Love Yourself 30-Day Course

Wonderful feedback for this course!


“I have been doing traditional therapy for 20 years and never have I been asked to check in with my feelings and never have I understood the concept of the wounded self or inner child. Inner bonding has helped me to understand that I am not my wounded self, I am my essence. It's been freeing to know that I am not my fears, insecurities and trauma. Knowing I can nurture and grow my Loving Adult gives me a new lease on life and I am looking forward to learning how to love myself so that I can finally share love instead of protecting myself against being hurt.  I have lots of work to do, but now I know there is a clear path.”


L. Harris

“The Love Yourself course is truly life changing. The Inner Bonding process has always made complete sense to me, but this course took it to a whole new level by actually guiding and inspiring me to instill the practices into my life as a daily habit. During the 30 days, Margaret guides you lovingly step by step along a path that makes both logical and spiritual sense. It seemed every time I had a question, the next lesson gave me the answers! And I found the weekly coaching calls, where Margaret answers individual questions in depth, to be invaluable in progressing my understanding. As I practice Inner Bonding, I'm slowly but surely seeing my false beliefs lose a little more power and my capacity for love toward myself and others to grow - even in challenging situations. I am beyond grateful to have finally found the tools I need to live with an open heart.”


Suzy S

“This 30-day Love Yourself course has been the missing piece for me after many years of therapy, training courses and spiritual development. It has connected all the dots and created a true connection between my feeling self and Inner Guidance. I feel way more aware of myself, of my thoughts, emotions and taking responsibility for it. This course is a very clear and complete step by step process which allows you to become aware of undesirable thoughts and behavior and lovingly create a true change within yourself. I can’t thank Margaret enough for her loving, inspirational and insightful guidance.”

Inge Simonis

"A huge thank you to Dr Margaret for being such a wonderful facilitator and teacher, and for creating IB. I think the whole thing is brilliant. And thanks to spirit too. It’s been just what I was searching for – the perfect combo of psychology and spirituality, helping us to confront and release our fears and helping us to truly love ourselves with spirit. Sending you so much appreciation Dr Margaret."


"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to break through from imprinted thinking patterns, limitations, fears, shame, doubts, guilt, unworthiness...what is great is that immediately after practicing IB you experience change.. This kind of result has never happened to me before. I have been reading, attending therapies and courses, but IB has been the only approach that is actually guiding me to my core emotions within a few minutes. I no longer need others to take care of my emotions as I now understand how can I be there for myself.
Margaret is a very professional and devoted teacher who was there for us every day, answering our questions throughout the whole 30 days course. Her presence and her attention helped me feeling safe, seen, understood, recognised and connected while learning to take care of myself. 

"Her approach  turned all my previous knowledge upside down. Just to think how many years I have spent for searching for my truth with no luck.  And  she was able to teach me find it in only 30 days.  I am deeply fulfilled and touched as I finally am feeling respect for my true self. I feel connected to myself.

"I feel Margaret. Even though I don’t know her personally, she seems so close to me like I have known her for ages. She was able to kindly and patiently answer all my oblivious questions that were coming from my EGO.  Unlike many others she is authentic, present , focused and deeply devoted teacher. It has been a true pleasure to learn from you Margaret. Forever grateful."


"I found this 30 day course with coaching to be of value in learning more about myself and teaching me new skills to connect with my true self and motives, and learn to about what it means to love myself and to love others.  I look forward to applying inner bonding and accessing guidance from my higher power to have inner peace, forgiveness, acceptance of others and positive direction for my future relationship with my inner child, my loving adult, my higher guidance and those around me.  This is a course worth investing in and I recommend it to anyone seeking to learn about inner peace, self-love and loving others."


"I just wanted to thank you for the Inner Bonding course. I learned so much and feel like I have a lot of good tools to work with. Dr. Margaret Paul is an excellent teacher.I wouldn't think twice about taking another course with her. Thank you for all that you do."

Glenn Ehlers

"I am so thrilled I overcame my suspicion of taking an online course, it was by far the most helpful thing I've done! I've done therapy before and read so many books and yet nothing as helped to get a life changing insight as this! It feels like I now have a 'tool' I can use for everything - my inner growth, my relationships, my parenting, my whole life. I know I'm just at the beginning of this journey and am excited to see what it will bring me in the future. What I loved especially about this course were the texts that were so inspiring and often like an answer before having asked out loud and the phenomenal opportunity to ask any question and trusting to receive an answer from you! This deepended my understanding and caused a feeling of being connected even though it was just an online course. I started the next course already and the IB practise as well as your input is part of my daily life now. You are such an inspiring woman to me!!!! Thank you!!"


