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Are you afraid to be seen? Are you afraid for someone to look deeply into your eyes and see your soul? Are you afraid that what they will see is nothingness? Your wounded self believes you are empty, nothing. Yet you are a great gift, a child of God, a child of Love. Your soul is love. When you discover this, you will know who you are, and you will no longer be afraid.


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What if You Knew That You Are Never Alone?

By Dr. Margaret Paul
October 20, 2014

Your spiritual guidance is always here for you, but you need to know how to access it. Connecting with Spirit is simple, but not always easy.

What if you knew that you are never alone - that you are always being guided by a personal source of spiritual guidance? If you knew and experienced this, you would undoubtedly feel safe and peaceful most of the time.

This guidance is here for each of us and all of us can learn to access it. Learning to do this is quite simple, yet not always easy.

I was trained in psychology, and practiced as a traditional psychotherapist for 17 years. I discovered in those years that I was not happy with the results of traditional psychotherapy. At some point in those years I realized that healing could not happen without a spiritual connection. In these last 30 years, I've facilitated much healing through helping people discover their personal spiritual guidance. This makes all the difference in the world regarding the depth and progress of their inner work.

Your guidance is here to support you in your highest good. The way to access this guidance is simple: when your deepest intention is to support your own highest good - when your deepest desire in any given moment is to know what is truly loving to yourself, and you are willing to take loving action in your own behalf - Spirit will show you the way.

The reason this is simple but not easy is this: while you may consciously think your intention is to love yourself and support your highest good, your unconscious intention in that moment may be very different - and it is this deeper intention that actually governs whether or not you connect with your guidance. If your deeper, unconscious intention in connecting with Spirit is to:

  • Have control over blocking out or getting rid of your painful feelings,
  • Have control over how others feel about you and treat you, or
  • Have control over the outcome of things,

then you will not be able to connect with your guidance. When your deepest desire is to control rather than learn about loving yourself and others – and your intent is to get rid of your feelings rather than learn from them - you will not be able to access Spirit. We can't fool Spirit. We can't get away with tricking ourselves or Spirit. For example, one of my clients was having trouble connecting with Spirit. When I asked him if his true intent was to be loving to himself when he was attempting to speak with his guidance, he stated, "Of course I want to be loving to myself. Then maybe I'll be healthy enough to meet the woman of my dreams." In this case, his deeper intent was to have control over meeting the woman of his dreams. Until he wanted to be loving to himself with no outcome in mind other than the desire to be a more loving human being, spiritual guidance would elude him.

Connecting with your guidance is easy when your deepest desire is to evolve into a more loving human being – with both yourself and with others. When you have the courage to take loving action in your own behalf - such as standing up for yourself, telling your truth, taking risks to discover your joy, taking care of yourself physically through diet and exercise, feeling your painful feelings and learning about what you may be doing to create your pain - then Spirit will show you the way. Spirit will find a way to communicate with you when your pure desire is to learn about love, starting with loving yourself.

Are you ready to practice Inner Bonding and learn how to take loving care of yourself rather than expect others to do it for you? Are you ready to practice Inner Bonding and take responsibility for your pain instead of blaming others for it? Are you ready to create your joy and self-worth, rather than relying on others to do this for you? When you are really ready to practice Inner Bonding and learn how to take loving care of yourself, then ask Spirit how to do it and you will be shown the way. Your guidance is just waiting for you to ask.

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