1 Day Inner Bonding Breakthrough

Reading about other's experience at IBB can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending this one day Inner Bonding experience. While most people are nervous at the beginning of the day, it doesn't take long for them to feel safe, open, and excited about the depth of learning and healing that occurs in this day.


"My Inner Bonding Breakthrough experience felt like the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.  I feel very inspired to begin living in a brand new way.  In a very safe environment I was able to release emotions and discover tools I can use going forward in my life.  Sharing my story and hearing others and feeling supported was really amazing.  Dr. Paul is an angel here on earth and I feel extremely grateful to have found her.  I have been on an intense spiritual journey for over 9 years and nothing, no one and no where has given me what I’ve gotten so far in such a short period of time.  I’m excited to keep moving forward and I am loving the Bonus material.  I feel like I now have a bag full of magic to help me in life."

Spring Brook,PA


"The Breakthrough brought the incredible gift of the IB process from the realm of the abstract into the concrete and operational.  It made a world of difference to see how it is applied in a full, specific and satisfying session.  I got just as much out of the rare privilege of watching Dr Paul work with others as I did out of my own sessions during the day.  My own sessions were life-changing, giving me new insights into my patterns and how to change them. The day was the beginning of a new chapter and a continuing inquiry, and I am very grateful to have been able to participate."  

Elizabeth Rotman

"It’s has been about two weeks since I have done the one day intensive. I continue to reap the benefits in ways that are difficult to put into words. As I write this a continued sense of appreciation and gratitude moves into my heart for Dr Paul not only for her commitment to her work but also for her commitment to honest loving personal growth and healing. I have done years and years of personal work. Dr Paul’s work pulls it all together in a way that is simply magical to say the least. I feel blessed and very fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with her and do the one day intensive. I continue to make progress in all areas of my life applying the principles of the Dr Paul’s work. Thank you so much!"

William P Lloyd

“I loved this intimate setting and deep work with Dr. Margaret. What a game changer. I was able to see just how much armoring and protective mechanisms were running my life. Highly recommend the intensive. Powerful! I also really learned a lot watching other participants go through their process as well. I enjoyed it very much.”


Vanessa Simpkins,Crypto Passive Income + Peaceful Profits
Mount Shasta,CA

"My Inner Bonding Breakthrough experience far exceeded my expectations.

"With over thirty years of meditation and certifications in several healing modalities, I was impressed by Margaret Paul’s clarity, depth, and insights. Working with her I understood why it seemed impossible to heal my core painful pattern. Since my breakthrough with her, I now have the experience, understanding, and tools to shift the course of my life. I will be forever grateful to Margaret Paul for this experience!" 

Chris Townson

"Dr Margaret’s Inner Bonding Breakthrough intensive was really, really powerful.  Her ability to laser in on the root of each participant’s buried issues was amazing to experience and to witness in the others. I came away feeling empowered to make significant change in the way I perceive myself and others so I can learn to eliminate my own woundedness without searching for answers and solutions outside of myself.  And most importantly, Dr Margaret made me feel seen and understood and loved in a way that I have been craving for my entire lifetime.  This was an incredibly valuable experience for me.  I am so glad I invested in myself in this way.  The value I received far exceeded the cost!   Thank you thank you Dr Margaret!" 

Aimee Peterson,Functional Medicine Health Coach

"Inner Bonding has been the missing link in my self-discovery journey. It’s the “how” straight to a relationship with myself. I always thought I liked, even loved myself, but after years of a relationship with an unavailable man, I began to wonder. I asked myself “would a worthy woman be involved in a relationship that clearly wasn’t working after years pf broken promises?” What I learned was the answer was “no”, but for none of the reasons I thought. I had unknowingly abandoned myself way before my relationship began and Margaret got to the heart of that abandonment during our day together. While the process is simple, what I learned in our 6 hours that day was how all the pieces worked together. I learned this by observing her work with the other people in our group. I learned how I could open up a richness in the dialogue with parts of myself that I wasn’t aware of before that day. This learning was invaluable. I am very grateful that a friend told me how Inner Bonding had been so effective for her. Had she kept it to herself, I might have missed this life-changing tool.

