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I really appreciate going through the process of learning and experiencing Inner Bonding through the SelfQuest programme. It is thorough and informative. The discovery of the framework and the rigour in going through each stage in detail has helped me to understand what Inner Bonding is without a ‘live teacher’. While it is hard work, I have learnt more about myself and how my past and habits impact me. There were moments when I felt major shifts happening within me when I was going through the SelfQuest programme, and the revelations have impacted me on a deeper level. I have learnt and am still learning to hold myself responsible for my feelings and to give space for myself to feel them through. This has greatly impacted the internal processes of myself and how I respond to events and situations that are happening in my life.

I feel privileged by the gifts SelfQuest has offered. The programme has not only been insightful, it has also been therapeutic and has helped me to find compassion in holding space for the different parts of myself. Beyond this, it has also helped me to better appreciate what might be happening for other people and how they might also be impacted by their past and wounds. The SelfQuest programme and Inner Bonding has helped me to build a better and loving relationship with myself and furthermore, with others.

Wee Leo

SelfQuest us fantastic. I love SelfQuest because no matter how long I've been doing Inner Bonding, I sometimes still default and go into my head to work out my issues. I try to have conversations with my Inner Child, Loving Adult, Wounded Self, and Guidance all in my head and it just doesn't work. I get distracted and sidetracked. There are too many perspectives jumping in at once and it becomes a tangled mess. The fact that SelfQuest walks me through each step and gives me helpful visualizations and meditations to guide me into the right HEART space and be open is extremely helpful. It helps keep me focused on my goal of healing whatever issue I'm having. I also love that it's so organized and user-friendly. The fact that I can go back and look at previous situations and see how I've handled them and what my Guidance had to say and how my Inner Child was feeling is a great tool. It allows me to see patterns in my behavior. It's been an indispensable program and resource to deepen my Inner Bonding process. Every time I use SelfQuest I feel better. I feel like I'm really connecting to my Inner Child as a Loving Adult and that makes my Inner Child SO HAPPY! There hasn't been a book, course, or program that Inner Bonding has offered that hasn't helped me greatly. The SelfQuest is just a fantastic program to help me stay on track and deeply connect with myself. I would (and have) recommended it to so many people!

Emmi Morley

"I'm using SelfQuest a lot to gain clarity on a daily basis into Inner Bonding. Each time I go back I find new insights.” 


Pavlos H., Dubai

"Each time I go through this program, I learn new things - it's amazing! I love having my own personal therapist to turn to at any time."


"SelfQuest is an incredibly comprehensive resource that really does sum it all up I think and helped me to nail down where I was avoiding my self.”

Carolyn Morton

"The SelfQuest program is loaded with all kinds of goodies and I am beginning to see how working thru it can bring deep healing to oneself."


I have now completed my second SelfQuest process out of dire need. And, yes. I can really attest to its efficacy. Genius, Dr. Margaret."


"Doing the SelfQuest has enormous impact, I am very impressed how complete and thorough it is! The structure, the intensity of questions and the "interactive" features are just wonderful!!! Today I have been able to work on a real current issue and I must say, the Energy Psychology was just what I needed to help me work through the issue!!! You have put a wonderful program into place there, I have been mentioning to people and recommended it. 

"You are absolutely right when you say that there is nothing else you need once you work through this program…Like many others, I have completed so many workshops, training, even a study of "applied psychology", in order to become a Loving Adult to my Inner Child. That is what it is all about."

Anette Schafer

“The software seemed simple at first.  The value in it lies in the systematic way questions are presented.  Even as a counselor, I would have been hard pressed to think of all these questions in such a comprehensive, well thought out format.”

Dean Alan Sims, MAR, LCDC-III,Counselor

“WOW, this brings Inner Bonding to life.  I really like the video instructions and the diagrams.  It makes more sense.”

Troy T.

"The Inner Bonding Self Quest program is great & insightful program for anyone who want to have a happy & fulfilling relationship. 

"What works really well for me was some of the case examples provided by Dr Margaret in some of the topic illustrations. I could relate to some of it and gained insights from the program. The glossary is very useful too. 

"The Self Quest program helped me in my healing journey through my breakup, understanding my behaviour pattern and what cause triggers in my relationship. 

