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"Through Inner Bonding I have been able to use its advice in my morning reflections - combined with stepping on the scale to see my weight loss was all the reinforcement I needed. Inner Bonding has allowed me to change my self-loathing into self love, which is what all overweight people are faced with. I began to see that if I changed my thoughts I would change my future. I had to look inward to appreciate who I am inside, recognizing my emotions and feelings and allowing myself to feel them, process them and then have resolution….I can now smile when I look into the mirror instead of turning away in disgust. I am living life instead of hiding from it! Losing 136 pounds in ten months had given me the best gift I could ever give myself.…Thank you Margaret! I give you so much credit for my success."

Kathleen Howe

"I figured out, being a trauma survivor, that if I was ever to recover from my eating disorder I would have to take very good care of that little girl that I once was. I was going to have to tell her that I would always be there for her and I was going to take good care of her. Today… I don't feed my little girl sugar or flour. I only give her water, proteins, vegetables, starch and oil/seeds. I exercise 5-6 times/wk doing aerobics on my rebounder. My little girl is happy that I am taking good care of her and feels loved by the good parent she now has. I learned from Inner Bonding that I needed to bond with the little girl inside because my mother did not bond with me. I learned to go to my real source of love which is God who provides spiritual guidance to me. I asked God to be my mother and father. God guides me as I grow and develop my relationship with him. I have lost 13 pounds in the past 7 weeks."


"When I first began inner bonding I weighed 244 pounds. This was thirty or forty pounds too much for me, as I am six feet tall. As I read the articles and talked to two Inner Bonding® facilitators, I began to realize that my problem was more complicated than overeating. My facilitator asked me "what was I doing just before I started eating"? Then she asked "what were you feeling, at that moment?" With some difficulty I realized that whenever I was feeling uncomfortable or fearful, I would stick something in my mouth. I now weigh 220 pounds….I also have different self soothing strategies than I used to have."

Charlie Peck

"I have to tell you that my husband and I are not living together and have filed for a legal separation BUT we started doing the relationship course when I received the 12 weeks of the toolbox. We've done the first 3 weeks already and both of us are getting a lot out of it. After several years and more than $10,000 of what I now call "thera-chat", we have finally found something helpful! So thank you for making this material available!"


I almost feel like the gods sent you my way. This is the most powerful information I have read in a very long time. After almost a year of coaching and a couple of years of NLP, EFT and reading everything I could possibly get my hands on - nothing comes close to what you're offering. I find this stuff both refreshing and empowering. I am a huge fan of Tony Robbins as well but still have to say the material that you've put together is priceless. It is really great stuff!


"The inner bonding work has completely changed my life and my relationship for the better. My husband and I went from a relationship that was surely headed for divorce (or misery) to the most fulfilling and connected relationship I have ever experienced! (More than I ever even imagined was possible.) We are now able to communicate freely and openly about all areas of our life, money, emotions, sex. We both feel free to relate to each other openly without fear of the other's reaction."

Danielle Koprowski

"Inner Bonding has improved our relationship and our parenting, by giving each of us the tools to recognize, understand, and move beyond power struggles. As a result, we are each able to stay in a deeply loving place more and more continuously, and we bounce back much quicker if either or both of us goes into a wounded place. It's great that we both practice IB as we can get feedback from each other and can enjoy deep learning and spiritual growth together."

Emily Agnew and Duke Duchscherer

"By learning to take personal responsibility for our own “stuff,” we are able to enjoy the true essence of one another. Our love continues to retain the passion, intimacy, and playfulness that we shared when we first met."

Jeff and Elaine
Santa Monica,CA

"By teaching us how to take full responsibility for ourselves in relationship, Inner Bonding helped us move from codependency toward real intimacy. Inner Bonding taught us how to recognize and then own and transform the things we have projected onto each other, whether it be our darkness or our beauty. As a result, we have become freer to explore the depths of who we really are, to share this with each other and to support one another in our healing journey."

Karen Kral, M.A., LPCC and Mark Lersch, M.A., LPCC

"Inner bonding has helped us to love and care for ourselves, so that we share our lives and love from a full and connected place without codependent expectations. We focus on our own highest good and support this in each other. This has allowed us to feel truly free, empowered, deeply loving and supported in our journey together."

