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Margaret, I am reading your "God" book.  I can only read a section at a time because it stirs so much inside of me that I have to stop to digest it.  It gives me hope that you grew up in much the same way and truly understand but your gift to articulate it in such a direct, compassionate, and loving way....there are no words for my gratitude.  Beginning at 14 years of age - world renown treatment centers, therapy, workshops, lectures, EMDR...almost 40 years and tens of thousands of dollars later and I was still so frustrated not being able to bring those pieces together.  I may be wounded but I am an intelligent person who was kicking myself that I still couldn't grasp my life.  Inner Bonding has given me the tools, the steps to take all of that information from over the years and use it multiple times daily resulting in comfort, relief and hope."

Cyndi Noonan

READER'S COMMENTS ABOUT "DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP ME TO BE LOVED BY GOD?" Dr. Paul's book is a stunning achievement. I believe that it is one of the most profound books ever written. It is for those who sincerely seek to heal their wounds and become the most loving possible versions of their true selves. It describes a process that really works. The book is written without judgement and with true compassion, and at the same time leaves no place to hide. It is profoundly spiritual, but makes it clear that a belief in God, per se, is not a prerequisite for following this path. Even for those familiar with Dr. Paul's other works and with her intensive workshops, the book contains many "Aha"s. For those unfamiliar with her work, although concepts are spelled out with great clarity and with many real-life examples, the depth and scope of this book will probably necessitate many readings. I totally recommend this book for anyone who is open to the profound level of growth that it offers.

Phyllis K. Stein, Ph.D.,Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis

"No library of spiritually enlightening materials will be complete without this book. Margaret Paul's insights into the true essence of love and our potential to evolve into fully loving beings is revolutionary. In her book, we catch a glimpse of who we really are when we are able to look beyond the self-imposed judgment, fear and shame that hold us hostage. Having opened our eyes to the splendor and divinity of the human soul, Dr. Paul then provides a simple, yet profound, process that helps us move step by step toward reclaiming our divine birthright. Her book also captures the sense of wonder and joy that accompany those who are willing to take personal responsibility for their lives. I urge everyone, no matter where they may be in their personal journey, to avail themselves of the wisdom contained in this book."

Kevin Kimball,Attorney

"This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to live life with passion and joy. Margaret Paul's commitment to her own growth and desire to share this life changing process has resulted in a work which acts as both a clearly written introduction to Inner Bonding as well as a thorough and excellent resource for those who have practiced the process for any length of time. I applaud Margaret Paul's courage in frankly and compassionately discussing a subject which some may feel is controversial, others may even say blasphemous. For those who wish to criticize the author for her views so be it. For anyone willing to take a risk this book will be an excellent guide for healing past spiritual abuse, becoming reacquainted to a personal Spiritual guide and rediscovering the Divine self within."

Patricia J. Gerrish,Nurse
Madison Heights,MI

I have been using Margaret Paul's tools consistently for over 9 years. If you have parts of your life that you want to change, you can choose to use this simple set of tools every day and change your life profoundly, often faster than you could have imagined. The tools are simple enough that you can teach children how to do them. Yet powerful enough that unwanted patterns that have persisted for a lifetime can lose their power and go away. The other thing that comes with using these tools is, that by implementing the connection process, one seems to be able to draw on deep, limitless power. I know of no other process that brings the same sense of innate strength that helps you persist and carry out the tasks that need to be done to transform your life. Thus batteries are included. What will make the difference here, is whether you can make a time every day to work the six simple steps Margaret presents. It doesn't take a lot of time. It takes consistency and growing an awareness to know when it's time to use the simple tools. Once you get the basics down, it's something you can do driving in your car, waiting in line at the grocery store, or lying in bed at night before you go to sleep. For me it's become as natural as eating and breathing. Her latest book ties together all her earlier works and focuses on the spiritual dimensions of this connection process. One does not have to believe in God to do this work, or FOR IT TO WORK. I can guarantee that. I've seen many people use the tools without focusing on the spiritual aspects. I can also tell you that if you value or seek a relationship with God/a Higher Power, this connection process will greatly enhance that relationship. Personally, as I have been able to work with and deepen the connection process, I have directly experienced God to a greater and greater extent in my everyday life. "Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by God" is a beautiful work for those that want to heal the parts of their lives that hurt. For those that want to take that a step further and reap the spiritual rewards of this connection process, this book is a wonderful guide. For those familiar with Dr. Paul's work, this book takes it deeper. I had wonderful Aha's, as the light bulbs turned on deep in my being. This book describes the tools, that if practiced with consistency, can be the best gift you ever give yourself!