"Thank you so much Dr Margaret Paul for creating this amazing program. May more people benefit from this Inner Bonding program."


“The SelfQuest software is like having a therapist to ask me questions.  I have time to consider my responses without the time constraints or cost of a therapy session.”

Syed H

"I would like to whole-heartedly thank you for offering the SelfQuest program. It has given me the opportunity to really understand and love myself more than I imagined was possible.  I look forward to my daily interactions with SelfQuest and the 6 steps of the Inner Bonding process. I have gained increased clarity on my false beliefs and connection with my inner guidance. SelfQuest has provided real answers and approaches for living my life and a better understanding of the beauty of my spiritual being."


Cheri Broughton

"After attending two (2) five day Inner Bonding intensives with Dr. Margaret Paul, SelfQuest was the perfect tool to continue with my Inner Bonding journey. SelfQuest’s deep dive into the principles and essentials of the 6 step Inner Bonding process has been instrumental in helping me resolve many long-standing issues in my relationships. SelfQuest has allowed me to discover my false beliefs and to align more closely with my spiritual guidance. I am grateful daily for the ability to improve and enhance my Inner Bonding journey using SelfQuest."

Jim Broughton

iPad review:

I didn't think SelfQuest could possibly get any better, then it did - an app was developed for the iPad. The co-creators of the Innerbonding process, Drs. Paul and Chopich have now made a portable, affordable, deep, life changing healing possible.  SelfQuest is a transformational experience. There is no other self guided program in existence that will take you to the depths of your maladaptive behaviors and childlike coping strategies and teach you how to be a "loving adult" (*Innerbonding terminology) accountable for your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We are all beautiful, joy filled, loving beings who had to learn to survive on a difficult planet with complicated relationships, abuses, neglect and a number of other injustices. SelfQuest can truly help you reclaim the best parts of yourself while eliciting lasting healing from addictions, abuse and other challenges. It's not magic, it's hard work that can get messy and that requires patience as you are pealing "the onion". There are many layers that will need your attention and it's worth every moment. Some rewards of this program are instant, others take time, practice and diligence. Please give yourself this opportunity, possibly this is your first "loving action", (*Innerbonding terminology) and download this app. Follow the program as recommended, ask for professional help when and/or if you need it and experience the rewards of Innerbonding and SelfQuest, because you are courageous, you have value, you are loved and you deserve everything that your beautiful life has to offer you

Kate Hutchens,LICSW

"I really need to sit down and write something about the progress I have made since SelfQuest. I am drug free - no more antidepressants in the past 3 years, I have lost over 100 pounds and worked The Plan - so I am on the road to healthy eating for the rest of my life - I went to college, graduated, now have a great job, might even start running again after having a life altering injury to my leg. I have learned to love taking care of myself and have also learned to appreciate life more than ever. I thank you for what you gave me when you sent me your program. I have beat mental illness, obesity, a life long struggle fighting the remnants of a life rife with domestic violence - become self sufficient and have learned to love myself. Thank you Margaret."

Kathleen Wood Howe

I am really enjoying using Selfquest. It is user-friendly, intuitive, concise/to the point, nurturing and empowering. Every time I go in and do an exercise, I feel better. My only regret is not investing in it sooner. I would strongly recommend anyone really serious about their healing to find ways to invest in this. I thought there was a lot I could learn by myself and maybe do SelfQuest once I got some money saved. But I think that my valuable time was overspent on countless hours trying to understand how I got where I got by trying to find and then read all sorts of books on wounding, self-help, understanding this or that...Not always productive, because my time is very valuable and SelfQuest is really good value for money. You guys have zoomed right in on the essentials. This is the HUGE added value, and this is not to be underestimated, that you and Erika are bringing to this product: years and years of combined experience in one tool!


"I really value SelfQuest! Thanks so much for creating this program - it has made a profound difference in my life."


Pauline Solari

"I have been slowly going through your Selfquest program and I am loving it! ….wanted to let you know how comprehensive and thorough and inspiring and enlightening I have already found it to be. Congratulations. This is a HUGE tool, and for it to be so easily navigate-able makes it so user friendly.

