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Many people seem to feel entitled to get what they want at the expense of others. People with an entitlement issue often attract those with a caretaking issue. The person with the entitlement issue believes he or she deserves to take from others, while the caretaker believes he or she deserves to be taken from. Neither are taking loving care of themselves.

Dr. Margaret Paul

Loving Action

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the new Loving Action.

Our intent is what governs how we feel and behave. When our intent is to protect against pain with some form of controlling behavior - trying to control our feelings, others and outcomes - we en... (click to see more)
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Chat Rooms - Chatter's Guide

The Inner Bonding chat rooms are for the enrichment, entertainment and comfort of all Inner Bonding Community members.  There are three types of rooms: Hosted, Anytime and Private.  All chatters are asked to follow a certain chat etiquette.

The various chat rooms are selected by radio buttons on top of the Chat Window.  Each room is listed with its number of occupants.  The Private Chat Rooms simply say open or occupied.  If a Private Chat Room is listed as occupied, please do not enter unless you have been invited.

Hosted Chat Room

The hosted chat room is where we hold scheduled, hosted chats.  A chat host - Dr. Margaret or one of the Inner Bonding Facilitators - will schedule a chat topic and members will join in for the discussion of that topic, or whatever else comes up. If one or more chatters wish to start a side topic, they are encouraged to switch to one of the Private Chat Rooms and return when they have completed the side topic.

Anytime Chat Room

The Anytime Chat Room is for chatters who wish to join an open discussion and simply chat on an open basis with other Inner Bonding members.

Private Chat Rooms

Private Chat Rooms are for everyone. There are three Private Chat Rooms.  It is suggested that if you want to have a private chat, you simply invite another member (or members) to join you.  Once the second member enters the chat room the room status changes from open to occupied.  This does not prevent others from joining your chat. It simply signals that the room contains an ongoing private conversation. The Private Chat Rooms simply say open or occupied.  If a Private Chat Room is listed as occupied, please do not enter unless you have been invited.

Chat Etiquette

Chat Etiquette is very important in the Inner Bonding Village.  If you use the chat facility you are required to observe a few simple rules of Chat Etiqutte.

  • What everyone says in the chat room stays in the chat room. Respect everyone's privacy. Only hosted chats are archived.
  • Be a good listener, just as in the real world!
  • In the Hosted and Anytime chat rooms, the first 12 participants will be able to participate. More than 12 will be able to observe, and the next person will be able to participate when someone exits the chat room.
  • Please click on Exit Chat Room when leaving the chat.