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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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'It was an incredible experience of growth, learning and healing.  It was so important for me in terms of breaking through my denial, and to be able to make that commitment to myself to being loving.  What I liked most about the Intensive is that it is life-changing when I apply all the tools that I've learned.  The intensity of the personal experience in addition to learning from others' experiences allows for deep healing and transformation.  Some benefits of the Intensive are seeing tremendous role modeling of being a Loving Adult.  It is a safe, loving community that is formed.  You are able to create life-long connections and relationships with like-minded individuals.  I feel such gratitude for Margaret and this experience - what an incredible gift!' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.2011

Lauren Cammack,Occupational Therapist

'For me the Intensive has absolutely sealed that the Inner Bonding process always works as long as you do it and live it every moment - and you always have a choice!  What I liked most about the Intensive was learning from the stories, experiences and sessions of the group.  I also thought the format of working on the floor was very grounding and really helped me to access my emotions and Inner Child. I would absolutely recommend the Intensive.  It has been one of the most profound experiences of my life and I know I will draw on my learning here for the rest of my life.  Margaret, thank you for changing my life.  I am looking forward to the next chapter now that I feel so connected and committed to my daily practice.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 2.2011

Harriet Farmer,Medical PR

'Wonderful, life-changing experience and information.  I will definitely do it again. Advanced Intensive, NY, 11.10

Steven Shore,Businessman

'The one on one time with Margaret that characterizes the Intensives is amazing.  The learning that goes on while I spoke with Margaret, and while watching others' process is great.  I feel much more tuned into my feelings, much more willing to care for myself and value myself, and much more aware of my intention and my frequency.  I am learning not to judge myself or control my process, but just to be open and in touch with my Inner Child.  I want to learn not teach, be loving not judge, and to value my Core Self.  Thank you, Margaret, for encouraging my journey!' Advanced Intensive, NY, 11.10

Marty Franchot,Teacher

'It never ceases to amaze me the depth of wisdom, the compassion and the learning that takes place in the Intensives.  This is my fourth Inner Bonding experience with Margaret, and it has been wonderful and life-changing.' Advanced Intensive, NY, 11.10

Kim Taff,Therapist

'This Intensive is life-changing.  What a gift to learn that controlling everyone & everything is not my job.  But to value & love myself & to have faith in myself & the universe is all it takes.' Advanced Intensive, NY, 11.10

Cindy Shore,Inner Bonding Facilitator-in-Training
New York,NY

'Wow!  Finally able to accept when my Dad died, it was his time to go & nothing else. The group was a great mix of people, which allowed me to learn about me in many areas of my life.  Margaret's gift of tuning into each of us was phenomenal.  I also was appreciative of Ilene's insight & caring spirit.  Thank you from Little Linda & Adult Linda.  Sophia Peace Center & the caring people who took care of us was PERFECT!' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Linda VanAuken,Addiction Counselor
Fort Wayne,IN

'Knowing that at any moment, I can choose to be loving to myself, regardless of what is happening around me, brings such a sense of peace and deep gratitude.  This is the best gift I've ever been given and the best part is that I gave it to myself!' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Michele Tenor,Sr. Admin Assistant
Green Bay,WI

'I always considered myself a spiritual person who was deep & connected, but it wasn't until I attended Margaret's Inner Bonding Intensive that I uncovered the depth of my disconnect from Spirit, my Inner Child and core feelings.  A tremendous weight has lifted from my head & heart and I feel more inspired & empowered to make the changes my true self has been crying out for.  I had a powerful moment of connection while working with Margaret, and now have a process to integrate my entire life with my own truth.  I cannot recommend the Intensive highly enough.  I achieved everything I hoped for, despite my initial resignation and cynicism, and the loving relationship I now have and can develop with myself is priceless.  Thank you Margaret for showing me the miracle I am.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Michael Dixon,Musician
0412 062 446

'After years of self-help techniques, reading material and workshops, this course is unique in that it brought clarity and an almost instant recognition and inner attunement to my Inner Child.  I am confident this course material will help accelerate my path and progress in becoming the person I was always meant to be.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Kathleen Airth,Veterinarian

'The knowledge I gained is life changing.  It has given me a whole new way to work with my wife on our relationship to make it stronger and more complete.  It has given me an approach to make me a better more complete person.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

