Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom 30-Day Course

Different than the 'Love Yourself' course - and deeply life-changing!


"Thanks a lot for this wonderful course. I really appreciate the course. Your insights help me a lot to deepen my practice of Inner Bonding, deepens my intention and my relationship with Inner Guidance. This helps me a lot in the moment to open to love. Like today in a conflict with my wife.  I could open my heart and step back to control her by being resentful, attacking her ….I started to practice every day IB and I’m hopeful I can soften and fill up my heart and  hear the truth about my old beliefs. Thank you again, IB helps me enormes to learn to love myself."


Markus Dietrich

"After I’d finished the 30day Loving Yourself Course, I didn’t hesitate to register for the Frequency Course. This course has been a ‘connecting all the dots’ course as I have been on a spiritual path for over 25 years.  However for the first time in my life I feel truly connected and guided by my Inner Guidance as the wonderful visualisations, insights, sharings and love of Dr. Margaret have opened something within me. I’m very grateful for this precious gift! "


Inge Simonis

"Frequency was the class I took after the 30 day Love Yourself course.  So much of Inner Bonding is about a connection with your spiritual guidance and while I’ve always had a relationship with my Guidance I had no idea there were ways I could raise my frequency.  I’ve always known that being in joy is clearly a higher frequency but was not conscious that there are things I can do to increase my frequency.  I love learning, manifesting and using what I learn to create a life beyond what I was “programmed” to believe was my lot in life by my wounded self.  I know my Guidance has wonderful plans for me and the Frequency course will allow you to use Inner Bonding in a way that increases access to your Divine destiny.  I’m so grateful to Margaret Paul for dedicating her life to sharing the gifts that been given to her.  Everything I’ve always known deep in my gut about who I am is coming full circle since discovering Inner Bonding and now that I’ve found the truth, I believe I have a responsibility to myself and others to share the love!"


L. Harris

"The Frequency Course that I recently completed was terrific. It is a great adjunct to your 30 Day Love Yourself Course that I took first. The Frequency Course goes into depth in teaching one how to access and use their Spiritual Guidance. This is a critical skill in successfully practicing InnerBonding as taught in the Love Yourself Course.  Anyone who also works a 12-Step Program successfully must be able to access and surrender to his or her God/Higher Power, aka Spiritual Guidance. This is a much needed skill that many of us who work the 12 Steps struggle with for years. I would recommend both these courses to anyone working any 12-Step Program who could use some help with this skill."


"Thank you so much for the wonderful course, just by raising my frequency help me so much to deepen my IB practise, it open my inner world to a brighter further. I understand more clearer and connect to my Guidance easily, through the course, my Higher Self have  me the faith to trust Him in a more simple way that I can understand Him, He is always there to guide me in truth and understanding with unconditional Love, a loving parent to His child, I am so grateful to know He is here for me. "




"This is the third inner-bonding course I have done and I have never felt as connected to spirit and as strong and open as I do at this point in my life. I am so very grateful to Margaret not only for the fantastic course content, but also for her attentive and generous presence throughout the course. Many spiritual practices ignore the importance of embracing, listening to and learning from our emotions. Most psychological strategies miss the core part that our spiritual guidance plays in our emotional healing. Inner Bonding, brings the two together. We are never alone, we are always loved."

Louise L.

"The frequency course was life-changing. I have been practicing inner bonding for a year now, and this course had so much more about the inner bonding process, which gave me a stronger understanding, and has helped me deepen my practice. I highly recommend it, I really do."

Darlene Martinez

“Taking the Frequency course is almost as good as having 30 one-to-one private sessions with Dr. Paul herself. I have taken the 30 Day Love Yourself course, read many of her books, and had sessions with her- and yet the content in this course was new to me and challenged me in new ways. Since the course's end it, my understanding of God and spirit has transformed and continues to evolve into a supportive, loving relationship. One of the most powerful modalities of this course is the forum- there is a powerful community of like-minded people, who are also committed to learning how to love themselves and others. That alone is such a relief! Dr. Paul will also answer each question and concern with her trademark honesty and wisdom. I highly, highly recommend you sign up for Frequency to grow closer to spirit and love!”


