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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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"The intensive provided a wonderful and authentic experience of being in a healing community, with the work facilitated by a true Elder, Margaret, whose laser like compassionate inquiry was frequently utterly transformational, and always wise, insightful and loving. Shifts occurred in people’s self views, their understanding of their challenges, their connection to their True Self, the boundaries in their life, the true causes of their suffering; the list could go on. Margaret is a true Elder, guiding people to the truth of their life. I felt fully seen, held and loved. It was the most useful inner work I have done. "

Dr. Craig,Psychologist (children and schools)

"I really liked the zoom intensive. Inner Bonding is by far the most effective form of therapy that I have ever experienced.  Dr. Margaret Paul is a superb facilitator who is very present for each individual and she creates a very safe space to open up and share your feelings and experiences.  I am so grateful for this work and I look forward to my next intensive."


“Attending intensives for me offers one of the most profound learning and transformative experiences I have ever come across in this field. There’s literally nothing like it. 

"Previously as a participant, and now as a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator and regular assistant to Margaret on her Intensives. I get to witness and support the deepest level of change work of it’s kind. I literally see people break out of repeating patterns that have been deeply held in place for years (often in a matter of days) and learn how to truly love themselves. It’s amazing and such a sacred privilege to be a part of.

"From a professional perspective observing Margaret work with people in these intensives is always a master class and provides ongoing training. This deepens my fluency with the process and supports my ability to go even deeper, both in my own personal growth and by helping me to be most effective when working with clients in my own coaching business.

"If you’re reading this and wondering if you should attend one I really encourage you to do so, you won’t regret it”.

Victor Granville ,Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator

"The on-line Three-day Intensive is SO worth the time and money!  Margaret Paul is just as effective and loving on-line as she is in person--after all, she’s channeling Spirit!  In my work with her, I received not just break-through understandings of why my specific problem has been plaguing me my whole adult life, but a simple but perfect action I can take to resolve it."


"There are no words to describe the power of the intensive workshop experience. To me, it made the difference between understanding the process intellectually and experiencing the transformation. I personally made a breakthough in recognizing my resistance to taking responsibility for my own feelings. I learned that sacrificing myself, and making others more important than myself, is actually a selfish controlling behavior, because I am trying to control how others perceive me. And what I thought of as selfish behavior, if I truly listen to my spiritual guidance, is actually letting myself soar in order to reach the potential of what I was put on this planet for. Wow, thank you Margaret.

"Doing this work as a group is so incredibly powerful, We experienced learning by becoming vulnerable in a safe and loving environment. Zoom was great. We connected and learned from each other. The time flew and we all felt it was hard to end the shared time together. "

Catherine Schulz,Physician

"This being my first Inner Bonding experience, I was a bit apprehensive and yet my longing to find peace and freedom for myself made me also curious and receptive to learning. For the past thirty years I have tried countless healing modalities, never giving up on the thought that there must be something out there that will help me find the peace I so desired. Through Inner Bonding I now understand myself, my behaviors and my part in my relationship dynamics. The other experiences gave me pieces but Inner Bonding gave me the whole puzzle put together. I also got a step by step process to support myself along the way.

"The dynamic of the intensive is set up that you get to work one-on-one with Dr.Margaret and also you get to see each of the other attendees do their work with her. I could see myself in each person’s process. It was as if I was having 30 + sessions. This being able to see and observe others stories helped me to view my own behaviors through their life experiences.  

"I have found the freedom I have been searching for my whole life. I finally know for the first time, what is truly loving to me. The bond I’ve made with my group is a lifetime bond. I’ve found a family in Inner Bonding, one that is supportive, loving and willing to support me through life’s challenges. This to me is priceless. My search is finally over."


"I enjoyed the sharing in the group and the deep process with Margaret. This was for me very helpful deepen my connection with my Inner Child, strengthen my Loving Adult and get more trust in my Higher Guidance. 
The format with meeting on Zoom helped me to integrate the learned in my daily life. 
Overall it encourages me to go on further on my path to love myself more and more."


Markus Dietrich,Mental Health Nurse
+41 77 443 10 56

"Having studied Inner Bonding for close to a decade now, I’m constantly amazed how every time I attend an intensive [even one on Zoom], I learn how much deeper I can go in this work to grow my Loving Adult and to live a life of peace, and joy, instead of fear, anxiety and sadness.

"Attending a 5-day intensive with Dr. Margaret Paul is always phenomenal and uplevels your practice of Inner Bonding and your capacity to grow a Loving Adult with your Guidance in the most powerful way possible. 

