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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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Ever after experiencing different therapies in the past, the Inner Bonding experience with Margaret went above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. It touched on so many aspects of my life that have been keeping me blocked from being able to get past traumas in my life as a child, but to also know how to protect myself from difficulties I maybe faced with in the future. I will continue to protect my inner child and love her and never let anyone ever make her feel that she is anything less than a smart, talented, caring, considerate, generous and beautiful inside and out. Everything was wonderful. The facilities and setting were perfect!

Evette,Patient Advocate/Cancer survivor speaker

The Inner Bonding Intensive has really enabled me to understand myself on a much deeper level and my relationship dynamics. I feel so grateful and blessed to have worked with Margaret and Winnie- They are both truly incredibly insightful people.


I can honestly say that the intensive was life changing. Despite an extremely long list of books, retreats, therapists, you name it, true self-love has remained elusive. I'm not sure I truly understood the concept or the courage requited to find it. Margaret compassionately and firmly helped me, find that courage, heal my blockages and embark on a path towards truly knowing and cherishing all of my being.

Sumit Kapur,Figuring it out

"This intensive for me was a breakthrough in understanding deep-rooted issues I’d been carrying inside most of my life, which were crippling me and keeping my wounded self in charge… It’s freeing and liberating to be able to give my inner child a voice at last."  10/2018


"This was just what I needed- a process to deal with my daily life- to be good to myself, improve my health and return to my true self.  I really appreciate the “false beliefs” which I was living by.  I am very excited to raise my vibrations!!!

Love Margaret and the group!  It exceeded my expectations."  10/2018

Diane P ,Nursing
Denver, CO

"The experience has been truly life changing at a core level.  I feel like I finally understand myself and where all of my problems stem from.  Getting to the root of the problem and knowing how to help myself is so empowering.  It’s such a better way to live by learning to take care of yourself and to realize that you only have control over yourself.  Learning the tools of Inner Bonding gives you freedom to be happy and to love deeply!  My life will be forever changed and I am so grateful for Margaret’s wisdom."  10/2018

Suzy Robertson,Natural Health Teacher
Mountain Green, UT

"You will meet an incredible group of like-minded people that inspire and encourage you on you healing journey.  Margaret has a gift, and even just a short time in the “hot-seat” with her can change and shift so much inside."  10/2018

Jane Forkea,Horse Healer
New Zealand

"I highly recommend learning about and attending a workshop with Margaret.  The healing model and practices work!  You will learn tools that can lead to greater joy if you apply them."  10/2018

Shawn ,Executive

"My experience is that I was held in a deep loving place. So that I could open up and clear and learn deeply about my wounded parts and how to lovingly embrace and heal them.  Margaret is a miracle role model for me of how it can be when I let go and let God, true love, and magic flow through.  She has such a soft, gentle, loving presence."  10/2018

Maria Edit Antal ,Artist, Dancer, Teacher

"When I came to the Intesive I had this sadness i was avoiding - I just wanted to get off the planet. Inner Bonding Intesive helped me uncover the reasons why. Since I've tried this belief for most of my life - being intesive with the compassion and love that surrounded me - i learned how to care for myself. Dr Margaret comes with wisdom, unconditional love and truth. If you are ready to take responsibilty for youre life, to fall in love with your essence, then this is for you. Inner Bonding is a safe place to learn and grown." 4.18.18

Kimberly Rich,Floral Designer

"What else can be said but that Intesives are instensive! I received help as each person chose to work one-on-one with Margaret, and then as I chose to work myself. I am so gratefule to have a more intimate connection with my inner child and to understand more fully the reasons my wounded seld wants control." 4.18,17

Suzi Keown,Chaplain
+317 523 5833

"This has been the most wonderfull intesive yet. I have attended several intesives and each experience has deepened my connection to my inner child and developed loving adult. I dont know where I'd be today without this deep and profound healing practice." 4.18.18

Penny Piazza

"It is hard to convey in words the depth of work I and other were able to do on the instensive. I had been "practising" Inner Bonding for the last few yeards via the online courses. Now I feel I am really practising Inner Bonding with so much willingness to be present for my little girl, and to celebrate her essence that I had abandoned for so long. Big gratitude to Dr Margaret for this amazing course." 4.18.18

