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The Inner Bonding Village supports a number of interest groups for the benefit of our members.

Groups can be for keeping in touch with friends that you met at an Inner Bonding Event.

Groups can also be topical in nature, where members can support one another with specific shared issues.

Group members can share their photos of events, such as Intensives, with each other. 

Feel free to browse and join groups that interest you. 

If you have questions, send a message to the group owner or just contact us.

If you want to start a new group, please contact Margaret with the category and name of your group.


Daily Inspiration

Today, notice what you do to avoid painful feelings. Do you stay in your head instead of in your body? Do you keep your breath shallow? Do you get angry, withdrawn, judgmental? Do you use food, alcohol, drugs, sex, spending, gambling, work, TV? Today, compassionately embrace and learn from your feelings rather than avoiding them, and see how you end up feeling.

Dr. Margaret Paul

Loving Action

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Loving Action.

Today, seek to share love - with children, adults or animals. It's not the getting of love that fills us - it's the giving and sharing of love. The more love you genuinely give, with no ... (click to see more)
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