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The higher your frequency, the easier time you will have hearing your spiritual Guidance. Fear, hurt, anger, anxiety, judgment, depression, as well as sugar, drugs, alcohol, lots of food, heavy food, and controlling behavior lower your frequency. Love, laughter, joy, peace, pure foods and the intent to learn raise your frequency. Today, notice this.


Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Anxiety, depression, stressReceive the help you need. Use Inner Bonding to understand, release and heal the fear factors and child abuse that creates anxiety, depression, and stress. Learn to create emotional health, happiness and well-being.

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Self-Judgment Versus Self-Compassion Dr. Margaret Paul
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Toxic Guilt, Healthy Guilt Dr. Margaret Paul
What Are You Telling Yourself About Why You Are Feeling Lonely? Phyllis Stein, Ph.D.
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What Depletes Your Energy? Dr. Margaret Paul
What is Your Focus - the Process or the Outcome? Dr. Margaret Paul
When We Love Rev. David M. McArthur, J.D.
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