“The six steps of Inner Bonding provided by Margaret are clearly inspired by Spirit, providing a roadmap to allow the greatest love for oneself. Inner peace and joy are the results of this practice, as well as improved relationships with others. Imagine a world where all of us learned to love ourselves in such a way!”


"I enjoyed taking Dr. Margaret Paul's 30-day 'Love Yourself' Inner Bonding course. I highly recommend it. It was a quality course at a great price, and it exceeded my expectations. Every day there was a new lesson that built upon the previous days' learnings. Dr. Margaret was available daily on an online forum where we could ask her questions, connect with our classmates, and/or read what others posted. Her responses were enlightening and assisted in my learning. There was also a weekly call-in session where she answered additional questions, and gave us an opportunity to practice one-on-one with her. I now have the framework and resources to continue learning on my healing path. Thanks, Dr. Margaret Paul."

Betty W.

"The course was absolutely life changing. I would like to show you my deep gratitude.

"After your course, with your help, I realised the relationship I was in it wasn’t loving to me, actually it was an abusive relationship but I was too scared to get out. Well, with learning how to love myself I finally did!

"I’m forever grateful. I feel much loved, loving and in peace now."


"I thank you from deep in my heart for your teaching on Inner Bonding. I am a Sexuality, Love, and Relationship Coach with multiple certifications from world class programs.  Since beginning my studies and exploration in this work some 10 years ago as a result of a cherished relationship that deteriorated in a pattern that has repeated over and over again with multiple partners throughout my lifetime, I have been able to experience new levels of understanding, confidence, and empowerment in my relationships and in my life.

"Yet, even though I understood what was happening, I felt compelled to seek love and approval externally, especially from my husband.  This, of course, kept us disconnected on many levels and resulted in great frustration and suffering for me. I could not understand why I was denied the love that I felt I needed so desperately. 

"In just 30 days, your course on Loving Yourself has shown itself to be the central missing piece.  I had understood how self love is important to being able to share love with others, yet I didn't know how to do that, or even what, exactly, loving oneself meant. Perhaps more importantly, I didn't understand how and where I was failing to love myself. 

"As a result of the Loving Yourself course, I feel my relationship with my husband transforming as I develop an internal foundation of loving self support for myself.  It's amazing to think and feel and know that I give myself permission to love myself instead of giving myself away. 

"It truly is magical. 

"And I am amazed that I had never discovered this work before. How beautiful to have discovered the gold of your teachings seemingly off the main road with someone who does her work quietly, beautifully, and with great integrity and wisdom.  It was like finding a small quiet path to a beautiful and inspiring place in nature.  I feel very honored and grateful to the Divine to have found you.

"I loved the content, structure, and vibe of your course, and am eager to continue learning and practicing in more of your courses. 

"I cannot thank you enough. I will be practicing the Inner Bonding process for the rest of my life.  It is a source of great comfort, happiness, joy, and peace for me, and the benefits increase the more I practice it.  I am thrilled to be developing the relationship that I had always dreamed of with myself.

"You are truly a lifesaver.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"


"I've taken the IB workshop and have attended both a 3 and 5 day retreats with a IB facilitator and read some of Margaret's books, but this course really brought it home for me. I feel a greater clarity about IB and being able to practice it on a daily basis. I absolutely loved it and am so grateful for the daily personal support Margaret provided. The course is so worth it, I highly recommend it!"

Yiching H.

“Inner Bonding is just amazing ! After years of therapy, lectures, reading books on self-development and following the advice given or doing the exercises suggested, I had come at the end of my tether because nothing seemed to work for me: I was still crippled with depression, aloneness, acute loneliness, health issues and a life that didn’t fulfill me and didn’t allow me to manifest who I am. It all ended with a devastating feeling of absolute powerlessness and the belief, based on so many useless efforts, that whatever I would do never worked, however I tried was never enough and obviously never the right thing to do. At that point I was desperate.