Sylvia and Sean

We so wanted to blame each other for our ills and unhappiness - it was so much easier!! Since we have been doing Inner Bonding, we realized that whatever made us unhappy was ourselves, and that truly taking responsibility for our own lives in every way was the key to a successful relationship. We have become much closer emotionally, sexually, and in every other way. We have acknowledged to one another that we are happier now than we were in those first exciting months of dating.

Art and Judy Ross

True emotional intimacy, and especially sexual intimacy for me (I've learned) can only exist when I am open to being my authentic self. Intimacy starts with me. The Inner Bonding work I've done both individually and as a couple has allowed me to recognize the beauty within me, and ultimately, free myself of deep fears which meddled in my relationships for far too long. Eventually, every relationship in my life blossomed and deepened as I continued to grow and learn to act from loving kindness, first with myself, and then with others, allowing me to be available for truly soulful relationships. "Thank you Margaret for being a source of light for me to find myself."

Jeff Frymer

"I am so very grateful that my therapist directed me to your website!  She wasn't specific about which program to sign up for but it didn't take me long to know that the Relationship Toolbox was where I needed to be.

"This course by far has been the biggest game changer in my life. There have been so many gaps in my therapy over the years and I could not figure out what was missing on my own.  I even attended a week long workshop at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ and I left there not feeling like I had all the pieces to my puzzle.

"I was missing the 6 steps to Inner bonding , and now they are with me everyday!  I finally have REAL tools to use!  For the first time in my life I am taking control of my own life, not looking to others to feel complete, and not abandoning myself."

Katie J.

I loved the course and its content touched my soul in so many ways. It is all so so much more than being about weight loss. It contained the information that my soul had been yearning for and I was delighted with it.

I really like the following features about the course :

  • Being given the entire course from the start and then able to work my way through it however I wanted.   (As compared to another course where you have to finish the steps before you can proceed and then you cannot go back either = disappointing style).
  • Having a copy (and being able to keep a copy) of the course – I so want to refer back to it after having paid for it. 
  • The content of the PDF files – they were well written and extensive which helped with grasping the information and practicing Inner Bonding.  Remembering those of us who so need Inner Bonding really need to be given many steps to be able to see what we previously could not see or feel.

Three other benefits about the Weight Loss course would be :

  • It has shown me that I need to take care of myself (emotionally as well) and given me the tools to do so.  We also have to give up the notion that another human being is going to take care of us and stay lazy waiting for the impossible.
  • Inner Bonding can be used for all aspects of life (not just weight loss). Thus it has given me a valuable life tool.
  • Inner Bonding is repeated and explained in so many ways – to help us to understand from many angles and those who so need it, really need all the help they can get to get it with regards to Inner Bonding.

I would recommend the Permanent Weight Loss course or indeed Inner Bonding in general It is a valuable for life in many many regards.

I find I am using Inner Bonding in many ways and learning much about myself and thus starting  to take better care of myself in all regards. It has changed my perspective such that I now see the opportunity to take loving care. It has really opened my eyes and heart.


"I'm finding your course EXTREMELY useful... better than any other course I took on relationships."


The relationship toolbox was my first introduction to Inner Bonding.  The toolbox itself was very well organized, allowing me enough time to go through each week's articles which I also shared with my husband.  Each article was written in language that was easy to understand and in such a way that it helped me to realize my responsibility in the relationship system. My husband also found them to be very enlightening in terms of his end of the relationship system.  I have recommended the relationship toolbox to many people and my husband and I were both so pleased that we joined the Inner Bonding community.  Thanks for creating this wonderful system!


Susan Floss

Inner Bonding has provided us with the tools to take responsibility for our own feelings, thoughts and behaviors instead of blaming each other for causing our feelings. 

We both have learned how to have a deeper relationship with God which provides us with the strength to take loving care of ourselves.  This allows us to be filled with love to share with one another instead of trying to get love from one another.  We no longer depend on the other person to make us happy, as we now realize we create our own happiness.

Our communication has greatly improved because we have learned to choose the intent to learn when in conflict and not engage in unproductive conversation.  For example, we have reduced blaming, explaining, and trying to get the other person to see our point of view.  Inner Bonding has helped us to be more present with ourselves, which in turn, allows us to be more present in the relationship. 

Inner Bonding has helped us to find a healthy balance between caring for ourselves and caring for each other.  We are more aware of when we are trying to control in the relationship and stop and realize our only control is over ourselves.  We have learned the importance of choosing to notice the positives in each other and our relationship. 

