become whole and loving. Love yourself enough to not force yourself to be around closed hearted people, even if they are family or friends.


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