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The Inner Bonding process is very effective in helping businesses and organizations heal internal dysfunction and create an open arena for conflict resolution.

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"The strength of any business it its people. Intention Training [Inner Bonding for businesses] provides the tools to create a highly efficient and productive organization by empowering individuals to take responsibility. Every business should provide its people - executives, managers, and all other personnel - with this power."

Steven Kravit,COO, Kurgan and Cheviot
Los Angeles,California

"I want to thank you so much for speaking at our Governor's conference on Addiction and Recovery. The evaluations of your presentation were excellent; you helped make the conference a huge success."

Governor's Office of Drug Abuse

"Dr. Margaret Paul's "Inner Bonding" technique was the method selected for enhancing our [mentors] program. We feel it has been an extremely successful training on many levels."

Gerald Isenberg,President, Hearst Entertainment
Los Angeles,CA

"The 21st Annual National Wellness Conference was a tremendous success, hosting 1,569 participants, representing each of the 50 states and seven foreign countries! Because of your efforts, the National Wellness Conference continues a tradition of providing effective, high-quality, personal and professional development programming for conference participants."

National Wellness Institute

"We once again want to express our gratitude for your psychological and spiritual expertise and excellent lecture and workshop. You worked with such subtle energy and deep knowledge that everybody was touched and convinced by the introduced method of your work. We are looking forward to inviting you again for a similar event in the near future."

Claus Claussen,Tal-Haus/Rutte

"We were thrilled to have you back with us. And, of course, once again each comment we heard about you was upbeat and positive. People felt that they received ideas and information from you that they could take with them and put right to use."

Guy Lynch,Minister, Church of Today

"Dr. Paul has a vivacious, yet sincere and compassionate, presentation style which is simultaneously informal and dignified. I believe her style reflects her well-developed sense of self. Her approach to the development of whole persons is in harmony with Unity teachings."

Palo Alto Community church
Palo Alto,California

"It is clear to me that people were moved, inspired and challenged by the material that you offer, which is uniquely your own. We thank you for your work and for the generosity of kindness you shared about our little place here in the hills. We honor your skill, patience, compassion and vision in making your work alive and vibrant."

Rev. Douglas Wilson,Rowe Camp and Conference Center

"We have received numerous reports of praise and appreciation from those in attendance. The generous response of our audience is the best testimony of how you spoke to the needs of our members for self-understanding, psychological wholeness and personal growth. You truly won their hearts with your warm and eloquent presentation. There is no doubt that our members will use what they learned from your lecture to make meaningful and constructive changes in their lives."

Marilyn Barrick, Ph.D.,Summit University

"The Inner Bonding Training that has been facilitated by Dr. Margaret Paul has been met with excitement and enthusiasm. The Cities in Schools staff, have found Dr. Paul's methods informative and of great assistance in turning around the lives of our children. CIS, our nations oldest dropout prevention program, is pleased to have partnered with Dr. Paul and her Inner Bonding Training process."

Robert Arias,Cities In Schools
Los Angeles,CA

"Dr. Paul's experience, knowledge and personal commitment to assist individuals in personal growth at levels of the work environment is unequaled. As co-founder of Education First, we found her seminars, workshops and personal interactions to be invaluable. We highly recommend Dr. Paul's 'Inner Bonding Technique' for other organizations and programs."

Carole Isenberg,Education First
Los Angeles,California

"This fertile and powerful model has proved very useful at organizations, and any other place where people are engaged in a common goal, but operate out of their personal histories."

Dave Smith,Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Our company almost fell apart due to fear and lack of trust after a failed merger. After an all day retreat with Dr. Paul we were able to realize and communicate those feelings and re-form a cohesive team. It was a very powerful experience for the whole staff and we still have a company today because of it.

Lena DiGenti, Feb., 2000,President,
Los Angeles,California

"I'd like to thank you for your participation in the sixty annual 'Choices for the Future Symposium.' It was a tremendous success and would have been a much different experience had you not shared your thoughts and wisdom with our supporters. There was such a positive reaction from your presentation. It obviously affected many of the Symposium attendants."

Steve Blomeke,The Windstar Foundaton

"I found the Inner Bonding training extremely informative and useful. One To One is committed and excited about working with Dr. Margaret Paul in partnership on this project. We will encourage mentoring organizations to participate in this important resource."

Patrice Theard,California One To One
Los Angeles,California

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