Wildly, Deeply, Joyously In Love 30-Day Course

Such great results from this relationship course!

"I am working with your Flourish Hearing From Guidance Course [Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom]. I just wanted to express my gratitude. It is absolutely one of the best things I have heard or done. I have struggled with hearing from guidance and making decisions. This course finally has supplied things I must have heard from you for years but it is finally beginning to click now that I am learning how to hear from guidance. Thank you."

R. H., M.A.

"Dr. Paul’s courses are nothing short of incredible. If you want to take responsibility for your life, love, and happiness I highly recommend the course on relationships or any of her courses for that matter. Through her work, she opens and illuminates the  pathway to learn to love and be love. Her process and teachings are nothing short of incredible!"


"When I discovered Dr. Margaret Paul I was barely living and the parts of me that were still alive were living in despair. I literally was just before taking my own life when I joined the 30 day Loving Relationship course.

"If you want to regain your power, your strength, a renewed sense of aliveness, if you are a human living in the times we are in now, this course is for you. 

"This course WILL help you provided that you do the work and practice it in your daily life. This course should be mandatory for all humans so we can learn how to be in relationship to our selves and those in the world we share.

"If you are in pain, if you are suffering, if you feel there is no hope for you or your situation, if you feel lost, alone, afraid, if you want closeness and connection in your life, or if you just want to release the pressure and feel lighter, this course helped me with all of the above.

"Dr. Margaret Paul is a Godsend in my life. If I could buy this course for the entire world, I would do so. I have no doubt the planet could heal if all humans participated in this course and practiced what she teaches.

"She is the real deal!!

"I can't say enough about how powerful her methods are. Practicing what she taught me is the answer to all of my inadequate feelings and is leading me into the Love I have always longed for.

"I am a skeptic. A skeptic who was wanting relief & the 'Loving Relationships' program sounded too good to be true. But let me tell you, I took the risk & this woman & her teachings are a Godsend to the planet. I think that the entire world can immeasurably benefit from any of Dr. Margaret Paul's teachings b/c while taking this course I quickly came to realize that she is tapping into that which we all come from. Whatever you call it, Higher Power, God, Spirit, Love, Light, she has GOT it & generously, yet powerfully shares that with all of her students.

"Her gentle but strong encouragement of Self-Love is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give to your Self.

"If you are thinking about taking the course, think no longer & get to signing up. Your life WILL be better because of it."


“So so so so very powerful and profound. Thank you.”


Mark F.

"While doing the Loving Relationships course, I have been going through a really big transition - more in the job area than in the relationship area.  But the course teachings seem to be applicable no matter which area of your life you are wanting to change or improve.  The Loving Relationships course gave me invaluable support by helping me to be gentle with myself as I move through the uncertainty of my changing situation.  All of the loving wisdom you shared through your wise and loving modelling, through your emails, videos, coaching calls and forum responses have really helped me to be there for myself as I go through this change, instead of abandoning myself as I have so often done, when going through past changes.  

"And the course has helped me to know how to communicate with others about the change, be it people directly affected or just people who care about me.  I was much more able to take responsibility for my feelings, rather than make others responsible for my feelings.  And when, out of fear, I got controlling towards myself or others, I was more able to course-correct and come back into a “learning to love” place.  

"Most of all I am grateful for the fact that during this course I developed a daily inner bonding practice that has brought me so much self-awareness, more self-love and self-understanding and a growing spiritual connectedness.  And I have taken many loving actions as a result of the processes.  All of this is the basis for a better relationship with myself and others.  The transition in my life is not complete although the course is complete.  As the transition continues, I know I will continue to benefit from the coursework because I will continue to refer back to it and continue to do inner bonding.  I highly recommend this life-changing course.  Thank you so much Margaret! "


“Participating in the Loving Relationships course was one of the best money spent ever. I have never witnessed loving relationships when I was young, so it was important for me to learn from someone who understands the nuts and bolts of what can wrong in relationships, and most importantly - how to heal it. I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to learn with you. Our marriage is already benefiting a lot from this course and I feel confident that I'll be able to continue growing and sharing love with the information I learned from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


I just wanted to thank you very much for the loving relationships course, it was brilliant. Having a good relationship with a partner has been one of my key goals for about the last 5 years, I've put a lot of time & effort in but with poor results. Your course has made me aware I've been putting effort in all the wrong directions.

Having a good relationship seemed to require both me & my partner to put effort in, so I kept getting stuck - I knew my usual strategy for achieving goals of just working hard didn't work but I had no other real skill set. Your course has given me the road map to success in relationships & it was the key I've been looking for. The part I value most is that it gives all the responsibility back to me, so while I can share with another I don't have to rely on them. That is brilliant.

While the rest of my life is really good overall, I think it's also giving me a new perspective here - how to value life & people more & just be in the moment. Rather than rushing around to avoid any difficult feelings. The only tool I had for difficult feelings before this was switching attention to something else. The new tools you've given me for actually dealing with the problem rather than avoiding are much better.

In terms of the course itself - the content & teaching were brilliant. The amount of information & pace of the course was perfect - I often find things are a little lightweight or lacking in detail but this course wasn't at all so thank you for that.

