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"Self Quest is a most wonderful resource because it is SO thorough. It has helped me feel more practiced at Inner Bonding so that I can access this healing process more naturally throughout the day. It's like your own personal coaching system, always available to bring you back to love and truth. And it's lovely to know that I have a structure to turn to when I get stuck. What a blessing! Many thanks!"

  ~Lisa Devine

"I have recently started with your Self Quest program, it has been extremely useful and helpful to me, and I find it one of the most effective programs I have tried. (And I have tried a lot!!)"


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Are you hanging on to the past as a way to not be responsible for the present? Are you blaming your present on your past? If you are, then you are still operating from the beliefs you concluded long ago. Opening to exploring your limiting beliefs in the present, and bringing in the truth from Spirit, will help you to release the past and be fully present to manifest your Self.



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