"And then I came across Inner Bonding. I instantly felt I must try that one. And I am so grateful to myself for following this intuition! When practising the IB process the first times, I felt I was on the right track and when I say “I felt”, I mean it: I felt my body becoming more peaceful during the process, I felt something in me (my Inner Child presumably) relaxing and I felt the presence and love of my Higher Guidance. Then, as I kept practising (at least once every day in the morning, more when necessary), I started to be able to hear my Inner Child as now she dares to share with me and my Higher Guidance who soothes me and gives me hints to help me. The loving action she mainly suggests, by the way, has been so far to practise IB!!! and I do because I feel so much better afterwards.

"Now that the course is over, I realize that not only am I starting to change, my life has started to change as well: to give just an example, some nice people are offering me their friendship spontaneously and invite me over to their place and want to share some time with me, which is new to me (I used to be invisible!). So, I have included Inner Bonding in my daily life and I expect the best to come: which in itself, seeing how hopeless I was before the course, is just short of a miracle.

"I also want to emphasize how helpful Margaret is: the process itself is powerful but Margaret makes it even more powerful through who she is and how she teaches it. She is very present through the daily coaching, enabling us to ask our questions and answering each one personally, and she is so wise and compassionate that it made a whole difference to me. I have felt truly supported, not merely being offered a process to do on my own. She gives a lot and I’m sure her wisdom and generosity were part of the healing process for me. I’m grateful to her and to Erika and ... to my Higher Guidance for sending this course to me.”


"The love yourself 30 day course has been so beneficial for me to do in so many ways. I found this course so helpful, that this is my second time of doing this course. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve  done this course, I’ve learnt something new about myself and how to become a better inner parent for my inner child Meli. I’ve been struggling deeply this time with eating disorders and Margaret was ever so helpful to guide me through this very challenging time. Margaret has a beautiful and gentle energy about her, she is so understanding and nothing is hard for her to handle. I found that this course is starting to teach me how to free myself from fear, shame, guilt, care-taking others and how to truly to love every part of me. I recommend to do this wonderful course, you will for sure start to heal. This course is worth it.. Thank you so much Margaret. My life is starting to change for the better. So lovely to be heard and not ever judged."

Melinda Griffiths.

"The Inner Bonding Course has been a great blessing; the key to healing. I’ve been searching for this for a lifetime. Investing all my resources to learn how to connect and love more. To develop spiritually and be of greater service to others. The blessings will be immeasurable. Thank you more than I can say."


"Just finished your “Love Yourself” course, and I want to thank you. I am a different person after having finished the course! I really liked the daily emails - a perfect way to start the day. I typically read them several times during the day and then read them again before bed. I also liked the assignments - a wonderful focus for the day….I have become aware of just how much emotional maturity was missing in me. I now have the tools to examine what is going on inside, and what to do about it. I am THRILLED! I plan on continuing to do the course, starting on the 1st of each month, so the date will correspond to the lesson number. "


"I can hardly find the words to express how much I loved this course! It gave me the courage to stand and be fully present in the midst of feelings that before seemed impossible to bear. It gave me the tools to face my deepest fears and make some life-changing decisions for the love of myself.

I woke up every day with great excitement, looking forward to opening the " Love Yourself " email that never failed to fill me with embodied realizations. 

Supported by Margaret's loving presence, this is the Ultimate Course that should be known and done by the whole world. I loved every single bit of it! "


"Your courses have been wonderful, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this path in your life to guide others towards the Truth and Freedom. You are spreading so much Light in this World!

"Love Yourself course has been the greatest blessing of my life, truly. I even called this year a turning point in my life. As strange as it may sound, I feel like newly born. Though I read many self-help books and did inner work (which all helped me to move forward), nothing really brought such a profound clarity, healing and inner peace that learning Inner Bonding does. I am forever grateful to have been guided to take this course. And I am beyond grateful to you for sharing the wisdom of your soul, Dr. Margaret. You can't even imagine, how much you have changed my life. Many, many thanks." 

Jurgita C.

"This is a fabulous class!  In my 30 year career as a therapist who’s done many trainings, and many years in my own therapy, this is the first class I’ve done that actually teaches a method for the process of loving oneself.  Margaret’s interaction with us on the private online forum and coaching call was very supportive and helpful.  The course incorporates the most current somatic and neurobiology material. I’m so happy I followed my guidance to take this course.  It’s been transformative, and I can now continue to work with the process on my own."


