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I have clarity about the abuse I've done to myself and the control that my wounded self has had over my life. I now have compassion for myself and my inner child. I now know what my inne child needs and have the tools through Inner Bonding to connect with myself and take loving actions.' 5-Day Intensive, 10.15 - Loveland, CO

Nina McNeill,Health Coach

"I want to thank you Dr. Margaret and the Inner Bonding group for all of your help and effort. You are the reason I figured out my problems and feelings I had with myself that I couldn't understand. From God's will, I've learnt A LOT about my feelings because of you. I felt really empty and hopeless a few months ago, then I came across one of your articles. Since then, I'm learning and healing everyday. I will continue to explore myself through self-help and visiting Inner Bonding. Thank you so much. I'm so glad I coincided with Inner Bonding."


"For personal transformation, I cannot recommend the Inner Bonding process highly enough.  Although I have been a serious Buddhist practitioner for over 20 years and have worked with psychotherapists, 12 step programs, and other healing paths, I found myself repeating emotional, relationship and career patterns that were not creating joy or harmony in my life.   Although I understood on an intellectual level my family of origin issues, I just couldn’t seem to shift the energetic patterns that created codependency, work addiction, anxiety, survival fear, and lack of self-love.  Inner Bonding is a practice that has completely changed my ability connect to a loving internal energy source.  The key is in the practice, a deceptively simple 6 step process where one learns to connect to one’s thoughts and feelings as a loving adult with the intention to learn, inviting a higher consciousness to assist in understanding oneself, and taking loving action.
"I could not be moving through a recent very painful relationship breakup with the tenderness and love I feel for myself without the practice of Inner Bonding, the online classes that I have taken (details below on each one) and the support of the Inner Bonding community.  I cannot express the depth of gratitude I have for the work of Drs. Paul and Chopich in bringing this transformative healing path to the world."

Cheryl Gibson

i've had incredible moments of connection and grace of late, as well as synchronicity and oneness and i've felt so incredibly grateful that inner bonding  came into my life. I feel like it's the best thing that ever happened to me.

When it came into my life i was looking for something to make me feel 'better', but now I realise that's only the start and the path inner bonding put's you on is way more profound and meaningful than I could ever have possibly imagined. I feel it has completely changed my view of life, the universe and much more besides, and it gets deeper and deeper and deeper. Obviously there are lows still, but i'm trying to welcome them and i feel like I learn and grow each time they come. Working from 'in to out' has such a powerful effect on the world around you, it's really magical.


Thank you so much for providing the teleseminars. The subject this week is one I deeply resonate with and I found the content and various dialogues to be of great benefit to me. I was helped to understand certain ideas and concepts of Inner Bonding in a deeper way. I am so grateful for how your books, website articles, teleseminars, etc., continue to provide insight and help me to understand and be more at peace with my internal emotional world. My confidence in parenting my wounded children and the satisfaction and safety I experience from that has grown exponentially since I learned the steps and applied them to my life. Inner bonding has been one of the most important missing links to resolve a lifetime of emotional pain and sometimes torment. I am so much more at peace with my formative years since I learned it is my responsibility (which I gladly accept) to provide loving, acceptance of myself as a loving adult parent. Who knew one could have such a rich dynamic relationship with oneself? Thank you so much for the wonderful difference you have made and continue to make in my life.


Hi, Margaret.  I feel impressed to remind you how very much I appreciate all the work you do to help people overcome their false beliefs, step into their power, and claim their own voice of mastery.  There is no more precious or efficacious gift one human being can bestow upon another.  When I contemplate the mission you've chosen to undertake, and the personal benefit I have enjoyed as a result, it brings ease to feeling, believing, and experiencing that I am totally supported by a loving Universe. You've provided a living model of that pattern for the 20+ years I've been privileged to partake of your wisdom and compassionate service, and I appreciate you VERY much.  How rewarding it must be to consistently add positive value to life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Linda Quest

After doing Inner Bonding for several years I am making connection with myself and spirit top priority for the first time in my life.  I went from being repulsed by my inner baby to comforting her with love and kindness even during social situations and workplace challenges.  Simple pleasures and art projects are bringing us joy and I have also been able to quit pot and alcohol.  The most powerful part of IB for me is taking responsibility for my feelings.  I consult a lot of spirituality and self-help, but IB is my core guidance.  The simplicity, clarity and depth of IB help give structure to my chaotic and cyclical ponderings so that I am beginning to heal and find inner solitude.  I feel better about life than ever before - thank you Margaret and Inner Bonding!

Val Dudley

"I have always looked to new information, new tools & relying on things external to myself to bring about happiness & overcome obstacles and addictions from the past. Whilst they have all made a difference to living life, none were as deep and truly loving as the inner bonding process.  I now have access to a new way of healing myself. There's always been a part of me that has always known the way but needed to be shown 'how' - simply put the inner bonding process shows you the how."