"What's especially amazing about doing a VIRTUAL intensive, is not only do you get access to some of the best IB facilitators who are able to join from all parts of the world, as well as the company of phenomenal other participants from all corners of the globe who might not otherwise have made it, but you also have the opportunity to VIDEO RECORD your sessions with Dr. Margaret Paul. The value of this added benefit cannot be underscored enough. As you watch the replay of your Zoom recording, you can watch your face as you move into your Wounded Part, and as you open to learn with guidance. And as a result you can literally SEE yourself in the process of self-abandoning or opening to learn, moment by moment. There's no greater gift in my mind you can give yourself than this - the priceless gift of Dr. Paul's always spot-on insightful feedback, coupled with the recording of yourself and your habitual ways of moving from indulging your Wounded Selves to then moving into your Loving Adult with Guidance. And the feedback on WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR ESSENCE from Margaret and the other participants is priceless.

"My IB practice is up levelled at least 200% every time I attend an intensive. And while they're virtual, they're a steal without the costs of flights or room and board. Plus you get the benefit of bringing into the sessions actual real-life events going on with your family, friends, colleagues or lovers, so it's super powerful real-time practice. 

 "So if you're even considering deepening your journey to mastering self love, run, don't walk to join Margaret's next intensive, either virtually or in person. You will thank yourself for a lifetime that you did. "


Anastasia,Relationship Coach

"Amazing experience. Life-changing. This is the process to move out of our own way, past our baggage, and into the life and light we want.  (Virtual 5-Day Intensive)

Kelly R.

"This [virtual] intensive, was a very deep journey into my childhood. I loved the way Margaret lead me to that point with care, with love , with compassion, and patience. I love that we all could take our time with no pressure to get what we came to get. Also congratulation to a very nice team of Facilitators that showed the possibility for us to leave with this habit. Thanks Jane and Victor."

Steve Lalanne,Spiritual Entrepreneur
Dominican Republic

"I very much enjoyed the Zoom intensive. Offering some of these via Zoom may allow people with more limited funds access to help they really need. I wouldn't mind experiencing the retreat center in Loveland, but right now at this time, saving those funds was very much appreciated. Thanks so much for doing these!"

"I attended Margaret’s 5 day intensive via zoom. I found this intensive course extremely healing. By watching other people’s works I was able to recognise the wounded parts of myself. I have a very strong and controlling part of myself due to severe long term physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual trauma during my childhood and adulthood. After attending the intensive I’ve found a huge shift in my growth and healing. My addictions are starting to calm down, I’m eating so much healthier and all my food is now organic. My health is improving at last. 

"My relationship with my inner child Meli has improved significantly, when my wounded self wants to protect, control or avoid, I now I’m able to change my intent by becoming a loving adult for Meli by sitting on my WS, I’m now able to deliver boundaries with my wounded self. My new dedication is now to love Meli.  

"I have a huge connection with guidance that I call God of love, my connection to God has doubled  and my frequency has raised. 

"I’m highly intuitive and psychic, again I’ve found the my intuition and psychic abilities has tripled after this intensive. 

"Margaret is an extremely patience person, has a beautiful heart and so dedicated to her clients and participants. I feel safe and I trust Margaret fully. Margaret has the strongest connection to her guidance that I’ve ever seen or known. Margaret is highly skilled with dealing with severe trauma. 

"I would highly recommend this course either via zoom or face to face, I’ve attended both, doesn’t matter how many intensive courses  I’ve attended I’ve always learnt something new and my growth has improved. I would happily attend another intensive via zoom from the comfort of my home." April 2020

Melinda Griffiths ,Intuitive/Psychic Empath coach, Reiki Master and Animal Energy Healer
Denver, Colorado

"The [virtual] intensive was actually a very energizing experience. I learned that I was settling for less than I wanted for my life. That patterns of behavior are just that, patterns and that can be changed if I make the decision and take the actions to do so. "

Mary Conlon

On the first night, I was able to work with Dr. Paul as she worked me through the six steps of inner bonding.  The experience has helped me realize how to access my inner child as I would my adorable loving daughter.  It was a moment of clarity for me.  I cannot wait to continue practicing Inner Bonding.  Dr. Paul has an energy you can feel. -2019


I am currently 64 years old. I have attended traditional therapy off and on through the years.  I can honestly say that these experiences never gave me a sense of completion. Something was still missing.  My boss at work gave Margaret’s Paul’s book “Diet for DIvine Connection”. The process of understanding and applying the Inner Bonding techniques finally gave me a sense of understanding and completion. I was finally winning my battle over addiction.  Then the 5-day Intensive brought everything together for me.  To share experiences and struggles with others was monumental!  I am still connected with my Inner Bonding group.  We meet on a call once a week.  This process has truly changed my life and the lives of people around me.  If you want answers, read her book and take her classes!  You will experience peace for the first time in your life.