"Thank you immensely for this course. Alongside the daily progression of insights, steps leading into and reviewing of the steps one by one, the daily emails, visualization, weekly coaching and advice to various people about a wide range of issues, it wove it’s way into the very essence of my life….and thank you for your passion and insights. "


"WOW this month has been life changing for me. I feel that Inner Bonding has the capacity to help empower everyone to heal their wounded self. This Love Yourself course with the inspiring DR Margaret Paul has to be the most healing and helpful thing I’ve ever taken part of. It has helped me to take responsibility for my own feelings, behaviours, actions and false beliefs. During this month I was held in so much compassion and support as I suffered with abreactions and severe PTSD during this course because of my severe childhood abuse.

"[I spent] over 30 years trying to heal my brutal childhood, a very difficult time as a teenager, picking very abusive partners and my father being so unloving and unconscious human being and kicking me out on my 15th birthday, then homeless for some time. All the rejection from therapists because they can’t heal me, or they find me I’m starting to make a shift from my horrific life. I’m now starting to feel peaceful at times, and seeing the light. I’m now feeling like at last I’m healing.

"Margaret has taught me so many techniques during this month to cope with this experience. May I now say that my abreactions have nearly gone and my PTSD is diminishing. I’m losing weight and my physical body is starting to heal. 
I carry out the six steps of Inner Bonding every single day. Margaret,  I truly thank you for all your kindness and support during this month. I would recommend this beautiful healing course to anyone. May I encourage you to take a leap of faith and embark in your personal growth with Dr Margaret Paul."

Melinda Griffiths

"The course 'Love Yourself' helped me with the Inner Bonding process. I began with the excellent workbook few months ago. Now, this course has answered questions and doubts I had since then. It was important for me to understand to just imagine that the Guidance is connected and not to worry if things are made up. Also helpful is to learn that there is no 'goal' to reach but it is continuous practice similar like work out. This makes me feel easier and just go through the process and not worry about results. I am more confident that it will be easier to access my Guidance with time. I believe this course is very balanced and exactly addressed what I needed to learn. Thank you for this course and all other material I have read and seen."


"The thing I loved the most about this course is that I have all of the emails and materials to look back on and completely go back through whenever I want. I like that I didn't feel pressured to know and learn everything as it was presented. Margaret has such a soothing and reassuring voice, I could listen to her all day! It was so nice to have all of the support in the forum when I asked questions too. I will continue my personal study with Inner Bonding. Thank you Dr Margaret Paul."




"I loved participating in Dr Paul’s 30 day Love Yourself program as I really love the Inner Bonding 6 step process. It’s a logical and sequential healing process that opens the heart and soul to a deep connection with oneself and nature. I especially love the Anger process and think it’s by far the best anger resolution tool available. I love how once embedded and embodied I can practice self love all day long and for as long as I need to. As a result I feel more confident and centred in my heart space and more able to take on a heartfelt life."


"This course introduced me to inner bonding. Although, it took a lot of time to get to each step, for good reason, I see now when I practice it to the best of my ability, it seems to have an affect. I do believe this is a true self healing process that heals the deeper rooted issues that are inside. Regular therapy doesn’t outline this very specific healing process to confront our wounded self, false beliefs and seek the truth from our higher guidance, and take loving action for our inner child. The concept of this isn’t taught anywhere else. I have more Hope now than I did before the course. God bless you Dr. Margaret Paul for being this beacon of hope and healing for us. "


“I absolutely loved this course. I feel I am given a road map to living with freedom and love. I find it so interesting how it does not create a momentary high of "being fixed" but rather having the right tool box. It feels so grounded to know that it's a long term process and I do feel the great benefits of it already.”


“Thank you for the “Love Yourself” course, which I found really helpful both personally and professionally. I believe that this course, and your approach, integrates the spiritual, relational, developmental and emotional elements of wellbeing and blends them with neuroscience, somatic forms of therapy, psychological concepts, trauma and attachment theory, and cutting edge research on the micro biome/gut health - all with deep compassion and a loving openness - so important for us individually and for the planet.  This combination is missing from many other types of personal growth work or therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, or relationship difficulties. 

“Recognizing how much we needed to disconnect from ourselves as a strategy to get through our lives, and being taught, encouraged, and specifically guided to reconnect and listen to our inner voice and deep guidance has been a lifeline. I discovered things about myself that I had not understood, and as my awareness of myself grew, it translated to being better able to support my clients.  I am particularly struck by the time you spent with each and every person. Your responsiveness and genuine care and connection was a great gift. I cannot recommend your course highly enough.” 