Daniel Balacco

"That shift from control (it has many disguises including super-niceness, "figuring" out why someone else did whatever, etc.) to intent to learn has been like a huge door opening for me. This work makes more "sense" than any book, idea, seminar, guru or model I've ever experienced. Truly my "higher power" has led me here and I am deeply grateful."

"Your work is revolutionary and just what the planet needs right now."


Jim Broughton

"Inner Bonding® is empowering - what better effect can a teaching have?  I have never benefited very much from any other teaching - but actually with Inner Bonding® I find I am benefiting more from all teachings… Your work is a beacon."

Val Dudley

"I believe this Inner Bonding work is one of the most valuable tools for enriching our lives available today."

Bob Trask,author and keynote speaker

I've recently "completed" the 7-day introductory IB Lessons and Village trial. I single out the word "completed" because it's actually the beginning of a never-ending process, of learning and growth.

Nothing -- no other process, no studies, no counseling, no spiritual quest, nothing -- has ever impacted me so much. The shift inside me is palpable; I can feel huge, positive changes "clicking" into place.

I feel the Love of God. There's no elaboration possible, really. I've heard about it, studied it, reached for it -- grasped at it -- it's always eluded me, until now. Even just this very brief exposure to the IB teachings has been completely life-altering. Which is notable, to say the least, for someone who's been as desolate at heart as I have, for so long.

All I can say is Thank You. Pretty small words, for such a big gift.



Coby Gordon

"Thank you so much for your teachings, they are changing my life. I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 11 years and this teaching is allowing me to integrate the teachings of that material in a real life way. Thank you."

Jackie Parkinson,Psychotherapist

"I wanted to let you know that Inner Bonding has made an incredible difference in my life. Your books (Inner Bonding and Healing Your Aloneness) have led to transformation in me. As a result of the personal growth I have experienced, I have been amazed to find that every one of my relationships (work, parent, child, romantic) has undergone a transformation as well. I have found that as I have healed me, these hurts have healed in my relationships.

"I have spent the last 20 years searching for a way to heal my life. I have read (literally) dozens of books, done affirmations, tried therapy and worked endlessly to grow past my childhood. It was not until I connected with my own child inside and became a loving adult that I received the benefits of all of the other work I had done on myself. It has been like an avalanche of joy and abundance broken loose by the Inner Bonding process. This level of sheer pleasure in being alive every day - the gratitude that is my every breath was not possible without your help."


Amber Sonne

“All my life I always felt something was wrong with me and I felt very alone. I tried all kinds of therapies throughout my life (I’m 58 now), everything from encounter groups, primal screaming, to Hakomi, treatment centers, Terri Kellogg, intensive ACOA treatment, Hoffman Quadrinity Process, to Avatar, to private therapists and counselors, to 12 Step groups, to religions, to the Course in Miracles. Although I felt relief in all of them and it kept me going, I was always left with me, the woman who never feels good enough, feels alone and lonely, very knowledgeable and educated, but still unworthy, and did I say alone and lonely? Yeah, that continued. I didn’t know how to end the torture of being me. I blamed it on my abusive childhood and most of all on me for being a loser and screwed up. Inner Bonding is the first therapeutic intervention that has taught me how to love myself. It is a ‘simple process’ but not easy. But now I know I have a model of recovery, of self-love that does work and will work if I work it.”

Barbara Green,Mental Health/Addictions Counselor
Williams Lake,BC

"I tell everyone about Inner Bonding.  It sort of flips some of the ways of being in the world on it's head.  I've been into spirituality and personal growth since reading Gary Zukav's Seat of the Soul at 14.  I'm a certified somatic therapist, and have done numerous workshops, types of therapy,  and retreats.  Inner Bonding was truly the missing piece for me.  Even though I had done psycoscophy and worked with subpersonalities and inner child work, nothing simplifies it or is as empowering as Inner Bonding…. I really, really would like to see the word get out about Inner Bonding and it be taught in AA, NA, Unity Church, and any and everywhere that people are ready and open to healing… I have woken up in the middle of the night and been unable to go back to sleep chronically off-and-on for 12 years.  Inner Bonding is totally healing me!! I've been sleeping all though the night."

Karen Dean

I have met with Nancy Swisher and find Inner Bonding a very moving and spiritual event that every one should be part of. My inner child keeps getting stronger every day. Keep on doing what you are doing and enjoy what Inner Bonding can bring to you.

George Jacoby,student of Inner Bonding
East Haddam,Connecticut

Inner bonding in general, has been a refining tool. After much experience with effective traditional therapies, I use inner bonding to empower myself, and to develop spiritual guidance. It is particularly helpful when traditional cognitive therapy reaches its maximum effectiveness for me and I still need "more". In addition to using a rational, analytical approach, as does cognitive therapy, inner bonding transcends the rational mode by engaging and encouraging spirituality, whatever that may mean for any given individual.