Louise Carroll,Medical Doctor

"This was my second intensive workshop with Margaret. I appreciated it more than the first one. With the help of Margaret and Stel I identified a few points which were preventing me from remaining in contact with my Inner Child. I could clearly put my finger on some obstacles to daily love and being loved. I also learned a lot by listening to whatever the other participants were helped with. The sharing with the people of a same apartment was most beneficial. The natural environment was most conducive to inner and spiritual work. I am sure I will now be able to continue to serve the people the Lord sends me to with a deeper joy and happiness, spreading around His unconditional and gratuitous love for all." 4.18

Michel Côté,Catholic Priest with the Missionaries of Africa
+265 99 158 7555

"The Inner Bonding experience was life-changing for me. I have practiced Inner Bonding and inner child work to little avail for many years. In the Intensive, I learned to understand these concepts experientially in a way that I can incorporate into my life. I feel a new deep sense of hopefulness moving forward." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Liz, Phd

"Wonderful!" Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Steven Shore

"With each Intensive I am more and more amazed at the wealth of information I walk away with. It's priceless and life changing." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Cindy Shore

"The unveiling of my inner self has set me free. My Inner Bonding work has been life changing and life keeps getting better and better." Advanced Intensive, 11.17

Penny Piazza,Business: Aunt Penny\'s Boutique Personalized Embroidary Gifts

Going to an Intensive is really a great way to see/experience the Inner Bonding process (with yourself and seeing it done with other in the group). It was amazing to feel/see/notice my reactions/my internal dialogue – how it affected me physically. You really get to notice and feel what is going on internally while you are in the present moment. It really gave me a better understanding/grasp of how to do the process and be in touch with myself. If you are open to feedback and learning about yourself, it’s very beneficial.

Suzanne Puna,Administrative assistant

"Margaret’s Inner Bonding Intensive was life-changing, and let me explain.  I’m not using that as a platitude.  What I mean is that applying her divinely inspired process to one’s life actually changes everything.  Through Inner Bonding we are given the tools to develop an incredibly powerful and loving relationship with ourselves.  We open to our innate beauty and tenderness and our deserving-ness of love and care.  We develop a strong, healthy self-advocate who goes after our dreams, believes in ourselves, and creates magic.  AND we connect deeply to our guidance, that wise voice inside that has profound answers for us. WOW! The experiential nature of the program makes sure we both experience and anchor these transformations right then and there, giving us a newfound tool belt for weathering the complexities of life with grace and joy.  As a professional in the coaching / transformation field, I have pretty high standards (lol). I was honored to have been facilitated in such deep healing work, and new adventures abound in my life!" 10.17  


Barb Wade,Speaker, Author, Coach
Fort Collins,CO

"After years of depression, anxiety and stuckness, I feel hope and joy and an understanding of how false believes mar my relationship with myself and others. In a very deep applied way – not just a cognitive understanding. I have a heart base understanding now and know how to activate self connection, rather than self-abandonment, blame and shame." 10.17


"During the intensive, my true self, the pure and innocent child, became so clearly apparent and vivid and now he is a part of my daily life - no longer neglected. This experience has truly changed my being and life." 10.17

Mike Devine,Farmer
Ventura Co.,CA

"I've been practicing Inner Bonding for 3.5 years. This was my first Intensive and I wasn't really sure what I would get out of it. It turned out to be a really affirming and healing experience in a transformative and life-changing way in the most positive, loving and accepting environment. I would highly recommend a 5-Day Intensive to anyone - no matter where you are in your journey to healing." 10.17

Jennifer Brownlow,Software Quality Assurance Analyist

"During the Intensive, I was introduced to my core self/inner child in a dream. She is not who I thought she was. I long for her and adore her. She is my treasure. I look forward to taking her hand and teaching her to walk, showing her off with pride, and holding her close. It's life changing." 10.17

Elizabeth Earley,Writer
San Diego,CA

"Margaret Paul's wisdom and experience is amazing and incredible to watch from an observer's point of view as well. This experience was an important, if not essential part of learning the Inner Bonding process." 10.17

Ted Tang,Chiropractor
Jefferson City,,MO

"Attending this intensive allowed me to really focus in and take time to find an hear my inner child. Now that I know her a little better I feel more equipped to connect with her throughout my day. I am also better able to recognize my feelings and what I am doing that is causing them. I feel more whole after completing this intensive." 10.17

Shaelene Ashby,Clinical Research Director

So wonderful and helpful to me.  Deep appreciation and gratitude for giving me a path to heal and take care of myself.

Chauncey Kupferschmid,Sales
Montclair, NJ

Amazing to do this work in person and with a group.  Dr. Margaret is a phenomenal facilitator.  I have benefited from all the courses I have taken - and especially appreciated the in-person experience.