"SelfQuest is a tool of inquiry that can be explored in the privacy of ones' own space...a tool that can directly trigger healing around addictions, depression, PTSD, relationships and anxiety (among other challenges) that keep us from the harmony of who we truly are.

"Margaret Paul's work is profoundly wise, knowledgeable and direct...and can now be used through technology rather than having to travel many miles to take part in her groundbreaking workshops.

"It is a truly generous act on her part to have come up with SelfQuest, a tool that can be used to match the degree of readiness we have for true healing, and for embracing the wholeness that is our birthright."

   ~Alanis Morissette, singer, songwriter

"The SelfQuest program is the most powerful tool for self-discovery and healing I've ever found -- and I've sought a lot. The learning process begins almost instantaneously, leading you to build a foundation of self-awareness and understanding that opens you to growth almost despite yourself. Follow it slowly; every single piece is a gift of exploration. Go back to it often, as what you've learned builds on itself. It's a tool you'll want to use daily. And hang on for the ride of your life, as SQ will throw open your heart and encourage everything to spill out. But it doesn't leave you hanging with the mess; SQ gives you the means -- the elusive "How" -- to nurture and love yourself, and to feel safe through the growth process. You will find your Guidance. You will develop a painlessly loving and responsible attitude toward yourself and your challenges. You will deepen and strengthen your relationships with others, and find the inner peace and stability to engage fully in the world as the person you were meant to be.

"I've undertaken my SQ studies at my darkest hour. At a time when I've been facing what seem like unbearable losses and fears, with what feels like no hope for survival, SQ has turned on the endless tap of my own personal and spiritual power and faith, which is not just supporting me through it all, but allowing me to experience deep and joyful learning instead of anguish. Most notably, SQ has become my surprise ally in working through my own biggest personal challenge, of lifelong addiction. Once you truly learn to love and take responsibility for yourself through the SelfQuest process, those self-destructive behaviors literally fall away, almost immediately and without complaint. I still hear a few grumbles from my wounded self, but she's on her way out and she knows it. I strongly recommend SelfQuest to anyone struggling with addiction, in any form. My dearest hope is that my testimony will lead even just one other person embroiled in that particular battle to the power of SelfQuest -- because once there, they will experience freedom from their suffering. Addiction will no longer define you. I can think of no greater gift than that. It would not be an overstatement to say that SQ has saved my life -- and certainly impacted the lives of everyone I interact with. In my estimation, there is no one who cannot benefit, and deeply, from participating in the SelfQuest program. In fact, it should be mandatory for us all."

  ~Coby Gordon, Knoxville, TN


"I recently went through the SelfQuest process and I was shocked at how it impacted me.  There were moments where I was literally choked-up over insights it lead me to make about myself.  I feel like I understand my emotions so much better - where they come from and why they happen. I applied the principles taught in the SelfQuest software to a specific problem in my life that I had always assumed was just a permanent part of who I am. Through following the software on an introspective journey I was able to start to unravel that issue.  Now I feel like I can get past it and be a new better me.  I am amazed that a software application could do all these things, but having gone through the process, I can see how it can apply to any issue.  I definitely plan to continue my SelfQuest."

   ~Jason Webb, Registered Patent Attorney, South Jordan, UT

"Self Quest is amazing. I’m calling it my personal therapist. It is so insightful and creates an awareness of the depths that exist within me. In this short amount of time, I have been able to heal some very deep wounds and scars from previous traumatic experiences....the material is so good....Thank you so much for creating this program, I absolutely love it." 

   ~Levette Brown, Learning Strategies Corporation, Customer Service Representative

"I would like to thank you for creating SelfQuest program, its changing the experience of my life. I am finding Inner Bonding very calming and loving. I do my IB self-discoveries daily through SelfQuest or 6 steps inner conversations. I have been looking for deeper level of self-love for some 15 years and Inner Bonding process is giving me growing clarity on how to live lovingly with myself. I am finally given sufficient answers and tools for self navigating my life and understanding the beauty of my inner world and daily joyful moments."

  ~Mirka, Czech Republic

"I don't know how to describe Selfquest! it's the most useful tool I've ever had in my life! It's like wonderland!"