The other thing I found really helpful was the forum - I was surprised because I'm not really interested in online/IT things but I was very surprised at how useful it was. Having you answer questions was half the benefit of the course for me - because if I got stuck on something I could ask & then move onto the next topic rather than staying stuck. So thank you for such active input into the course it made a big difference in terms of my learning.

Honestly, your course is beginning to make a significant difference in my life so thank you very much.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Loving Relationships course. I found that the material and your delivery were absolutely spot on!...and by me moving into the intent to learn and practising the process, we have experienced a hugely positive shift in the way we relate to each other and our connection is rekindling more and more. It has made a world of difference in such a short time! So, I'm deeply grateful to have found you and your material. It's only the tip of the iceberg for me, though, and I want to continue, more deeply, this profound work of self-healing through Inner Bonding!” 


“Though I had already attended the ‘Frequency’ and ‘Love Yourself’ courses, this course had so much new, insightful and substantial information with which I experienced rapid growth and a further ‘upgrade’ of my relationships in all areas of my life! Thank you so much!”


"I am truly grateful to have found and taken your Loving Relationship course.  I am going to go over the course again because there is so much invaluable content.  I’m also sure it will be reference material that I will return to repeatedly.  Thank you for teaching us these life skills.  I wish we were taught them in school.  I had reached a point where I felt very pessimistic about my ability to be in a healthy relationship.  I felt clueless. This course and the Attract Your Beloved course, which I have also taken, are helping to give me new perspective in a way that I wouldn't have thought possible once.  Not only that but the Loving Relationships course has helped me untangle emotional knots from other relationships and provided information to support all relationships in my life.  I am deeply grateful for your sharing your knowledge and understanding with us. Also just to say how much I appreciate your Inner Bonding book.  I have bookmarked so many places in my copy and see it as a relationship bible!" 4.16


"I can't thank you enough for this invaluable course. I'd wake up every day with excitement about what I'd be learning that day. I loved everything about the course: the daily teachings, the videos, the forum, the coaching calls. I didn't want it to end, it was so wonderful. I am so deeply grateful for your loving open-heartedness, deep compassion, care and wisdom that flows through you so brilliantly. I wish the whole world lived in this way. What a beautiful world it would be! I'm looking forward to absorbing more deeply all I've learned from you. Thanks again so much for this course. You are a bright shining light in our world and I feel so blessed to be learning from you." 

Sharon Z.

"I loved the Loving Relationships course. I feel like it gave me a road map for what is acceptable and not in relationships. I am the kind of person who needs clear lines so that I can feel confident and this course helped me to see where those lines really are in terms of what is ok and what is not." 4.16

Tony Christopher

"I have enjoyed this course, and I was amazed at how it seems to talk about our very own lives. I have loved the tools given and I practice them. Very interesting to me was how the course helped me making clear what is normal and what is not normal in a relationship." 4.16

Philippe Bouille

"I want to thank you for yet another amazing, rich, and profound course. I have experienced a profound shift in both my feeling of readiness to relate to a man, and in my feelings of possibility about the kind of love I can attract. These feelings are both peaceful and profound - free from the desperation, anxiety and control from which I used to try to manifest love. Thank you so much for sharing all you've learned and for doing the work to uncover it." 4.16


"I have spent the last 7 years not wanting to be in a relationship (whilst longing for that deep connection) following a huge heartbreak. I didn't understand what happened at the time and got myself totally paralyzed by the lack of understanding of what went wrong. I lost all confidence in myself and in my ability to be in a relationship once more. This course has given me for the first time a map: a clear understanding why my romantic relationships failed and where are my patterns and a process to overcome them. This is very empowering. I now have hope and my power back. 

"I am finally open to having a loving relationship whilst being aware that my Inner Bonding practice needs daily attention. I am ready for it and welcome the work... 

"Thank you Dr Paul for being there along the way through the forum. Your insights are always invaluable and very loving. You are an amazing teacher, healer and you make this world a better place." 2.15

Steph B.

I loved loved loved all three courses (Love yourself, Frequency and Loving Relationship). They gave me so much information and input, it was amazing. Every little detail was explained over and over again, and it gave my Innerbonding pratice a new debts. For sure I will go back to the emails and videos over and over again. Thank you very much for all your wisdom!

Karin Gehrig

"The most stupendous relationship course, thanks! Your deep wisdom, generosity of heart and truth are a great gift to me and to the world…. I sense, Margaret, that you not only teach but also really live the path of Love. You share it freely. You have not only cracked the relationship and self love codes, you have also created a deeply compassionate healing system that really works. You are a wonderful role model. Thanks!! With Love and gratitude."  4.14


"The 30 day "Loving Relationships" course was a huge eye opener for me. I will never look at relationships the same way again! I learned so much. The content is very differentiated and meaty. Every day reveals another aspect that once integrated contributes to creating more loving and deeply connected relationships. The processing of the other participants on the forum coupled with Margaret's daily feedback was a continued source of learning and inspiration. I love the opportunity of revisiting the downloaded material for my continued growth and learning. Thank you, Margaret, from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to evolving a more authentically loving humanity." 4.14


"Having navigated numerous dating, psychologist and love coach/ soul-mate courses around the world – the Loving Relationships Course by Dr Margaret Paul is the best. Michelangelo famously said: 'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'. This course gives you the tools to carve away all that is not true love to heal ALL relationships and set yourself free."  4.14


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this class.  The daily messages were thought provoking and a "gentle" way of looking at how I was causing my own pain.  Noticing the pain was just one side because the class also taught me that I was in control of me and what I am telling myself.  So empowering!