“Inner Bonding should be required for all couples, and I'm certain it can save marriages. The Love Yourself course does what counseling often fails to do--and that is to arm each person with the tools they need to feel whole all by themselves first.  Dr. Paul's bedside manner is excellent during the course--both actively in the forum and during the weekly coaching calls. Even after years of personal-growth work, I found so much to learn. Thank you.”

Jessica Stone

"I’ll bet all of us have joyful sadness about day 30 arriving, and I’ll take that kind of sadness over and over for lifetimes. These feelings are telling me how deeply I appreciate your warm hearted teaching Dr. Margaret. Please carry all of our heartfelt thanks with you forever. Being shown the way to living in love is all we want at our deepest level and the gift of your course leads us there. I have been seeking for someone to show me a clear path to wholeness my entire life. Thank you for IB and for opening to spirit to receive it! "


"Thank you for this one month course. I’ve worked very hard for almost 20 years to take responsibility for my own inner pain by going to therapy and in other ways, and have come a long way in that time. However, I’ve still not been able to shake something off where I’ve felt never good enough. This model and process has created a significant shift in me in a very genuine and palpable way already. I can’t believe it and am so grateful. It’s also further enhanced my communication with my husband where there has always been a lot of trust despite regular triggering on both sides. That’s because I’m much more consistently peaceful, so am less reactive and freer to see my part in any triggering dynamic."


"Thank you, Dr. Margaret, for a truly awesome course! I feel like I've learned something so valuable that I will be using for the rest of my life. ...I'm so grateful that you have shared all this with the world. Also thank you for your endless patience and compassion."


"I loved and appreciated every thing about the class. I looked forward to learning the IB process more and more every day; now after our thirty days is over I miss it. 

"I feel like you are such an inspiration in my life, a friend & teacher that I don't know, but somehow do.  This process has been life changing for me. I feel as though as we went thru the program, every day was timely, meaning everyday we hit at the perfect time the subject matter we were supposed to be learning as it was to unfolding day by day.

"I will never go back to the same way of life I have always lived in fear, self abandonment, in protection mode, waiting and anticipating abandonment (people can leave, & they do but not abandon as I am grown & capable of taking care of myself)  -- learning that we learned to do this at a very early age because we had to. It's sad that we had to protect ourselves from the very people that were suppose to love and protect us. It's sad. I could cry right now. But I am not judging myself... I am compassionate with myself more then every before.

"Now, I find myself smiling to myself, talking to myself, loving myself & bonding with myself. Am I perfect in this? no, I still see in ways I try to control, or explain but, the difference is... I see it now. I think how could I have done better the next time. I am open more open and less protective and reactive. I have always been a reactor and take EVERYTHING personally.

"Seems to me I am so much better off then I was once was in life, this journey hasn't been easy, as I am a slow learner but,  I am actually really starting to love myself."




“I have just completed the Love Yourself 30 day online course with Dr Paul, I found this course life changing. I really have a grasp now on what I need to do to love myself. This will be a lifetime process. Inside myself is a more comfortable place to be. A few days ago I went to my doctor which for me can be a very fearful event. I was able to soothe myself, talk lovingly to myself, and settle down to actually hear what the doctor said, instead of wanting to get out of that office as fast as I could. Dr Paul showed up for us participants way more than I expected, I thought perhaps we might have replies to our comments in bursts, but she was there, throughout the day replying to our comments, almost instantly. It was so comforting to know she was there guiding us, so many of us could let all our issues out, so she could help us understand and experience Inner Bonding. If you’re contemplating taking this, or any of the Inner Bonding courses, I say go for it!!!”

Kate Strong

"This course 'Love Yourself' has helped me be more aware of my feelings and take responsibility for those feelings, to be less judgmental of myself, also how I think and talk to myself. I continue to learn when painful feelings come up not to let the false beliefs take control, but to explore and be open with the intent to learn. Asking God 'What is loving to me now?' and 'What is the truth?' brings awareness to the real truth that causes healing and to take loving action.....moving forward one step at a time, one day at a time.

"I liked the setup of having the emails and your talks, so I can go back as much as needed to review and continue to review, so it will get from my head to my heart as I am learning it is a life long process.

"Your council and examples were very well stated, easy to understand and relate. I enjoyed the beautiful artwork.