  ~Raed Almutairi, Spain

" I wanted to thank you for your tremendous help with SelfQuest. Through the program I am exploring even further the roots of my co-dependence, and the more that I attend to the needs of my inner child, the deeper my connection with my children becomes. As a matter of fact, it helps to see each child as my inner child at their particular age, and they are now teaching me SO MUCH about myself! My 14 year-old son now comes to talk to me about things I would NEVER tell my father, because he wasn't emotionally present for me. What a gift I am able to give to my children and beyond! Thank you for helping to re-direct me towards a path of wholeness and healing."

  ~Patrick Mureithi, Springfield, MO, Josiah Films

"I’ve just started SelfQuest so this not a full review.  Selfquest is an interactive software program that is designed to take you in-depth into your family of origin and personal history, so that you can build a lifelong 6 step inner bonding practice, connecting the dots between your past and present so that you truly heal.  A unique aspect of Self Quest is the Energy Psychology component which taught me how to use tapping and energy techniques to heal emotional trauma.  I’m using SelfQuest as a companion to facilitation and being part of the inner bonding community.  This is a deep and powerful program and so I’ve been going through it very slowly, which is recommended so that you can really deeply heal and manifest the life of your dreams."

Cheryl Gibson

"THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PROGRAM! It will knock your socks off I promise. I really don't have the words to describe it effectively. I deeply believe with all I have & know that this will positively affect world change."

 ~Kate Reardon, Social Worker

"I must tell you how much I love SelfQuest! It feels like I am having a session with you in my living room. It's really wonderful and sooooooo very healing to be able to sit quietly and reflect while SelfQuest leads the way. As I plug in information about my parents, I realize how I have acted out in some of the same ways that they did. It's all beginning to make sense and it's a relief to begin to understand myself. The shame that I have carried for so long is now being replaced with compassion. And that is the gift!"

  ~Penny Boyle, Longmeadow, MA

"I found SefQuest amazing, and I have found peace among so many other feelings and emotions. I believe I am on the right way to become a better mom (and dad); now I understand why I have been so afraid of having a committed relationship. I see this program as a blessing itself, it is helping me to feel much better with whom I am."

   ~Haydeé L. López Cruz, Educator, Mexico

"I have the privilege of age, quite a breadth of intellectual/theological/psychological study, of scholarship, and this work of yours, just...blows me away....You should be so very proud of SelfQuest. It is an invaluable gift to humanity!  Every time I go in, I am engaged, learn, and emerge with a new breadth of insight."

  ~Rev. Pat Van Auken, Pastoral Psychologist

"SelfQuest is an amazing process that is helping me go deeper than any other work I have ever done. I love the step by step instructions that help guide me where I use to become lost in doing the process on my own. I love SelfQuest!"

  ~Tamara Stover, mother and student

"It has helped me tremendously...My bad dreams and nightmares have stopped, and that has been a huge relief for me. I have also found my self trusting people more."

  ~Lisa Lane

"I am finding Self-Quest very helpful, even though I’m just at the beginning. I am surprised to find that, in doing my personal history and behavior profile, a fair amount of residual stuff is being stirred up – stuff that I thought I had dealt with years ago, but maybe only at a certain level.

"You ask VERY GOOD questions that dig down into hidden or unresolved muck, or as Star Trek used to say, "To boldly go where no man has gone before!"

  ~Mr. R.B. Rayner

"It's wonderful. The guided meditations are particularly helpful. Thank you so very much."

~Vanessa Brackett

"SelfQuest has been life-changing! Taking it slowly...sometimes painfully...but has been incredibly healing. Such a gift...thank you."

  ~Maria Cornwell

"I am waking up each morning and listening to the visualizations on selfQuest and practicing Inner Bonding with the online learning journal. During the day I am amazed at the heightened clarity, creativity, being in the flow and synchronistic happenings!! This program is extraordinary!

"My son is also Inner Bonding® journaling through SelfQuest daily and loving it!! And tonight I guided my other son through the Inner Bonding®  process with the guide on SelfQuest and it was an absolute privilege for me to share this process with him and for him to share what opened up for him."