"My husband and I were on the verge of divorce in April even though neither of us really wanted end the relationship.  He has been reading the books and I did the class and we have not had a "yelling, screaming fight" since this class started.  We have had conflicts, but they have been so low-key it is hard to remember them. Thanks again for offering this class - It is wonderful to do this online with other people." 4.14


"The relationship course was a great way to reinforce, daily, the core principals of a healthy relationship. There was a variety of videos and visualizations which added greatly to the daily lessons. It was a great learning experience. The course allows you to work on something different every day at a measured pace.  I highly recommend the course." 4.14

Jeff S.

"Thanks for showing me that relationships are possibilities/vehicles to grow faster instead of problems. The course was so contentful....It is definitely a blessed material that could and must be my 'Bible' and which is worth waking up in time in the mornings and reading it again and again as attuning to the new day." 4.14


"I was surprised by the amount of information and awareness I learned in this course about the subtle control dynamic in a relationship! It definitely opened my eyes and my heart as to how I interact within any relationship - what my intention is behind every action and every word. Above all, I was surprised by how this course deepened my self-awareness and the process of loving myself! I discovered many new false beliefs within me that were blocking loving myself and therefore loving others. I have taken both the 30 day love yourself course and the 30 day frequency course and this course, far from being repetitive, added a lot to my process of learning to love myself." 4.14


"When I had a crisis in my long term marriage a few years ago, I read books, websites, and went to some counseling and EFT sessions. But I was still quite unhappy about my situation and unsure of what to do. The Loving Relationships course has given me a clear understanding of relationship systems and my part in what is going on. With the focus on Inner Bonding and keeping my 'eyes on my own plate', I feel so much better within myself and within my relationship. I’ve even stopped wondering whether my relationship is good or bad or if it will last. I’m more focused on being aware of my feelings and actions in each moment of my life and with my partner. That is the most important thing for me now - managing our interactions in a more loving and open way. I’m no longer scared or protecting myself, and am enjoying life much more in all my relationships!"  4.14


"I took this course next with my former partner.  Here I learned about relationship systems, and the fears and controls that we unconsciously bring into our relationships.  I found a new perspective on the codependent pattern that I had created in all my relationships and learned that it was based in abandoning myself which led me  to protect and control my partner in an effort to get the love I was not bringing to myself.  I learned about a unique approach to conflict resolution that helped me understand how to lovingly disengage so that I could attend to my own feelings without blaming and shaming my partner.  Without the tools and knowledge from this course, I would not have been able to handle the grief, helplessness, and loneliness of my breakup with the peace that I feel, nor would I have been able to access the compassion and insight I now have into my inner child’s anger at myself that I  have projected into my partner relationships."

Cheryl Gibson

"I really enjoyed the loving relationships course and it taught me a lot. I was really looking forward to my daily email and it felt like I was really doing something loving for myself. The structure and format of daily emails, with videos and visualizations is really 'rich' in information, teachings and insights. The forum which Margaret monitors regularly offers a great way to connect with others, learn with and from others as well as getting Margaret's and other participants' replies, pretty much instantly. Usually people sign up to a course like this, I know I did, because something does not quite work well and often we can feel lonely with our issue and isolated. To have the emails and the forum was a wonderful way to keep me 'connected' and kept me through a difficult time. Finally, the weekly coaching calls, again, are such a wonderful tool and I was so grateful to hear my questions answered by Margaret directly. It is great value for the money and a great investment." 4.14


"Thank you very much for this course! I am sad the 30 days are already over, they seemed to have come and gone so quickly. I feel empowered and more connected with the information and wisdom you have provided and I would like to let you know that I am very grateful to you."  4.14

Kimberly Ross

"I loved the program. It was eye opening for me. It is simple and affordable, yet very rich, and is obviously the collection of a lifetime of experience and hard work from you. I appreciate everything that you have done to help all the people out there. I wish you could teach the program in schools and universities. You will make huge difference in people's lives for sure." 4.14

Layla,MBA health

I loved the course and can't wait to read it all over again for another 30 days. Looking at myself for answers when there's conflict and taking care of myself when others are unloving has made my life so much happier. Taking responsibility for my childish behaviour and nurturing my inner child has made all of my relationships much more enjoyable! Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and expressing it so poignantly." 4.14


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The desire to control and not be controlled is so great in many people that it often overrides caring about self and others. When you feel pulled at by someone to do what they want, do you go into automatic compliance or resistance? Next time you feel the pull, stop and ask yourself, "What is in my highest good, to do what this person wants or not?" This way you are making your own choices rather than being controlled by the other person or by your resistance.



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