Mike,Operation Manager
Long Beach

The word intensive is an authentic description of the experience.  The cost in dollars is a pittance to the cost of living my life in the state of the wounded self.  Peace, joy, fulfillment; is within all of us and with Inner Bonding and the guidance of Margaret I was able to rediscover what has always been there.  Her kindness, compassion, wisdom and love from her to each and everyone of us in the group.  A genuine life-changing intensive experience.  April 2019

David T,Physician and CEO

Great experience! I signed up for this intensive and did not know what to expect. What happened was 13 people from all walks of life came together as strangers and left 6 days later as connected friends. Each person shared their individual history at their level of vulnerability with Margaret as she lead them into an inner bonding process in a group setting. Each person in the group had an opportunity to work individually 4 to 6 times. The work produced meaningful healing changes in me and the way I love and nurture myself. We also shared healthy meals together and had plenty of breaks.



Ever after experiencing different therapies in the past, the Inner Bonding experience with Margaret went above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. It touched on so many aspects of my life that have been keeping me blocked from being able to get past traumas in my life as a child, but to also know how to protect myself from difficulties I maybe faced with in the future. I will continue to protect my inner child and love her and never let anyone ever make her feel that she is anything less than a smart, talented, caring, considerate, generous and beautiful inside and out. Everything was wonderful. The facilities and setting were perfect!

Evette,Patient Advocate/Cancer survivor speaker

The Inner Bonding Intensive has really enabled me to understand myself on a much deeper level and my relationship dynamics. I feel so grateful and blessed to have worked with Margaret and Winnie- They are both truly incredibly insightful people.


I can honestly say that the intensive was life changing. Despite an extremely long list of books, retreats, therapists, you name it, true self-love has remained elusive. I'm not sure I truly understood the concept or the courage requited to find it. Margaret compassionately and firmly helped me, find that courage, heal my blockages and embark on a path towards truly knowing and cherishing all of my being.

Sumit Kapur,Figuring it out

"This intensive for me was a breakthrough in understanding deep-rooted issues I’d been carrying inside most of my life, which were crippling me and keeping my wounded self in charge… It’s freeing and liberating to be able to give my inner child a voice at last."  10/2018


"This was just what I needed- a process to deal with my daily life- to be good to myself, improve my health and return to my true self.  I really appreciate the “false beliefs” which I was living by.  I am very excited to raise my vibrations!!!

Love Margaret and the group!  It exceeded my expectations."  10/2018

Diane P ,Nursing
Denver, CO

"The experience has been truly life changing at a core level.  I feel like I finally understand myself and where all of my problems stem from.  Getting to the root of the problem and knowing how to help myself is so empowering.  It’s such a better way to live by learning to take care of yourself and to realize that you only have control over yourself.  Learning the tools of Inner Bonding gives you freedom to be happy and to love deeply!  My life will be forever changed and I am so grateful for Margaret’s wisdom."  10/2018

Suzy Robertson,Natural Health Teacher
Mountain Green, UT

"You will meet an incredible group of like-minded people that inspire and encourage you on you healing journey.  Margaret has a gift, and even just a short time in the “hot-seat” with her can change and shift so much inside."  10/2018

Jane Forkea,Horse Healer
New Zealand

"I highly recommend learning about and attending a workshop with Margaret.  The healing model and practices work!  You will learn tools that can lead to greater joy if you apply them."  10/2018

Shawn ,Executive

"My experience is that I was held in a deep loving place. So that I could open up and clear and learn deeply about my wounded parts and how to lovingly embrace and heal them.  Margaret is a miracle role model for me of how it can be when I let go and let God, true love, and magic flow through.  She has such a soft, gentle, loving presence."  10/2018

Maria Edit Antal ,Artist, Dancer, Teacher

"When I came to the Intesive I had this sadness i was avoiding - I just wanted to get off the planet. Inner Bonding Intesive helped me uncover the reasons why. Since I've tried this belief for most of my life - being intesive with the compassion and love that surrounded me - i learned how to care for myself. Dr Margaret comes with wisdom, unconditional love and truth. If you are ready to take responsibilty for youre life, to fall in love with your essence, then this is for you. Inner Bonding is a safe place to learn and grown." 4.18.18