  ~Deborah Lange, Consultant, Australia

"SelfQuest is even more interesting and affirming than I thought it could ever be….When I first opened it and began to read it, I was so pleased that it was so simple to use and the pathways were so easy to follow that I didn't have to deal with the frustration of figuring anything out. I could simply concentrate on the task at hand! I could almost feel the empathy, compassion and concern through the descriptions, questions and choices offered throughout the menus that was put into the entire program; this put me more at ease as well. I believe that the most wonderful part of filling out the initial profile was that there were opportunities to add personal statements if you didn't find something that matched your own personal history. This incredible nature of the program made me feel as if it were "customized" just for me. 

"I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. I was 300 pounds ten months ago and have lost 136 pounds. I lived a lifetime of abusive relationships. SelfQuest addressed all of those issues and anyone experiencing this wonderful program would benefit from it. Currently, I have a young adult aged son who is problematic for me and a teenage daughter who is challenging as well - I feel as though I am learning to be a good example for them in dealing with my problems, addressing my issues from the past, and relaying what I am learning through SelfQuest to them. Our marriage relationship will benefit from me using the program alone - if he will use it too, it would be incredibly beneficial.

"SelfQuest would be so beneficial for the teachers in our public school systems. I have unfortunately experienced bullying from teachers with my two teenagers educational process and it has been life changing for both of them. They have not been able to function in the public school systems from a lack of respect and teachers who are personally dysfunctional as well as professionally inept. I have been trying to figure out what kind of program that I would recommend to a school board for teachers to improve the quality of teaching and this is it! If teachers were required to work the program it would carry on to be of the utmost benefit for their students.

"I would recommend SelfQuest to everyone. There isn't a single soul out there in the world today that wouldn't benefit from the healing qualities provided within the program! I am so grateful for it! I can feel the strength within me growing and my mind is spinning with new possibilities for loving myself every minute of my life instead of overlooking my needs and putting myself last as I have throughout my entire life."

   ~Kathleen Howe, Kettering, Ohio, Entrepreneur/student

"I am the proud owner of the SelfQuest program for Inner Bonding.  SelfQuest contains all the information you need to understand and be successful at Inner Bonding.  It is very comprehensive and covers everything I've read in the Inner Bonding books: "Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by God?, Healing Your Aloneness, and the Healing Your Aloneness Workbook".  It lays out the 6 Step Inner Bonding process in such as way as to make it "user friendly".  There are plenty of examples to assist the user that explain how to practice the 6 Steps, discover your false beliefs, and contact your inner guidance - much more. There are also voice-guided visualizations to prime you for the work.  Self Quest is easy to navigate and locate the different segments and is laid out in an intuitive format.  This program is wonderful - the work of pure genius.  Thank you for this opportunity to grow and heal."

  ~Elizabeth Karner, Laguna Woods, CA

"It seems to be just what i needed.   Amazing!  

"The visualization was awesome.  I've done many guided meditations and I can do them on my own now. But this one just rang pure for me.   Divine maybe. My energy was so high & the light so bright. I felt loved  & love and clarity & infinite wisdom and expansion. I could feel the dark energy leave and things releasing. And the light energy coming in, as if I'd just opened the door and there it was, father sky and mother earth dancing their dance.   

"The filling out of info just flowed. I used the 'Other' box to write whatever was coming into my head.  So much pain for all.   I was seeing their side of what it was like to have to get married at a young age. And so on.  

"Thanks you again. Maybe spirit is moving through you and you actually are guided to this. My deepest, heartfelt gratitude." 


"I think it's wonderful.

"I am always studying traditional psychotherapy, spirituality, metaphysics and energy, and neuroscience.  I love looking through different lenses for my own healing and that of my clients.

"That said, I have not really spent time looking at healing through the lens of the wounded inner child specifically, dissecting how that voice got there in such a specific way from family of origin, and then engaging in an ongoing dialog with that part of myself.  I have found it enlightening and interesting.

"I like how the software continues to bring the issues and selections of the user forward to each ensuing stage of the process (knowing and understanding one's paradigm and then moving towards change).  I find that your Inner Bonding process marries the traditional therapeutic and spiritual and metaphysical concepts wonderfully.

"I keep trying to picture someone going through this process while incarcerated and can't help but think it has great potential.

"Congratulations on this work!"

  ~Julie Visnich, LCSW CACII


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