Gary Scarborough,School Psychologist

"Dr. Paul's illuminating new book, DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP ME TO BE LOVED BY GOD? looks at the disconnection we feel within and with others as a result of (in the broadest sense) "spiritual abuse" that we have suffered. As Dr. Paul says, "Giving children anything other than love and compassion is spiritual abuse because all unloving behavior toward children creates an ongoing problem in their relationship with God. Any behavior that teaches children that they must be different (smarter, more polite, more obedient) in order to be loved [emphasis mine] by God -- or by their parents -- is spiritual abuse. Any behavior by an adult which disconnects a child from God is spiritual abuse. And any behavior that undermines a child's belief in God as an infinite source of love and compassion and wisdom that is always available to that child is spiritual abuse" (p.18). I particularly liked learning more about the false beliefs we have about God and our relationship with whatever term we each use to name our Higher Power. The Inner Bonding definition of loving intrigues me: Loving behavior is that which contributes to our own and others spiritual and emotional growth. Often, what looks loving is just codependent, and in our addictive society, much confusion results when we act out the belief that if others really loved us, they would do what we want. If you read this book, you will learn about a new way of looking at behavior -- not in terms of judgment (a major controlling device of many religions) -- but in terms of the good reasons that parts of us have for our behavior. Life, according to Dr. Paul, is a journey about learning and loving for everyone, not about hellfire and damnation and the chosen. I know that just about every person on a journey thinks that s/he has just the right tools and resources for healing and personal empowerment, but in my experience there are few, if any, approaches and processes that are as encompassing, simple yet profound, practical, and portable as the Inner Bonding process. DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP ME TO BE LOVED BY GOD? builds on Dr. Paul'sother 6 books that have so much to teach about one's relationship with self, others, and Spirit. Yes, there are many books and people and therapies and techniques out there promising us love, success, happiness, etc., but my whole world -- self, family, friends, career, spirituality -- is different because one of Dr. Paul's books literally dropped in my path 8 years ago. We live in times that are often filled with much conflict and pain, but also have so much potential for soul growth with new ways of learning to bring the best of ourselves to ourselves, to others, to the planet. Margaret Paul's work is a powerful tool for transformation. You owe it to yourself to read this book!

Nancy Weston,Inner Bonding Facilitator

READER'S COMMENTS ABOUT "HEALING YOUR ALONENESS" "I've spent most of my life searching, without even knowing what I was looking for. I went through many modern therapies and eastern spiritual systems, but they never made a lasting impression. However, reading "Healing Your Aloneness" made something resonate within me. I finally understand that within me (and within many others), there is some kind of rift, an empty place where the heart ought to be. All issues are the result of this rift, this lack of connection between head, heart and emotions. I want to establish this connection, I want to learn how to love myself. Thank you for showing me the truth."

Rik VerlE
Antwerp, Belgium

I read "Healing Your Aloneness" because my daughter asked me to. She felt it would help me understand the type of therapy she was involved in and give us a common language that might improve the quality of the communication between us. I am so very glad I followed my daughter's lead. This book taught me the Inner Bonding process in such a beautiful way, with moving stories from the lives of some of the authors' clients. It helped me see that, in responding to my daughter's wounded Inner Child, I was in "Intent to Protect" my ego instead of "Intent to Learn" about my daughter's pain. I thought I was helping to heal the gap between us by the things I said to my daughter. But what I learned from the non-judgmental way the authors helped others understand how a "Loving Adult" relates to a wounded "Inner Child" showed me why she stayed distant. Now, when my daughter talks about her wounded Inner Child, I have the awareness and the tools to let her know I hear her heart. We are not home yet, but the gap is closing. My daughter now knows that she can trust that I love her, that I will "hang in there" with the healing process and that, if she lets me know what her Inner Child needs, I will try my very best to provide it. "Healing Your Aloneness" gave me another gift. It helped me get in touch with and listen to my own Inner Child. He is seven. His name is "Billy," He, too, has wounds that have not healed. He, too, is angry at me for not listening to him, for not being there. I am continuing to bond with him from my "Loving Adult." He is so bright, so wise, so needy, so capable of joy. I love that little boy and he too is beginning to trust that I do. I am grateful that the authors have put the Inner Bonding process in a book that is such a joy to read. Reading it has not only helped me have the loving relationship I so wanted with my daughter, it has helped me to love myself.

Bill Dallavo
Molalla, Oregon

Just wanted to say "hello" and note that Margaret Paul (with some help from Anne Wilson Schaef and Pia Melody) have changed my life (and it doesn't stop). About five years ago a friend gave me a copy of "Healing Your Aloneness," and, apparently, it was my time to be open to grace. I read slowly; actually, prayed and processed each paragraph, frequently stopping to identify, and to notice how a particular truth or passage was actual in my own life (method, process, relationship, style of life,etc.) Wow!

David A. Mills,Lawyer

I am so thrilled at the difference reading this book [Healing Your Aloneness] has made in my life. I have learned the key to finding true happiness and joy for myself. The information in this book could make a dramatic difference in everyone's life. I strongly support the amazing concept of Inner Bonding as described in this book. It works!

Melissa McGavin
Los Angeles

READER'S COMMENTS ABOUT "INNER BONDING" Not for the faint of heart and NOT just for women only! Margie Paul's Inner Bonding concepts and theory is a difficult BUT worthwhile journey. You've got to learn to love the one you're with AND that one is YOU! Don't let the Inner Child and loving Adult throw you off, keep at it, it works!

A reader from Los Angeles

As both a clinical therapist, and a person searching for continued growth - I found this book [Inner Bonding] easy to read, insightful and applicable to real life situations. I read a lot of books, and this was one of the better ones.

A reader from Nashville, TN

Not a book [Inner Bonding] about blame or woe is me! A very balanced view for working with our inner responsibility for where we are in the present and where we want to be in the future. It does not focus on the "poor baby" syndrome and assign blame to others. It helps to identify reasons why we are where we are, but then strongly encourages self responsibility. An excellent book for anyone wanting to grow and take charge of their own life!

A reader from Pennsylvania

READER'S COMMENTS ABOUT "THE HEALING YOUR ALONENESS WORKBOOK" This book puts you in a direct line for recovery from abuse and addiction issues. It's intensive and requires a sincere willingness to grow emotionally and spiritually. If you are looking for practical steps that will move you into a deeper relationship with self toward healing, this book will take you there. It's the next best thing to actually taking the Inner Bonding seminar.


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