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Do you have an inner critical taskmaster who keeps telling you what to do? Do you have another inner part that resists being told what to do? Do you get stuck in procrastination due to this inner power struggle? Do you find you automatically resist doing whatever someone else wants you to do? Today, notice your resistance and where it is coming from - within or without.

Dr. Margaret Paul

Loving Action

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Loving Action.

Today, seek to share love - with children, adults or animals. It's not the getting of love that fills us - it's the giving and sharing of love. The more love you genuinely give, with no ... (click to see more)
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Chat Sessions

Loving Action In Conflict
Title Date
The Law of Attraction 02/19/2008 06:00 PM
What Creates Happiness? 02/12/2008 06:00 PM
In Charge: Your Mind or Spirit? 02/05/2008 06:00 PM
Remembering Gratitude 01/29/2008 07:00 PM
Letting Go of Control 01/22/2008 04:00 PM
Everyday Service 01/15/2008 06:00 PM
Getting Back on Track 01/08/2008 06:00 PM
Giving to Get vs. Giving For the Joy of it 01/02/2008 06:00 PM
Experiencing the Presence of Spirit 12/26/2007 06:00 PM
Discernment vs. Judgment 12/18/2007 09:00 PM
Getting Love or Sharing Love 12/11/2007 08:58 PM
Beliefs About Control 12/04/2007 09:00 PM
11/27/2007 06:00 PM
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