Inner Bonding Process

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Atlanta InnerBonders A place for Inner Bonders in Atlanta and the surrounding areas to commune and discuss possible group outings Public
Overcoming Anger and Self-defeating Behavior I picture this group as being one in which we support and teach each other about we overcome anger and other self-defeating behavior. Public
Workgroup to exchange on Healing your Aloneness Workbook Public
Working the Process - Private Request Join Support group for sharing the start of the inner bonding experience. Private
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The path of love is not the easy path - it is the road less traveled. It requires letting go of power and control over others and outcomes. It requires strict adherence to truth, to living and speaking the radical truth. Today, be truthful with yourself about what path you are on - the path of fear, control and avoidance of pain, or the path of courage, truth and love.



Inner Bonding Events

06/21/2022 12:00 AM
4-Day Virtual Intensive
Dr. Margaret Paul

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