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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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Margie's work with me and others gave a concrete demonstration on how to connect to Spirit and take loving action. I realized that I saw taking loving action for myself as being selfish. Now I am empowered to know that taking loving action for myself is the very key to being loving to others.

Stephani Victor,Actress, Speaker
Los Angeles,CA

[When asked if the Inner Bonding Intensive was of value to her] Are you kidding? Yes, of course! Being in a group is invaluable. You learn so much from everyone else's work. Somehow God brings all the right people together to touch off all of each individual's issues. Having the support and energy of the group, and a safe place, is an essential ingredient to letting to. [Margaret is] great, compassionate, insightful, gifted. I would and will recommend it to anyone who is ready.

Ilene Weingarten,Entrepreneur
Los Angeles,CA

I am not new to personal growth. The intensive propelled me to a whole new level of understanding myself, my life and what I still need to do to heal. Nothing I have ever done has had as deep an impact on what it's like to be me as did this workshop.

Phyllis Stein,Cardiology Research
St. Louis,Missouri

Inner Bonding is a tremendous tool for the business world. I feel confident and assured that I can go about getting what I need in the work place and being loving to myself and others in the process.

Veni Parsons,Secretary

I feel total freedom...and total freedom is a whole new world for me. Now that I have encountered [Inner Bonding] I can't imagine not doing it. I think the pain would be too intense to bear if I didn't continue this work now that I have found the peace that is possible.

Danna Doyle,Screenwriter
Santa Monica,CA

I learned how important it is to trust God and invite him in every time my Inner Child feels unsafe.

Ann Rosell,Student
Corwin Springs,MT

It gave me answers to the unanswered questions. It is a turning point in my life - for the better.

Raya Johansson,Bodyworker, Zone Therapist

Of all the workshops I've taken on my journey to heal my childhood wounds, this was the most beneficial. As a therapist, I recommend it to my clients and their experiences have been transforming.

Betsy Bradbury,Psychotherapist
Ann Arbor,Michigan

This has been a life-changing experience. It was very valuable because it was instrumental in identifying the root cause of many major obstacles in my life. But Inner Bonding not only identifies the problem but provides a methodical means of solving the problem in a gentle/spiritual/holistic manner. I was also extraordinarily impressed by the possibility of this technique being utilized as a means to overcome the wounds of racism.

Maureen Alphonse-Charles,Consultant

I find it somewhat ironic that I'm writing something that is impossible to articulate. The truth is, the message cannot be conveyed in words. It is an experience. One beyond any I've ever encountered. One cannot accurately describe miracles. You must encounter them first hand. I know that I am still only a short way down this enlightened path, but now it is not a daunting chore, it is a wonderful and exciting journey. I'm going back for more. Life is great.

Bill Lae,Special Visual Effects Director for Television and Film
Los Angeles,CA

For years I wanted someone to hear my pain and my anger. This is the first place I felt safe enough to fully experience both.

Kim Smith,Psychotherapist
Fort Wayne,IN

Probably the best gift I ever gave myself!!! I felt emotional shifts and a sense of peace and freedom on issues I have struggled with all my life.

Bob Ahlmeier,Electrical Engineer
Arlington Heights,IL

Through Margaret Paul's modeling and loving guidance, I experienced the necessary shift in consciousness to connect with my loving Adult, my own Higher Source, my Inner Guidance system. Inner Bonding works. My life, my relationships and my practice are better than ever.

Joyce Martell,Psychotherapist

The changes since the Inner Bonding intensive are fundamental. I'm enjoying the best relationship ever with my spiritual Teacher. The days of working hard to heal my wounds are over. There is an ease to the healing and living process now that is exquisite. As a result of this wonderful inner relationship, my outer relationship is changing. Everything I have dreamed of is becoming a reality just because I'm in love with myself. I feel deeply loved a lot of the time.

Hanna Hammerli,Polarity Therapist

It has brought God back into my life. I feel love for the first time in my life.

Tom Dvorak,Horse Trainer

It taught me a new process of life. A new beginning. A new way to behave, to look at difficulty - at adversity; to live in peace with myself.

Maria Elvira Salazar,TV News Anchorwoman

I cannot recall five days in my life when I have loved more fully, loved more intensively, spoken more honestly and felt a fuller potential of my humanity. And what is most exciting - it is only just beginning.

Joel Brokow,Entertainment Industry Executive
Los Angeles,CA

It was the most incredible experience of my life. I got in touch with more issues in 5 days than in 17 years of prior counseling. The beautiful part is that I have tools that will help me to resolve the dysfunctional patterns in my life.

Ruth Von Schwerdtner,Nutritional Counselor

Inner Bonding has changed my life. I now realize that inside of me and all of us is a beautiful, unbroken, loving, joyous child that can help me to learn who I really am and enjoy life through love. I never had realized how important my connection with God is.

Nancy Anderson,Mainframe Administrator

What I liked best was the comaraderie created through Margie's direction - a real feeling of being in a safe environment in which to explore and grow. What I value most is the new insights I have discovered about my wounded self and how to go about healing my pain. What a great beginning!!

Joyce Sawyer,Caterer, Actress
Los Angeles,CA

The environment was beautiful in its setting and a safe place to do this work. Margie created the safety. The great value is in the recognition of intention to act in a loving and compassionate manner toward myself.

Lydia Prisock,Businesswoman
Little Rock,AR

The intensive is a power pack of love for myself. A place to safely explore, learn and grow.

Serena Lai,Student, psychology
San Francisco,CA

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