Inner Bonding has helped us to seek to understand each other, agree to disagree, and discuss hot topics when both of us are open.  This preserves our energy and reduces unnecessary frustration in our relationship.

We are so grateful that we have the Inner Bonding process in our lives.  Inner Bonding has helped us to have more love, freedom and joy in all of our relationships.  

Kelly and Jeff James

"I love the study and am learning so much and only wish I had learned it earlier. Maybe I wouldn't be going through being divorced by my husband of 32 years. I so wish they taught about relationships all through school."

Sharon Kelly

"I have been dieting my whole entire life, fighting the ups and downs of using food to deal with loneliness, stress, and grief. If I felt empty, I used it to fill up the empty spaces. If I felt stress, I used food to calm down. If I felt grief, I used food for comfort. Heck, I used food to celebrate as well. I then found it necessary to judge myself as a weak human being because I had fallen off the “diet” wagon again. I had one particularly potent discussion with Margaret when I said “but I NEED sugar” and Margaret asked me to replace the word sugar with love. “but I NEED love”, I said, and “ah” I got it in that instant, I never needed the sugar, I had made sugar my form of attainable love. I thought before that I could only get love from another person. I had not yet learned the powerful Inner Bonding process that taught me how to bring love to my Inner Child and give myself what I really needed, love. So each time I found myself reaching for my favorite peanut m & m’s, or some other sweet of choice, I would stop and ask myself what I needed, and most assuredly it was love. I found how the real thing, love, satisfies in ways that no other addictive substance could satisfy. Love is what heals, helps ground me, gives me a sense of well-being. As I practiced Inner Bonding, my cravings disappeared. I have love in abundance and love to share. I have lost 20 pounds without a single day of dieting, and am sure the rest will follow, and I will never have to diet again. I can just ask my body what it needs, and it has all the answers….Spirit provides all the love I’ve ever wanted or needed and food is no longer used as its substitute."

Suzi Korsak,Commercial real Estate, and owner of an award-winning Crowne Plaza Hotel

"I got a greater awareness of my patterns and choices which I found very empowering. It will take a while to change my relationship with food as some of these patterns were implanted during my childhood but this awareness of the dynamics does make you more aware of the choices you make and that it is ultimately a choice that you can change. I like the combination of medias ie video + audio (that I listen to in my car) + manual. It allows you to learn from different senses and reinforce the messages.

"Thank you for making all of this available at an accessible price! Discovering Inner Bonding has become such a milestone on my journey...I had done so much work in the past but got stuck and Inner Bonding just switched the light on! Thank you so much for being such wonderful Leader and Teacher." Dr. Margaret's Permanent Weight Loss Course


"I'm 63 years old and was obsessed with dieting from the age of 19. When in my 30s I realized that diets don't work, I searched for better answers. I found some help through OA and a number of very good books and authors. For the last several years, I've worked with a therapist who is dedicated to the Overcoming Overeating approach, which I have found very helpful. I've become much more gentle to myself.

"Having thoroughly examined many approaches to my addictions, I believe that your words are beginning to put in place some critical missing pieces. The concepts of self-abandonment and self-love that you delineate really speak to me."


"I am on week 7 of the Personal Intimate Relationship Toolbox. I have found it to be extremely life changing but have found all of the relationships in my life changed. I have a lot more appreciation and love for myself and thus for others in my life! Kudos to you for a fabulous program and thank you!!


I've finished the reading of the 12-week Inner Bonding e course on relationship last week. I've just read both the "article" of wk-12 over again and "what is love" and it’s so heart opening for me and so beautiful, tears of gratitude are coming down my skin. I'm so grateful to you for sharing your love and letting God through in every single word you write here. I'm so grateful that my prayer came though and led me to you and your teachings Margaret. And I'm grateful to my Self making Inner Bonding my priority no 1.

I've spent around USD 100,000 on personal development for the last 6 years. I've been in workshops all over the world. I've read several hundred books on spirituality. I've listen to and have watched amounts of audio/video spiritual teachings. These years and experiences have given me a lot of growth, but one essential part has been missing. None of these experiences have even been close to guiding me home to my Self in the way you and your work have. This has been the missing link for me. And it is so complementary to the Tantra work I have been doing for the last year. When I write these words my heart aches, it feels overwhelming, it’s beyond words, but you know better than anybody that feeling when the heart is about to explode in pure gratitude, thank you so much Margaret, thank you God!


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