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Connecting With Guidance is Simple, But Not Always Easy! 02/06/2023 07:49 AM
Controlling With Sweetness 02/06/2023 07:48 AM
Empty Nest Syndrome 01/30/2023 07:20 AM
Do You Experience Divine Love? 01/30/2023 07:20 AM
Welcoming our Disowned Parts 01/23/2023 09:40 AM
Who is Responsible for Attending to Your Feelings? 01/23/2023 09:39 AM
Some Important Understandings About Relationships 01/16/2023 08:06 AM
The Spiritual Journey 01/16/2023 08:05 AM
Relationships: Kind and Accepting or Controlling? 01/09/2023 07:30 AM
Is Resistance More Important Than Loving Yourself? 01/09/2023 07:30 AM
Healthy Conflict Resolution 01/02/2023 08:27 AM
How to Heal Resistance and Procrastination 01/02/2023 08:27 AM
Who do you Want to be this Holiday Season? ? 12/27/2022 04:17 AM
Addiction to Caretaking 12/12/2022 08:33 AM
Discovering Your Controlling Behavior 12/12/2022 08:33 AM
Expectations in Relationships 12/05/2022 06:48 AM
Addiction to Activities 12/05/2022 06:48 AM
Relationships: Control or Kindness 11/28/2022 07:18 AM
Healing The Backlash of the Threatened Ego Wounded Self 11/28/2022 07:18 AM
Giving Love, Getting Love, Giving to Get Love 11/21/2022 07:03 AM
Victim Anger, Authentic Anger 11/21/2022 07:03 AM
Beyond Victim Pain, Embracing Authentic Pain 11/14/2022 07:27 AM
Compassion For Yourself in The Face of Another's Anger 11/14/2022 07:26 AM
Beyond the Authority of the Critical Voice 11/07/2022 06:22 AM
Are You Raising Disrespectful and Controlling Children? 11/07/2022 06:22 AM
Acting Enlightened as A Spiritual Path 10/31/2022 06:58 AM
Are You Addicted to Connection? 10/31/2022 06:57 AM
The Challenge of the Spiritual Journey 10/24/2022 07:04 AM
Why Are There So Many Overweight Kids? 10/24/2022 07:04 AM
Who Or What Is Your Source of Love? 10/17/2022 08:30 AM
The Power of Creativity to Connect You with Your Guidance 10/17/2022 08:30 AM
What Creates Self-Worth? 10/10/2022 07:04 AM
Spiritual Bypass: Using God to Avoid Responsibility 10/10/2022 07:04 AM
Addiction To Negativity 10/03/2022 07:42 AM
How Children Learn to Love Themselves 10/03/2022 07:41 AM
Happy And Sad at The Same Time! 09/26/2022 07:01 AM
Frustrated That Your Partner Tunes You Out? 09/26/2022 07:01 AM
Feeling Safe Through Kindness Toward Yourself 09/19/2022 07:30 AM
What Does It Mean To "Have Faith?" 09/19/2022 07:30 AM
"Am I Being Too Picky Regarding a Partner?" 09/12/2022 06:39 AM
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The desire to control and not be controlled is so great in many people that it often overrides caring about self and others. When you feel pulled at by someone to do what they want, do you go into automatic compliance or resistance? Next time you feel the pull, stop and ask yourself, "What is in my highest good, to do what this person wants or not?" This way you are making your own choices rather than being controlled by the other person or by your resistance.



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