"Margaret very clearly lives in her gift and I saw it every minute of our time together. I was inspired by her care, compassion and deep desire to support each of us that day. I intend to continue my Inner Bonding journey to deepen my relationship with myself. The healing and peace in my world is a beautiful by-product. Even better? The ability to create a joyous life that begins and ends with me!"

Liz Noell,VP of Sales

"Before attending to the Inner Bonding Breakthrough, I had already taken many of the IB 30day courses and I was convinced having understood the 6-step process of IB.I even thought that I had already started practicing it…

BUT it was only DURING that day with Margaret, that I slowly started to FEEL the process and it’s full sense. It was what is called the “felt sense”. And that was only the beginning of it.

In the afterwards, it was like waking up to the world with new eyes.

I do barely have words that can fully describe my gratitude to Margaret.

Her contribution to the healing of the world, to making the world a better place, is of an unbelievable richness, that you can only grab once you felt it for yourself."

Monique LUJA,Sophrologue and vocational rehabilitation trainer
+352 621 64 22 07

"Before I found Inner Bonding, I had tried many ways of addressing my childhood trauma, with limited success.

"I have made one big breakthrough so far with the 8 week Inner Bonding course. I jumped at the opportunity to work with Dr. Margaret Paul in a small group day-long breakthrough session. 

"I was able to resolve feelings of guilt surrounding the death of my husband, address the root cause of my hair phobia and gain the clarity I needed to make two work-related decisions.

"I benefitted greatly by observing how the issues raised by the other three in my group were explored.

"I am continuing to implement the 6-step inner bonding process - as with all the best techniques, it is simple, quick and easy to build into an everyday practice.

"I warmly recommend Inner Bonding Breakthrough.'

Janet Strangeways,Retired medical doctor, now a lifestyle coach

"Before I attended the Inner Bonding workshop I had read quite a few of Dr Pauls books and bought one of her online video courses, but nothing fully prepared me for the ‘ next level’ experience of working with Dr Paul herself. The experience of receiving two one on one sessions with her but also having the privilege of watching six other sessions with other participants really brought home a new way of thinking and feeling. This feels to me like the route to finally finding a way to be happy within myself and to really care for myself and, by definition, therefore also care for better and love better those around me. I cant pretend it was easy or that I wasn’t quite shocked at how much I had been self abandoning myself, but the first thing I have done this morning after the intensive was- apart from writing this testimonial!- to go back to listening again to her recordings, with renewed vigour and so much more understanding. I am hugely grateful for the experience and intend to work with one of her facilitators and truly make sure I can continue to practice this wonderful technique and change my life for the better."

Heather Manners ,Investment manager
44 7714415370_

"This experience was incredibly helpful to be a part of, both as a listener and contributor. Watching Dr. Paul interact with others in the group really brought to light a lot of emotion and deeper understanding into my own issues. There’s also something to be said about practicing inner bonding outwardly with a small group of confidants who are also working on themselves, because there is an additional level of honesty and awareness with yourself that is created. I particularly really enjoyed the experience, and I found that dedicating an entire day to this discovery and exploration of myself was vastly impactful in my self discovery and growth trajectory. The comradery from my intensive peers was such a heartwarming thing to experience as well." - Jess B.

Jess B.

"The IB intensive was an uplifting, inspiring and very personal experience of self-discovery in a “cocoon of safety” with Dr. Paul and the other participants.  It is a wonderful format -- to share such a deep exploration of personal issues within a context of fellow souls journeying together. In what felt like a safe and nonjudgmental environment, we all held the space for one another. It was powerful, enriching and very moving.

    I highly endorse and recommend this intensive IB experience.

    Thank you, Dr. Paul. Spirit moves powerfully through you to assist each and every participant."

Kathleen LeBlanc,retired nurse
250-382- 0066

"I deeply appreciated Dr. Paul’s skillfulness in helping me clarify my concerns.  I feel more empowered to take my next step.  Inner Bonding creates a path for me to fall in love with myself. I’m deeply grateful for my experience of the Intensive. It was all great."


"I feel a deep sense of peace and inner acceptance about myself that I did not have before. I can now see how my whole life was run by my wounded self and created so much trouble and unhappiness. I feel like I can now move forward and know and understand how to live from a place of health and contentment. "


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