Cher Gunderson,Speech-language Pathologist
Green Bay, WI
(920) 437-1027


770 251 3864

Recently I find visiting the site connects me to Spirit which is a wonderful support to my practice - as well of course as just feeling wonderful! Perhaps a cyberspace version of the joy of IB-Disneyland described above :)

April Patterson

You know how everyone says life is difficult? Even in Inner Bonding people say, "Oh, life's still difficult." That used to really frustrate me. I was afraid that difficult meant unending misery, and I was trying to avoid that at ALL costs! So when I was introduced to Inner Bonding I thought, "This is it! This is how I can fix my life and it won't be difficult anymore." Well, life still IS difficult, but now when difficult feelings come up, I can actually feel them, and I no longer believe I will be swallowed whole by them. I've also learned that they pass rather quickly. My feelings are no longer in control of me. Instead, they are a part of my life. Now my life includes more joy, learning, and understanding. I love my life; I love learning about myself, and others. And I love feeling; even difficult feelings.

Carie King,Tutor and Educational Counselor
Santa Fe, NM

The weekend before I went on vacation I attended an innerbonding support group. The facilitator had a new puppy and when she put him in his kennel he statred to cry. Everyone in the group had different feelings listening to the puppy cry. She asked us to close our eyes and send the puupy some healing energy and thoughts to calm him. Within minuets he was quiet. While I was on the plane going on vacation there was a little girl about 3 years old behind me. She wasn't very happy and was crying and kicking my seat. Normally I would have been really bugged but I remembered the puppy and asked my friend Cindy to help me send some loving calming energy to the little girl and we did. Within minuets the little girl calmed down and I didn't hear from her the rest of the trip. I'm so glad I've discovered the healing effect of positive loving energy.

Brenda Spaude

Because I have a horrible habit of gaining weight when I travel, I frequently check my weight before I leave home so I can see "how bad it is" when I return. On this outing to the Santa Fe Intensive, I actually lost 10 pounds while I was away. Further, I have lost an additional 10 pounds since I returned. I don't seem to be "doing" anything to accomplish this. I pretty much eat whatever is at hand and sounds appealing at the time that I am hungry. Funniest thing though, I am rarely actually hungry and when I do eat, I only consume about one-half "fist-full." And foods that used to appeal to me no longer have much attraction. I find that if I crave anything, it seems to be a salad or piece of fruit. Obviously, my appetite is down and my desire to eat is down. I just don't want to eat very much. In examining this, I find there is another compulsive behavior which I have also abandoned and two others which don't hold much interest and, even if I get into them, don't hold my attention. I am reminded about what they say in AA, "it may not make you sober but it sure messes with your drinking." I haven't conquered all addictive behaviors but it is sure difficult to pursue them and pretend I am not acting out in an addiction! Inner Bonding and it's 6-Steps seems to be changing my life about as dramatically as it was changed when first began to pursue the 12-Steps of Recovery. It is influencing how I spend my time and whether I feel that an activity is actually "worth" my energy or would rather put my time on something different. People who know me remark that "something is different." People who see me say I am more calm, less driven. People who talk to me on the phone say there is a level of excitement in my voice they haven't heard before. I know that this is just a beginning for me. I know that this is all still new. I accept that some of this may be the "pink cloud" but it feels pretty solid and real. I think this is because instead of having a sense of having "given something up" I am feeling that I don't have a need for it anymore. No doubt you have heard all this many times before so the info probably isn't anything new. My purpose is to let you know that it is still happening and I am thrilled.

Marti Neal,Psychotherapist
Salem, Indiana

As I've been frequenting the Inner Bonding web site, I'm connecting with like-minded people who are always eager to talk about the tremendous healing we're all creating for ourselves. Of course, support groups and one-on-one IB sessions with friends are extremely helpful. But the power of IB-ers gathering SOCIALLY surprised me this past weekend. When we realized there were at least SEVEN of us at a performance here in the Pioneer Valley, one of my friends turned to me, her face bright & full of joy, exclaiming, "My inner children are HAVING A BLAST!" There's some indescribable power in knowing that you're "hanging out" with more than a handful of people who understand and are invested in this tremendous healing process! It's a glimpse into what it would be like to LIVE and play, day in and day out, with IB-ers, not just pre-arranged gatherings to do the "work." It's like IB DISNEYLAND! *Coming soon to a community near you!* (Or move here to the Pioneer Valley.)

Carie King,Tutor and Educational Counselor
Santa Fe, NM

If you're willing to get in there and do your healing work, there is no better tool to guide you than Inner Bonding.

Kate Reardon,M.S.W., LCSW

Inner Bonding is the greatest process ever! Margaret Paul is an inspired genius! Does this sound a little too effusive? Well, yes, probably I am biased because I am an Inner Bonding facilitator, but let's put the chicken before the egg here: I trained to become a facilitator after I experienced the huge difference the process made in my life, and as I witnessed the enormous changes in myself and others who used the 6 Steps. I wanted to bring to others what Inner Bonding and Margaret Paul brought to me. So if you are serious about healing yourself, if you really mean business when it comes to changing your disfunctional behaviors, if you really want a method to engage productively in conflict with others, then jump on the Inner Bonding train. The destination is your own, and the journey is well worth it!

Nancy Weston,Inner Bonding Facilitator

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