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How To Shift from Your Wounded Self into Your Loving Adult 06/17/2024 04:02 PM
Holding Your Inner Baby 06/17/2024 04:02 PM
Do You Have a Loving Inner Father? 06/10/2024 09:20 AM
Heartache and Hope: The Challenge of Loneliness 06/10/2024 09:19 AM
Are You Afraid to Be All You Can Be? 06/03/2024 12:30 PM
A Paradox: Gain Control Through Giving Up Control! 06/03/2024 12:30 PM
The Wanting Mind Can Block Joy 05/27/2024 09:18 AM
You Take Your Suffering with You 05/27/2024 09:18 AM
Teaching Your Wounded Self a Positive Form of Control 05/20/2024 05:59 AM
Spiritual Connection and Your Vibrational Frequency 05/20/2024 05:58 AM
Step 1: Willing to Take Responsibility for Your Feelings 05/12/2024 07:45 PM
What a Loving Adult Does with Substance Addictions 05/12/2024 07:45 PM
Sharing Your Feelings: Controlling or Loving? 05/06/2024 06:16 AM
Love and Goodness and Comfort Are Always Here for You 05/06/2024 06:15 AM
Self-Medicating with Food 04/29/2024 05:59 AM
Inner Bonding and EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique 04/29/2024 05:59 AM
Managing Abuse Memories 04/22/2024 02:34 PM
Learning to Stay in Our 'Right Mind' 04/22/2024 02:33 PM
How To Speak with Your Inner Child 04/15/2024 06:09 AM
Devotion Leads to Discipline 04/15/2024 06:09 AM
Do You Give from Your Heart but Resist Receiving? 04/08/2024 06:15 AM
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Health 04/08/2024 06:14 AM
Are You Being Controlled by a Fear of Being Controlled? 04/01/2024 04:04 PM
Financial Success Through Creativity Rather Than Competition 04/01/2024 04:04 PM
Losing Friends When You Are on A Healing Path 03/25/2024 11:29 PM
Why Blaming Sometimes Feels Good 03/25/2024 11:29 PM
Reactivity in Relationships: Overt and Covert 03/17/2024 08:52 AM
When You Say You Are 'Fine,' Are You Really Fine? 03/17/2024 08:52 AM
If Affirmations Are Not Working for You, Here's Why 03/11/2024 02:51 PM
What Do Anger, Blame, and Judgment Do to You? 03/11/2024 02:51 PM
Can You Have What You Want? 03/04/2024 06:00 AM
Soul Connections 03/04/2024 06:00 AM
Are you Advocating For Your Health and Wellness? 03/01/2024 12:56 PM
Appreciating Your Partner 02/28/2024 12:43 PM
Intent: A Secret to Manifestation 02/26/2024 05:26 AM
Surrender: Losing Yourself or Gaining Yourself? 02/26/2024 05:26 AM
Are You Sexually Repelled by Your Partner? 02/18/2024 09:04 AM
Resistance: A Block to Love and Spiritual Guidance 02/18/2024 09:04 AM
Are You Organizationally Challenged? 02/12/2024 06:13 AM
Are You Trying to Control Your Partner's Feelings? 02/12/2024 06:12 AM
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We don't surrender to Spirit because we have hope in having control - over people, outcomes, and our own feelings. Today, notice how often your thoughts turn to, "If I do this, then this will happen." "If I say this, then the other person will react in this way." Our hope of control is very deep, but it will never bring us true peace and safety.



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