"Thank you so much for this Frequency Course! I was dubious it would be anything I didn't already know and was pleasantly surprised at how MEANINGFUL the daily lessons were in my life as they were posted every day.  I don't think I have ever successfully completed a ‘daily course’ that lasted more than a week yet I was on these every day with anticipation!  They were relevant and practical AND I recommended them to my clients too. Thank you for creating this beautiful, relevant course for raising vibrational frequency in an easy to follow format."

Nina Potter,Core Spirit Relationship Coach

"I highly recommend taking part on this 30 days Frequency course with Margaret even if you have a good connection with your Guidance.  My connection with God is strong, and now is even stronger. My frequency has raised more than ever before. I am finding out new gifts that I was not aware I had, I’m a Reiki Master, intuitive Medium and highly psychic and clairvoyant. I’ve found that my intuition and psychic abilities has strengthened significantly during this course. Margaret has demonstrated so much love for each participant, she is highly gifted and so patient. Inner bonding is teaching to involve courage to love my inner child Meli. My passion for Inner bonding has grown and I’m highly dedicated towards my own growth and Inner Bonding. I’m starting to heal at last. With so much appreciation and Love."

Melinda Griffiths

"Regardless of where you are on your personal growth journey, you simply cannot go wrong with joining one of Dr. Paul's courses, and the 30-day Frequency course is no exception. Dr. Paul offers the wisdom and insight of one who is deeply in touch with her higher guidance and models for her students how to adopt the practices and beliefs that will accelerate your own growth and maturity into a truly peaceful and loving adult. Taking the Frequency course is a priceless investment in your own personal growth, happiness, and well-being!"

Alissa K.

“This is the best 30 day Inner Bonding course I have taken with Dr. Margaret Paul so far. It’s the best because it explores all the usual love yourself concepts and themes like essence, gratitude and intrinsic self worth but from the perspective of frequency. Frequency in my opinion is the core of an inner Bonding practice as from my experience it’s what makes Inner Bonding the powerful healing modality that it is. The best part of the course is Dr Paul’s explanations of the Law of Attraction and Affirmations as these ideas are often oversimplified elsewhere. Dr Paul coaches the group in a way that we can’t help but be moved and shaped towards becoming better loving human beings despite our resistance, addictions and compulsive behaviours, whatever they may be and however they may have become embedded in our wounded selves. The course is a shake up and move along for the whole system and I can’t recommend it enough.”


“I loved the course! The 30-day Frequency course is excellent (as are all offerings from Dr. Margaret Paul). The topic of Frequency is thoroughly covered in this course which left me with the ability to recognize my frequency on a moment-by-moment basis and a complete understanding of how to raise my frequency when needed. I am already experiencing the positive impact of higher frequency in my relationships and my ability to manifest, for which I am so very grateful. Do not hesitate to take this wonderful course!”

Karen H.

“Everyday, the topics of the class we so poignant, clear and in depth. The topics exemplified the many facets of connecting with my inner child and my adult self. All the information was so applicable. I feel so grateful to know how to connect with my Divine Self/Inner Guidance…all of myself. I feel more calm and capable as I practice connecting with my inner child.”


“There are many ways to heal. Inner Bonding for me works the best. More than a course, webinar, a book or any intensive is a new way of living, connected to yourself and to your source. This frequency course is the third one I've taken and won’t be the last. I liked them all. Each one of them reached a different part of me and helped me heal it. However, the frequency course  touched a deeper part of my soul, the one that needs to truly connect with my source. For me it was extremely healing, my inner child thinks it’s 'pretty cool' that we now have superpowers' to perceive others, the world, ourselves and God in a way we never experienced before. It worked for me because I was ready and the time was right. Remember you have to want to open your heart to learning. No one can do that for you.”