Lucy Tims,Teacher

Margaret is always a rockstar.  She sees right into our souls and helps us see us for who we really are.

West Palm Beach, FL

It was a reconnection experience, a deep and healing reconnection experience.  One of the best healing practices I have done in my life and I recommend it to everyone.  Margaret is an exceptional human being and spiritual being and she generously shares her gifts with humanity.  I feel really blessed of having the possibility to work with her.

Natalia Negueruela
Buenos Aires
+54 91139023766

Margaret is the most talented healer on the planet today.  If you are serious about healing yourself and our world, you should go to her intensive.

Pamela L,Software
Greenwich, CT 06830

It is a wonderful, precious experience to be able to connect with the pain and heal it with love.  There are so many other insights on how I can now make my life be full of joy and peace.

Denise Dziwak,Coach and Speaker
+51 958478597

The intensive was truly an invaluable experience.  Here Margaret goes very deep into the Inner Bonding process and there is ample room for individual work.  I felt deeply supported when doing my inner work both by Margaret and the group.  There’s a depth of connection with myself and God that I now leave with to support me to further integrate these principles into my life.

Victor Granville,Certified Relationship Coach
+44 7956409606

A very loving, safe environment to share your deepest fears and support to feel through your pain and learn how to love yourself and have compassion for your pain.

Tracy May
Fort Wayne, IN

My time here has changed my perspective on moments that have shaped me. I discovered feelings, beliefs, and views that I never would have had I not attended.  The intensive has answered questions that I have had my entire life.  It was an invaluable experience.  But you have to be ready to learn and grow.  If you aren’t open, it won’t work.

Elizabeth Rouse
Gig Harbor, WA

When I was given “Healing Your Aloneness”, I knew I found, finally, hope.  After having zero hope for 25 years, I needed to absorb this process properly and I wanted to start now!  Suffering from anxiety and depression, I pushed myself to take loving action and just get me to Colorado.  I was nervous, but I knew in my heart that I had nothing else to lose.  The support and love I experienced at the intensive was something I’ve never experienced before.  Everyone from different backgrounds dealing with so much similar pain.  Learning from each other in this safe place has been life changing.  I’m so excited to continue my Inner Bonding journey with Margaret, my new friends, my loving adult, and that precious little child.

It’s just so special that Margaret is sharing this gift with the world.  What an incredibly large light in such a small package.  I am so thankful for her and this experience.  I will be back.

Los Angeles, CA

Bonafide Transformative Experience!  True exercises in self-exploration within an atmosphere of authentic safety.  Dr. Paul’s unique process of Inner Bonding to identify what doesn’t work in a well lived life is sheer brilliance!  Empowerment comes from learning to be and do better in a fun-loving self and group supportive format.  An intensive experience in self growth to treasure for always.

Lisa Jenkin,Human being in transitional evolution
Lancaster, Ontario

The 5 day intensive has been the most healing experience of my life.  I’ve worked with a mentor for 4 years and benefited greatly, but this is where it all really came together. From the love and support of Margaret, Shel and the other participants, to the wisdom learned, from the role modeling given of how we can honor our inner child, develop our adult selves, and go to our guidance, to the healing natural surroundings – it has all come together.  I want to come back every year!  I feel such a sense of hope and peace that I can go back home and take this love and healing with me. I have the tools now - NO DOUBT.  Now I plan to have God go with me and help me do this work.  I am never going to be alone.

Susan Stringham,Hospice Nurse
Randolph, NJ

I think the intensive was transformational for me.  I am 63 years old, but feel I am born again with love for myself and others.  I am so looking forward to the rest of my life and what it will bring.

Mark Bult,Pain Management Physician
Springfield, MO

Margaret creates a safe and powerful space to practice Inner Bonding with others committed to transforming and living as love.  If you are ready to make an inescapable stance to love your essence and live in the true safety only God and your own mature loving adult can provide, this intensive is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Margaret’s clarity, compassion, playfulness and fierce love imbue each moment with meaning and purpose – even during the inevitable intensity and pain that arise when we meet the wounded self and core feelings of the inner child.  Safe, deep, fun and transformative.  Thank you.

Christina Bethell,Professor, Child Health, JHU; Director, Child and Adolescent Health Initiative
Baltimore, MD

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We don't surrender to Spirit because we have hope in having control - over people, outcomes, and our own feelings. Today, notice how often your thoughts turn to, "If I do this, then this will happen." "If I say this, then the other person will react in this way." Our hope of control is very deep, but it will never bring us true peace and safety.



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