David Airth,Financial Planner

'This was my first Intensive & found it to be a very safe space to help break through our limiting beliefs & barriers.  The energy of the group was very caring & I found everyone in attendance to be genuine.  Tears & Fears do surface but Margaret's technique in helping us to see the real person behind the fears is extremely powerful.  For me, personal healing & closure with many issues are resolved & will continue to as I continue to practice Inner Bonding.  This isn't a 'quick fix' system, yet a lifelong process.  Attending this Intensive got me directly to the root of many things I was in conflict with.  I would highly recommend attending an Intensive for real, serious, deep, intense conflict resolution & healing.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Judy Squires-Gleason,Sales/Marketing
Upstate NY

'This was a wonderful five days of getting to know and nurture my Inner Child.  I learned concrete tools to live my true path, establish better boundaries in my relationships, and find my life's purpose.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Gabrielle O\'Sullivan,Family Doctor

'I have had a deeply profound experience of reconnecting with my purpose in life after a period of being off track in midlife.  This experience has given me the freedom to re-create my life, career and relationships with heartfelt joy and guidance from a wiser sense of my self.' Colorado Intensive, 10.10

Deborah Lange,Consultant
+61 418833889

'This was my second Intensive, and it brought me to a place of peace even faster than my first one.  I was able to stay present for most of the week and sustained a feeling of pure joy for hours on end.  Nothing is more fulfilling than truly seeing your own essence.' Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Derek Childs,College Student - age 19

'I would like to say that one Intensive is never enough…it isn't that each Intensive has enough information and healing, each one worth years of therapy, but each Intensive serves for a deeper understanding and connection with self and others.' Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Suzi Korsak,Commercial Real Estate

'Attending the Intensive helped me heal a part of me that always longed to let myself belong.  Belong to myself and belong with a group.'
Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Lori Atkinson,Instructional Designer

'Simply…awesome.  This was the 3rd Intensive I've attended and that in itself showed me how much growth and permanent healing has happened with me.  If you have not been to an Intensive and are at all interested in being happier and a better person, I highly recommend it.  Margaret's program goes beyond anything you can imagine.  It goes to healing the planet.' Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Alan Wakefield,Assoc. Engineer
Santa Clarita,CA

'The learning has been profound.  Learning how to connect with my Spiritual Guidance to take loving actions for myself so my true essence can shine in the world.  Thank-you for sharing your learning, Margaret.' Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Deborah Lange,Social Ecologist
+61 418833889, 08 72000100

'I've known about my Inner Child for 20 years, but never knew how to incorporate loving my child every day.  I feel I have a foundation to build on now that I have attended this 5-Day Intensive, thank you Margaret for your love & support.  
If you want to be free and have joy in your life, take the challenge and attend a 5-Day Intensive.' Colorado Intensive, 6.10

Karen Harding,Director of Operations
Colorado Springs,CO

'Wonderful, awaking experience for personal, spiritual and emotional growth, reconnecting core values of family tradition and particularly one's own soul.'      Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Chunguang Chen,Physician

'I had the experience of accepting and loving myself unconditionally, bringing me great joy and a new sense of freedom inside my being.  With this new way of being, I can now see actions towards others causing resistance and conflict that I had thought were loving, were actually controlling, and I am now committed to letting go of control and sharing my joy with others from unconditionally loving and accepting myself.'    Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Deborah Lange,Health and Wellbeing Coach
South Australia
+61 (0) 8 7200 0100

'The Intensive has been such a wonderful and healing experience for me.  The loving, caring and open environment has helped me to open up to deep pain and supported me in healing those wounds.  I learned so much about the Inner Bonding process by working directly with Margaret and by observing her work with other participants.  This has been an incredible five days and I hope to be back soon to help me deepen the process.'     Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Stefanie Nesmith

'Profoundly transformational both from a personal and spiritual side.  The experience has filled a deep emptiness in my life that stemmed from childhood.  I have learned to uncover the specific events and how they have impacted my development as a person.  Inner Bonding has set me on a path toward healing and wholeness personally and spiritually.  Dr. Paul's approach is absolutely thorough and focused with a powerful intent to effect change and healing.'   Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Stanley M. Gordon,Retired Dentist

'I experienced what it felt like physically, emotionally and spiritually to shift from the intent to control to the intent to love.  I know that if I can do it once, I can and will continue to practice this forever!'  Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Dona Lofland,Psychologist
Eden Prairie,MN