"I truly think this is a very powerful course and i am so glad i took it. After taking the love yourself course, which was a great start and eye opener, i still founded myself struggling with connecting to Spirit. During this course i discovered blocks i did not know i had and ways to handle them. Of course Inner Bonding is a process, but in this course i've learned such valuable points and insights. I am also very impressed with the forum, which is a very safe, supportive space and the fact that dr Margaret really attends daily, to offer advice or answer questions is a huge plus."


"This has been absolutely life changing. Probably the most important personal growth work I’ve done in 30 years of study! I am deeply grateful!"


“Absolute gold - all of it. Very powerful and profound. Thank you, Margaret!”

Mark F

"I really enjoyed and benefited from taking the 30 Day Frequency course (along with the Love yourself course) - from the first few days applying the notions learned I could feel myself feeling lighter and better - it lifted my energy. Also learned a lot about how the food we eat can raise or lower our frequency and the book recommendations by Dr. Margaret were very eye opening once I started looking into it. This course is very life changing when applied in our personal everyday life. It is definitely one of my favorites."

Suzanne P.

“Having gone through 15 years of inner journey, exploring and expressing my feelings, becoming aware of my thinking and actions and opening to a power greater than myself, something still was missing. Inner Bonding for me is a process of bringing all the parts I have witnessed and developed into a sense of wholeness. Having an inner conversation with loving and curious words, with all parts of myself, choosing to learn and love, finally start to feel peace when I wake up in the morning and I am beginning to trust myself for being loving. Through the Frequency course I gained a deeper knowing that there is a loving force within and all around me. Thank you Margaret for your deep clarity and these wonderful healing tools.”


“I really really loved the course! It was inspiring and I had so many a-ha moments. The truth, inspiration and wisdom coming from Dr. Margaret are truly life altering. Reading the daily emails every morning were the highlights of my day and I have to admit that I wanted more of it once the course finished. Before I found out about Inner Bonding, I was praying for some time to Spirit to show me what the self-love actually means as well as how to achieve the connection with my spiritual guidance and learn how to be more in the joy, love and compassion. I am so grateful that I found out about the Inner Bonding and Dr. Margaret´s teachings and the Frequency course gave me clarity, understanding, help and support to continue my learning path. Everything that Dr. Margaret teaches brings a truly life changing component with it and I am very much grateful for that!”


"Your Frequency course was powerful….I was often moved to tears as I read through the lessons."


"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is desiring to connect with themselves and their higher guidance. I am not aware of anyone who teaches this most profound process as eloquently as Dr. Margaret Paul. She gives each of us the key to our life and destiny. I know I spent years looking outside myself for this key, only to find I always held it. Inner Bonding and connecting with our guidance truly sets a person free! Thank you Dr. Paul!"


"Thank you so much for this life-changing course.  I have taken other courses you offer and have read some of your books and I feel that taking this course has deepened my understanding of everything I've learned from you.  I'm more aware of my feelings in each moment, taking responsibility for them and having the pure intent to open to learn what is loving to myself and others with no attachment to the outcome. It's an ongoing process but I have more clarity now. I trust my inner knowing more.  Something you wrote about in the course that really excites me deeply within is that our soul never dies. This feels so true and I don't fear death and I love Anita Moorjani.  I really relate to what she writes about and speaks about. It's such a wonderful feeling. I can't thank you enough Dr. Margaret for who you are and all you do to make our world a beautiful place to live.  Your  integrity and deep care for all, people, animals, the environment have touched my heart, my soul deeply. Many Blessings to you and Much Love."


"Thank you so much for creating this course. The teachings have been incredibly powerful and inspiring. I honestly feel a deeper level of surrender and joy within. With feeling more connected, it also encouraged me to take bigger risks in life, where fear was holding me back before. Now I see how the frequency course seems essential to anyone interested in furthering their Inner Bonding practice. Having faith in the process and the supportive energy from Dr. Margaret and all the other participants made the experience truly enlightening.
Peace and joy from the bottom of my heart."



