Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health 30-Day Course

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"I wanted to thank you and tell you how much I got out of taking the Inner Bonding Passionate Purpose, Vibrant Health Course. I found that the manner in which you explained the subject matter made it easy to understand, relate to and integrate into my overall awareness. In particular your approach to the wounded child and functional adult resonates loudly and helped me to recognize patterns, limiting beliefs and see a path forward in continuing to work through the ways in which I am affected. I found this course so useful that I immediately purchased the entire package of Inner Binding course offerings and have already begun in he Loving Yourself course."


"I really enjoyed your Passionate Purpose course!  I had previously taken the Love Yourself and Frequency course and felt this was a great putting-it-all together course for all the materials I've learned previously.  I think the reason may be the previous 2 courses helped me to be on this path to establishing a stronger IB practice (hence more emotional/mental stability) so I can be more fully present in discovering my passionate purpose and hence reap the benefits of this course.  One of the best things for me about the course was how I had access to you daily for 30 days; I felt that you were really there to guide us through this process and it was such a support!

"I highly recommend this course and feel like if I had taken it back in high school or even college, imagine where I might be in my personal journey now, and my health would be soaring! :)"


"The other IB courses I’ve done have been amazing & created so much change but this one for me is another level - it’s just phenomenal so thank you! Rather than just having the knowledge of IB it’s now becoming integrated on a daily basis & the few things I’ve been stuck on for years are gradually becoming unstuck - so I look forward to continuing the journey."


" 'Passionate Purpose'  gave me the crucial realisations about the blocks preventing me from living a purposeful life. It helped me to re - member myself, to find the way home where my love for life and my long lost motivation was buried. Having lost my true purpose decades ago, I used to be like a leaf floating in space, dependent on the happenings around me. Thanks to this course, not only I know and feel now that I am here for a reason, but also I am filled with deep gratitude and creative fire to manifest my purpose. I absolutely loved it." 


"I have taken a number of Inner bonding courses and was amazed and delighted with the Passionate Purpose Vibrant Health program.
It is  rich with new information that one will not easily access anywhere else. 

"Dr. Paul touches on topics that have one delve deep and as a result  enhance ones growth. 

"I would highly recommend this course it’s a real gem, and I would definitely consider taking it again later on down the road it’s that special. 

Thank you Dr. Paul, you are a gift!"

Karen J.

"I loved both of the courses I have taken - Love Yourself and Passionate Purpose. The daily articles were always inspiring and motivating.  I miss them. Thank you so much for your effort. It gives me hope."


"Thank you for this wonderful course Passionate Purpose Vibrant Health. I have discovered more about myself than imagined."


"I really liked the course and got a lot out of it because of the weekly coaching sessions, regular emails with readings and the short videos you were sending us."


"I’ve taken 2 other courses and I learnt so much. This 3rd course was like a completion: what is my blueprint, what brings me joy in life. I realized that taking care of my health and taking care of my inner child would lead me there. It was exciting to move forward every day reading the course, listening to the coaching, going to the forum and to feel more power about my life. 
I am really thankful to Margaret for her quick answers and encouragements. My gift seems to be with children and Margaret’s feedback was very helpful. I highly recommend these courses for their clarity, their deep and clever explanations. I am excited to discover what will emerge after these 3 months of life-changing courses!"

Carole Blunier

“This has been an amazing course, amazing overall. There is ALOT to absorb and integrate. Loved, loved, loved this.”

Courtney Brubaker

“The changes that I have experienced in myself are profound. I have now completed three online courses with Dr Margaret (over a period of 14 months); Love Yourself, Loving Relationships, and Passionate Purpose. Each course added another layer of understanding and growth. Having just finished the Passionate Purpose course, I feel a deep sense of peace and innate happiness. Instead of dreading the changes that are coming up in my life, I am now looking forward to them with a feeling of real excitement.

“Before doing the Passionate Purpose course I was all over the place. I was looking to work for myself in several different areas, but wasn't sure what I should be focused on, as I had not idea what I'm really here to do. Through this powerful process, which is so well supported by Dr Margaret, I now know what my purpose is on this planet, who I am, who I've always been. I now feel able to give myself the support needed, trust my guidance, and do what I really love to do. Follow my bliss!

“I am also experiencing love for my sons like I haven't felt since they were infants, and more forgiveness and acceptance for my late mother (its been a long time coming).

“So grateful to Dr Margaret and Dr Erika for theses courses and this technique."

"PS  Highly recommend Dr Margaret's new book "Diet for Divine Connection". Wasn't sure what I would get from it (my diet is pretty good), but it is packed full of so much help and guidance, so glad I bought it."


Jane Forkert

"This passionate purpose course has been really life changing and the content is so enriching, every day I have really enjoyed reading the inspiring emails and applying the loving action. I feel like myself a lot more and I have rediscovered my passionate self again and lots of purpose in life in many different ways…..thank you Margaret and everyone on this forum for making this course a safe and supportive place to work through our issues."


“I am an artist (painter), a writer, songwriter, poet, dancer, and singer in our community choir. I love all of those creative expressions. Yet I also have felt there was something more I wanted to give, to serve, something had been percolating for a long time, but I didn't know what it was. As I did the course and continued to be in the moment and to love myself the best I can in each moment and also working with a therapist for EMDR, this past week, while sitting for meditation, it came to me in my heart area -- "I am a minister" -- not knowing what that might mean in action, I knew finally that I had come home. All the pieces of myself came together and I felt tremendous peace. I was Home! I received the "calling." I have many thoughts of what this could mean but am waiting and allowing for Spirit/Guidance to guide me. There are things I am exploring meanwhile and will see what resonates the most. Without going into a lot of detail, I just wanted to share this very meaningful awareness, and offer my heart in gratitude to you for all you do, and to the One that guides us and loves us in every moment.“ ~

Laura Weinberg

“I found this course enlightening, like all your online courses (I took all of them starting last September). They have been life - changing, and I started to feel really better after years of struggling with different therapies and self - help books. This last one in particular was very meaningful, because both topics, passions and health, are crucial at this point of my life.” .


"This was (yet another) transformative course for me; I am profoundly grateful for the growth I am feeling. I have been processing each lesson patiently until it becomes second nature for me, and I am happy that I have come a long way since first beginning IB this February. I have been able to heal many deep past hurts, identify what is loving to my IC, what is in my higher good, see myself for the first time, and more.

"Through this course, Passionate Purpose Vibrant Health, I unlocked more false beliefs and behaviors that were habitual protections yet blocking me from loving myself and connecting with others at the level of spirit."


"I am so thankful for this course and our time together. I notice much of what I have asked about are the things that have been blocks to my passionate purpose. To clarify the confusion where I have been stuck and bewildered. To be able to speak of these things has been incredible medicine and healing. I feel this time to listen deeply with subtle consciousness that can be spoken of and shared has been a godsend. I find I am healing like multiple chords in a song all being played simultaneously." 


"I want to thank you for this beautiful course which has helped me so much in uncovering more false beliefs about myself and discovering my core self and my passionate purpose….I can see where it might be taking me: to my joy and my gift that I was born with but had buried inside." 6.15


"I had no idea about the depth of my inner resistance. It is truly monumental for me to behold. I have such gratitude that I was introduced to your work Margaret and overcame my resistance to it. I feel this course is the culmination of all the others for me, and all of my other healing work. I feel I am beginning to open up to the idea of giving myself permission to truly thrive in every aspect of my life." 6.15


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