'Being fairly new to Inner Bonding (1 month), I couldn't have asked for any better learning tool than an Intensive.  Watching 11 other people learn from their experiences through Inner Bonding was invaluable.  Not to mention how much more intense your own one-on-one sessions are in a group setting.  The 5-Day Inner Bonding Intensive for me, was 8-9 hours/day of intense communication and learning with my Inner Child through my Loving Adult.'  Colorado Intensive, 4/10

Tommy Kessler,Musician
West New York,NY

'Transforming - awareness of myself as never before in my life.  Unexpectedly loving.  Opened me to go with my dreams and honor them.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010

Stanley M. Gordon,Retired Dentist

'Margaret's great gift is teaching each of us how simple it can be to bring love and healing from whatever our conception of Spirit is into our innermost soul.  Her process is straight forward and easy enough for even a child to master.  Inner Bonding is profound beyond words.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/10

Paula M. Powers,Attorney

'I experienced trauma as a child and I then lived life as a victim.  I lived a life of narcissistic self-loathing.  I don't have to do that anymore.  Margaret Paul is a Master Teacher of Life and words cannot describe what this Intensive meant to me.  What am I worth?  What are you worth?  I hope you think you're worth it to dive into Inner Bonding.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010

Gale McCray,Retired Recreation Therapist

'I came to this Intensive knowing only that I have patterns of behavior that come from a part of me that I didn't know anything about.  Margaret has guided me to see that that unknown part of me is a little girl I abandoned long ago.  She's helped me reconnect with that child in a loving and non-judgmental environment.  It was challenging but beautifully life-changing.'  Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010

Angie Milliken,Actress

'One of the many blessings we have is the availability of choice.  Through choice we have the power of realizing options - and we have many, many options.  Making the choice to embark on the Inner Bonding journey has afforded me the realization of options, options, options.  It is the breath of life!' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010

Jennifer Sewell,Behavioral Health
St. Louis,MO

'I experienced a very loving and healing environment.  This loving support allowed me to explore feelings and painful experiences I have hidden from for most of my life.  I am experiencing openness, release, and more centeredness that I have felt in years.  Come and try it.  You will feel safety and support here.  God loves you always.' Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/2010

Michael Utter,Corporate Director

"My God, and I mean MY GOD is good and this Inner Bonding is becoming like my breath, it moves through me and gives me life, a very good life." Advanced Intensive, Long Island, 11/09

Suzi Korsak,Real Estate
Merrimack, NH

'It was amazingly transformative - safe, grounded, practical, and yet tapping into a depth at personal, transpersonal, and spiritual healing.  Margaret Paul is very skilled and very wise as a therapist yet her work feels truly guided by spirit.  I have done many years of therapy & 12-step programs as well as become a therapist myself & here I was able to access & release some trapped beliefs & trauma that I had not been able to work through before.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Robin L. Richardson,Psychotherapy/Massage Therapist; Performer & Speaker

'The Intensive was such an amazing experience.  To be able to work on intense feelings and gain not only clarity but loving support from others was affirming.  What couldn't be accomplished in individual therapy or time limited groups was available and provided the safety to do so here.  Margaret is amazing and emits such wonderful energy.  I recommend an Intensive to anyone who wants a life changing experience.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Joyce Petrosky,Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

'A wonderful experience - so much valuable learning over the course of five days.  Margaret Paul is unsurpassed in her ability to help participants grow & heal.  Conducted in an atmosphere of the highest integrity, safety and love.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Dr. Ilene Krems,Psychotherapist
Culver City,CA

'Before attending the Intensive I was a little apprehensive about attending.  I can't wait to attend another one, very powerful, insightful, enlightening.  I feel such calmness and a release of anger, anxiety and harshness in my delivery with my significant other .  I feel confident and now have the ability to have total awareness of myself.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

John Wosnak
Culver City,CA

'It was a great experience.  I was able to deepen the process and it gave me deep insight of myself.  I would recommend for everybody to read the book, "Do I Have to Give Up Me To Be Loved By God?" first before going to an Intensive.  The understanding goes so much deeper with all the information from the book.  Or so was my experience.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Karin Gehrig,Accountant

'It was wonderful to spend 5 days with people all intent on their own healing, & supporting & encouraging the healing of everyone in the group.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Kim MacMillan

'Coming to an Intensive was a positive and rewarding experience for me.  I was given the opportunity to work through tough issues I've been struggling with for years in a safe and supportive environment.  If you're already practicing Inner Bonding, an Intensive will deepen your experiences especially with the relationship with your inner child.' Dolores, CO Intensive, June, 2009

Kim Taff,Therapist

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