“I am so very grateful for the wonderful work you are offering. This was my third online course with you. It helped me very much to get to a much deeper level with my inner bonding practice."


"I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and by far Dr. Margaret Paul is by far one of the best teachers I know. I just finished taking her frequency course and although I consider myself to be a spiritual person, her teachings are direct, clear and so easy to follow, along with bringing me a great sense of joy... What she teaches should be taught in every single school. She is authentic, kind and smart. A great mentor for me." 1/16




Deb Moran
New Jersey

"I live in Africa, particularly in Zambia. A friend of mine (Michel Cote, whom you may know [Michel is a Catholic priest who works in Africa and has been doing and teaching Inner Bonding for a long time]) introduced me to Inner Bonding in 2006. I have been practicing it through and through. I know that I am who I am ought to be in the Vision of God. Inner Bonding has helped me to discover this treasure hidden in me since my birth.

"I have enjoyed this course to the full. It has helped me connect with my Spiritual Guidance easily and more often. It has helped me to seek high frequency in order to remain connected and experience the state of grace. My struggle has been 'control and resistance'. This course just brought a new start in me for higher manifestation in my life. I feel so peaceful, confident, full of life, creative and I know now that Joy is my birthright. Happiness is within me because God is within me and all around me. I am growing in self-worth, which no one can take away from me. This course will remain my daily guide as I practice Inner Bonding which is my primary daily action to self love. Inner Bonding has become like 'MY DAILY BREAD'. Many thanks for sharing this treasure with me and with the whole of humanity. You have reached my soul though I stay in this far corner of the world called Africa. May God bless you." 1.16


"This course is extraordinary!!!  It puts together for me the concept of Higher Self, Guidance, inner bonding, and most of all, God, etc. in such a helpful, loving and life-giving way. I have been looking for this 'information' forever. Thank you so much for the way you have put this together--clear, loving, personal and obviously well Guided! I am very grateful!"

Maria K.

"I almost didn't go ahead with the Frequency course because I thought 'what can anyone teach me about my personal connection with spirit that I don't already know.' How wrong I was and how grateful I am that I did go ahead and join up.  

"I found the content beautifully rich with love and wisdom. I have a strong connection with spirit, that I developed during a painful period of my life which has now passed; but the course has shown me how to take this relationship to the next level and beyond. 

"The emails I received every day contained so much valuable information that it's been difficult to take it all in. I know I will be meditating on the contents of this 30 day course, possibly for a lifetime.  

"Quite honestly, I don't have the words to express how immensely powerful this course is. It was brilliant, enlightening, and inspired. It expanded my understanding on the law of attraction and manifestation which I had previously viewed as a type of new age indulgence - to seeing how natural and deeply necessary they are to attaining a life of inner joy. While at first I didn't believe it was necessary to raise my vibrations in order to connect with guidance - I was able to see that the quality of my relationship with spirit was at a very basic level and that it could be so much more that what it is. Understanding why and how to take the steps necessary to make it so has been an invaluable gift."

Jenny Sherrell,Holistic Counselor

I loved loved loved all three courses (Love yourself, Frequency and Loving Relationship). They gave me so much information and input, it was amazing. Every little detail was explained over and over again, and it gave my Innerbonding pratice a new depth. For sure I will go back to the emails and videos over and over again. Thank you very much for all your wisdom!

Karin Gehrig

"For me the "Frequency" course and the "Love yourself" course are like my kids - I love both of them. They are wonderful separately and even more wonderful together. The "peak point" of the "Frequency" course for me was the issues that support joy. These points for me are the "Law of Inner Peace" we are all searching for."


"Thank you so much for the Frequency Course.  It is the fourth course I've done with you this year and all have been enriching.  I found the frequency course to be the icing on the cake and somehow tied all the courses together.