"I would recommend this seminar, it has helped me in my growth to be more loving to myself. Thank you"



"The various aspects of the course combined with our day-to-day living make the 30 days tremendously impactful.  The combination of the forum, where we learn so much from each others’ questions and from your expert, wise, compassionate and experienced answers, the daily emails full of wisdom, your video clips and visualisations In which you encourage our ongoing learning and practice with so much love, the coaching calls with you that give us the chance to have live audio interaction with you while giving us real time examples of inner bonding, and lastly, doing our best to practice inner bonding daily all create such an impactful teaching team.  These teachings mix with our day to day lives.  Daily we can experiment and test what we are learning in the course in our real world living.  Now, after the course, I see that I am taking better care of myself, also when I am with others.  I  also take more responsibility for the different aspects of my life.  Thank you so much!!!!  I cannot recommend the course highly enough!" 



"The 'Love Yourself Inner Bonding Course' was the 2nd course of Dr. Margaret Paul's that I have taken and I cannot say enough about how these courses are life-changing. I have gone from being a semi-hoarder (living in the same house for 22 years) to now on my way to living a minimalist lifestyle, currently selling most all I own (then taking off on the wide open road) through listening to the guidance of my higher self. I am feeling more alive daily and though everyone's higher self will provide differing guidance tailored specifically for the individual, I'm sure that yours will be no less enlivening and Dr. Margaret Paul's courses will put you in contact with that divine wisdom which your own higher self wants to grace you with." 


“I have had so many insights. Its one thing coming after another and falling into place…so much has changed in this little timeframe. I am really grateful for learning how to love myself, and that I found my connection to spirit again. I can now tap in as often as I want to. I just feel like a vessel where spirit flows right through me with all the wisdom of the universe. I love it, absolutely love it. I love it so much because it finally puts all the things together that I have learned on my way. Its one package and I find that absolutely amazing.”

Tatiana Warchola

Hi Margaret, I wanted to say I have enjoyed this course very much and have benefitted greatly. I think you are wonderful and fantastic teacher. I feel your practice gets to the root cause of the anxiety we bring upon ourselves from our wounded self. This is the best work I have come across so far since I began this journey a few years ago. This online course and the coaching calls were more effective than in-person sessions I had in the past. My experience has been that many coaches and people in this field talk about being/getting happy, but I felt it was lacking in the way in which to get there. Until we find/get to the place of self-love/self-worth that you teach, its very difficult to get there. I didn't know or fully understood what self-love is, it was a confusing term to me. Now I fully understand it and take the loving actions we need to take care of ourselves and stop abandoning ourselves. I feel so good and at peace right now. This was great. I look forward to the next course on July 12th. Thank you for your dedication in in this field in helping others to get to this happy place.


Diane B.

After “Attracting your beloved” the "Love Yourself" course was amazing and absolutely necessary to understand Inner Bonding and the way it can affect my life.

I started my personal research in self-awareness in 1999 and never stopped it, going through therapy, reading tons of books, attending workshops, etc.  

Mostly I’ve had Jungian psychotherapy and CBT; both of them were sometimes useful, but not resolutive.

In Jungian therapy I lacked guidelines, paths to follow, tools to deal with pain and life challenges; I went on to discover painful truths inside, but I had no idea how to deal with that. It’s like the therapist expected I was able to solve them just because I could see them; I was also expecting this, but it didn’t happen, mostly with big issues.  

In CBT I lacked depth and access to my intuition. After having learnt some of the useful tools they teach you, I didn’t know what to do with them as there was no link to the inner part of myself.

So despite all the energy I spent, I kept struggling with my pain for years, understanding it better than before, learning some tools, but still getting completely stuck with the bigger issues and feeling empty most of the time.

With Inner Bonding I started feeling much better from day 1 of the course, as I never felt in my life. I know it’s right for me and I know it works because it feels so good inside. So I think I’ve ended my 18 years research and found the right path for me. Of course it’s a lifetime path, and there will always be lots of new challenges to face, but I know now that is possible to deal with them. Going through an IB process always helps me to feel better, and it’s such a relief after years of frustration, when I used to leave my therapist room more confused and painful than I was before going in.

So I think I’m going to take all the 30 days courses that you offer because I want to go deeper into the process; and also because I think that having a daily reminder for a while can help me to stay focused and including IB in my everyday life.

See you in the “Frequency” course, and thank you for your precious work; I really think it can make a difference in this world. 11.16



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