Kimberly Rich,Floral Designer

"What else can be said but that Intesives are instensive! I received help as each person chose to work one-on-one with Margaret, and then as I chose to work myself. I am so gratefule to have a more intimate connection with my inner child and to understand more fully the reasons my wounded seld wants control." 4.18,17

Suzi Keown,Chaplain
+317 523 5833

"This has been the most wonderfull intesive yet. I have attended several intesives and each experience has deepened my connection to my inner child and developed loving adult. I dont know where I'd be today without this deep and profound healing practice." 4.18.18

Penny Piazza

"It is hard to convey in words the depth of work I and other were able to do on the instensive. I had been "practising" Inner Bonding for the last few yeards via the online courses. Now I feel I am really practising Inner Bonding with so much willingness to be present for my little girl, and to celebrate her essence that I had abandoned for so long. Big gratitude to Dr Margaret for this amazing course." 4.18.18

Louise Carroll,Medical Doctor

"This was my second intensive workshop with Margaret. I appreciated it more than the first one. With the help of Margaret and Stel I identified a few points which were preventing me from remaining in contact with my Inner Child. I could clearly put my finger on some obstacles to daily love and being loved. I also learned a lot by listening to whatever the other participants were helped with. The sharing with the people of a same apartment was most beneficial. The natural environment was most conducive to inner and spiritual work. I am sure I will now be able to continue to serve the people the Lord sends me to with a deeper joy and happiness, spreading around His unconditional and gratuitous love for all." 4.18

Michel Côté,Catholic Priest with the Missionaries of Africa
+265 99 158 7555

"The Inner Bonding experience was life-changing for me. I have practiced Inner Bonding and inner child work to little avail for many years. In the Intensive, I learned to understand these concepts experientially in a way that I can incorporate into my life. I feel a new deep sense of hopefulness moving forward." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Liz, Phd

"With each Intensive I am more and more amazed at the wealth of information I walk away with. It's priceless and life changing." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Cindy Shore

"Wonderful!" Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Steven Shore

"The unveiling of my inner self has set me free. My Inner Bonding work has been life changing and life keeps getting better and better." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Penny Piazza,Business: Aunt Penny\'s Boutique Personalized Embroidary Gifts

Going to an Intensive is really a great way to see/experience the Inner Bonding process (with yourself and seeing it done with other in the group). It was amazing to feel/see/notice my reactions/my internal dialogue – how it affected me physically. You really get to notice and feel what is going on internally while you are in the present moment. It really gave me a better understanding/grasp of how to do the process and be in touch with myself. If you are open to feedback and learning about yourself, it’s very beneficial.

Suzanne Puna,Administrative assistant

"Margaret’s Inner Bonding Intensive was life-changing, and let me explain.  I’m not using that as a platitude.  What I mean is that applying her divinely inspired process to one’s life actually changes everything.  Through Inner Bonding we are given the tools to develop an incredibly powerful and loving relationship with ourselves.  We open to our innate beauty and tenderness and our deserving-ness of love and care.  We develop a strong, healthy self-advocate who goes after our dreams, believes in ourselves, and creates magic.  AND we connect deeply to our guidance, that wise voice inside that has profound answers for us. WOW! The experiential nature of the program makes sure we both experience and anchor these transformations right then and there, giving us a newfound tool belt for weathering the complexities of life with grace and joy.  As a professional in the coaching / transformation field, I have pretty high standards (lol). I was honored to have been facilitated in such deep healing work, and new adventures abound in my life!" 10.17  


Barb Wade,Speaker, Author, Coach
Fort Collins,CO

"After years of depression, anxiety and stuckness, I feel hope and joy and an understanding of how false believes mar my relationship with myself and others. In a very deep applied way – not just a cognitive understanding. I have a heart base understanding now and know how to activate self connection, rather than self-abandonment, blame and shame." 10.17


"During the intensive, my true self, the pure and innocent child, became so clearly apparent and vivid and now he is a part of my daily life - no longer neglected. This experience has truly changed my being and life." 10.17

Mike Devine,Farmer
Ventura Co.,CA

"I've been practicing Inner Bonding for 3.5 years. This was my first Intensive and I wasn't really sure what I would get out of it. It turned out to be a really affirming and healing experience in a transformative and life-changing way in the most positive, loving and accepting environment. I would highly recommend a 5-Day Intensive to anyone - no matter where you are in your journey to healing." 10.17

Jennifer Brownlow,Software Quality Assurance Analyist

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