"It was like going on a spiritual journey with step by step guidance in how to raise my frequency, learn to be more in touch with myself, grounded in this moment and to retrain the wounded part of myself with a new role of creatively working for me rather than against me and making me feel bad.  I am still practicing doing this but I can see how much more balanced and happy I am compared to earlier in the year.  I love the practice of being grateful for so many things that was introduced as a daily practice later in the course and it is true that I am starting to feel an expanded joy for living and being so blessed with so many wonderful things in my life.  The best part is developing trust in connecting to my higher guidance that intuitive part we all have but often ignore. I am remembering more and more to tune in to myself and ask what is in my highest good and then to act on that.  It makes for much more relaxing living!  All the daily emails, videos and visualizations and the coaching calls supported the gradual unfolding of what we learnt.  I really appreciate how Dr Margaret shares from her own life what she has gone through and learnt, giving us a living example of what is possible - thank you so much for that.  Having access to the forum and sharing and learning with other members of the course made me feel I was part of a community all learning together.  I think the course was perfect and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen their connection to themselves and their spiritual guidance." 11.14


"I just finished the frequency course and I am so grateful to you and your work, which have been a huge help for me. I find the information to be very powerful!!"

Kimberly Ros

"I wanted to thank you for yet another wonderful course. I would have to say that this was my favorite one of the three that I have taken so far. I have really learned so much from your courses and feel that the daily emails are always totally perfect. The way that you explain things makes such a difference. Thank you for the work that you do to uplift a world that is starving for this information." 11.14

Sherri Stahl

"I have done the 30 day love yourself course which was incredibly helpful and insightful and helped me understand the first 3 steps of inner bonding.The 30 day frequency course was just the perfect next step to deepen the inner bonding practice by focusing mainly on step 4. It really helped me contact my guidance and discover deeper levels of control I needed to let go. Letting go is so much easier when  you know how to access your guidance and trust it/he/she has your highest good in mind. With my guidance by my side, I know I have the power to be happy, enjoy life and the skills to manage the heartbreaking feelings of life when they show up.  I am so much stronger.... and am looking forward to what life has to offer to learn. Thank you."


"I loved the frequency course. It really helped me to make a stronger connection to my spiritual guidance and deepen my inner bonding practice. The daily emails were a perfect way to reinforce and remind and create the habit of connecting on a daily basis. I really looked forward to them each day."  11.14


"I am so glad I took the course. It was great to have a focus on guidance, and at the conclusion of the course I am noticeably more tuned into my guidance and am relying on my guidance more often, particularly in situations with others. I used to feel anxious sometimes when others were speaking to me, I think because I was wrestling for energetic control of the situation in order to feel safe. Now when I notice those feelings, I tune into my guidance and relax into the love and energy coming from my guidance. A few people have expressed deep gratitude for our conversations, when I was able to hold the space with the help of my guidance, bringing in love and compassion for them and myself. I am remembering throughout the day to tune into my guidance more often and am more accepting of the fact that my guidance is here to provide unconditional love for me."




"Thanks to the Frequency Course I have been able to consciously choose peace, joy and grace for my life. There is a part of me that is wounded but it has no power when I am connected to Spirit and now I know and feel that connection all the time. It is as if faith has come up for me to rely on my higher self to guide me and lose the need to control everything. It´s been a wonderful journey full of valuable experiences. I recommend to anyone looking to get in touch with the infinite source of love and wisdom available to all of us!"




"I loved the course and am very sad it's finished yet I know my frequency has been raised from...doing this course and I know in order for it to continue to raise I need to replay this course 'frequently' AND continue my inner bonding process daily and hourly and just plain old more 'frequently'!!!

"I had such an incredible day of love and compassion for myself and others and I truly know I'm on the right 'Course'.

"I am always grateful for you and your work and for my decision to make Inner Bonding a major part of my life and  an integral part of my journey where I have more minutes, hours and days filled with love, compassion and grace."

Sharon Appleby

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You will know that you are taking loving action in your own behalf when the action feels right in your gut, like a piece of a puzzle fitting into the right space. Notice this feeling of rightness in your being when you are taking loving action, as well as the feeling of tension when the action is not in your highest good, for this is one of the ways Spirit is always guiding us.



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