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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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"The intensive was a wonderful experience for me of loving exploration. One of the most important things I learned about was how I give up my personal power in various ways through pulling, making someone responsible for my own acceptance and love towards myself, and for the healing of my [inner] children's wounds." COUPLES Intensive - Lucerne Valley, CA - October 2000

Catherine Sacre,Program Manager

"Another step in the ladder of growth. It has given me a handle on working with my resistance that has been a pervasive part of my old self. I am truly grateful to you, Kevin and Lindsay for your work." COUPLES Intensive - Lucerne Valley, CA - October 2000

Carl Spetzler,Management Consultant
Portola Valley,CA

"An excellent tool for breaking the pattern and destructiveness of addiction. In a 5-day period, Inner Bonding helped to heal the wounds that my 17+ years of 12-step recovery haven't reached. There is surely more healing to be done, but I am so hopeful. The process is very thorough. It really works. You'll be so grateful to have tried it." Davison, MI - September 2000

Melanie Morris Sawyer,Land Manager

"Amazing, Amazing! I found an unequaled connection to everyone here, and more importantly, to myself. Thank you so much, Margie. Loved the center! Santa Fe, New Mexico - 4/2001

Kacie Stetson,Writer
Santa Monica,California

"Very safe, loving, nurturing and eye-opening. The experience of each and every person somehow hit home. I will treasure this experience always!" Santa Fe, New Mexico - 4/2001

Carol Day,Real Estate Broker
Santa Fe,New Mexico
800/775-5550 x331

"This has been the most profound experience of my life thus far. Love you guys." Davison, MI - September 2000

Bonnie Jean Cucchi,Landscape Desiginer
Key West,Florida

"My experience of the couples intensive was that relationships begin just with my Inner Child and God. It is very difficult to connect with others when my intention is to have that connection fill a void in myself. There is no point thinking about what you are going to say, when you decide to share your feelings with Margie. For some reason the issues or intentions become very clear when you start the Inner Bonding process. I am very thankful for attending as a couple, and it definitely helped my relationship with Pat because I am now conscious of myself, my child and my spirit." Couplesí ‰ntensive, Lucerne Valley, CA - 8/01

Dee Gronlund,Soul Searcher

"The Intensive was excellent. The dream interpretation alone was worth the cost of admission. Margaret has an amazing ability to defuse a situation and have others open up with an intention to learn and grow. The location is great, the food is delicious, the staff is friendly and the schedule is just right." Lucerne Valley, CA

Robert Corrington,Computer Geek

"I have welcomed the knowledge and the tools to enable me to begin my journey into becoming a more loving adult not only to myself but to others as well. I am seeing things in a different light! This morning I prayed for thy will to be my will and for guidance to actually be thy will. This is the first time I have prayed in years." Lucerne Valley, CA

Becky Felder

"I have come here to find myself. Why have I not known the most basic element of living? - Me. The reason for my confusion - control/resistance. I now have a hands on visceral experience, rather 5 days of getting to know my wounded adolescent and abandoned child. My hurt self has been living in a world that is predominated by addiction, fear, aloneness, and separation from God. The Inner Bonding process has shown that my feelings and spirituality give me the gift to love." Lucerne Valley, CA

A. Eric Schlobohm,Yoga, Healer, Massage, Dancing Liberation Facilitator
Santa Barbara,California

"Absolutely incredible! I've finally broken through the protective layers to the wounded self. Now, the healing can begin! Thank you." Ossining, NY - August 25 - 29, 2000

David Burt,Professor of Business
San Diego,California

"Challenging and invigorating, eye opening and heart opening, authentically loving and fun, life changing and enhancing." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Sheila Mcgarey

"The communal living feels really good - I love that we worked all day. I never felt like I needed more break time because it felt so comfortable to come and go to take care of myself. I love how accessible Margie is - I feel like she is one of us, not one above us, and I appreciate leaders like that - it is wonderful to know that as I continue this process, I become more and more real." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Nancy Cronyn,Psycotherapist

"This has been an extraordinary exploration of my soul. I have followed a circuitous path that has led me to a place of wonder, joy and spaciousness. I have been given the tools to live and am grateful for the opportunity to share my inner life with the life around me." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Debra Meislin,Patent Examiner

"This has been a GREAT learning experience. Not only learning technique, but more importantly learning about myself and who I am and what I need. I feel I am better prepared to walk though life, and am actually looking forward to using my new skills and to continue growing." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Mark Wishner,Sales
Del Mar,California

"This has been a highly unusual experience. The communal acceptance and the facilitator's skill allowed me to do painful work which then freed my creative spirit. I have never felt so able to be myself without being judged. It resulted in high hilarity and leaps forward in growth." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Kate Goldsborough,Retailer
Frauconia,New Hampshire

"I believe my experience of the intensive is going to be life altering. I have learned techniques to help me overcome or at least live with my fear of abandonment and commitment. I feel in my heart and being that it will enable me to be able to be in a true heartfelt relationship. More importantly, a door has been opened where with work I am on the journey to become the woman I am truly meant to be. I am no longer so afraid of the unknown. Thank you for this gift." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Breena Daniell,Self-employed

"This was the right time for me to come - I was able to see and hear my inner child and bring her into conscious awareness. Another wonderful experience was a breakthrough on an image of Guidance as a Loving Hand for me to be embraced by, to stand in, to be sheltered and directed and led by. The energy work the last day was wonderful - I experienced a real release - leaving of old energy stuff. I felt a significant release and a re-energizing of personal power. Thank you for creating a safe place for me to do this work." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Agnes Griffey,Manages Battered Women's Shelter
Fort Wayne,Indiana

"It has been enlightening to reveal parts of myself (mostly wounded) that I wasn't aware of. It has caused me to be responsible to the part of myself I have been ignoring for my entire life. The process I've started to integrate into my life - taking personal responsibility - has started me on a new path in my journey. In 5 days I've been given tools and have had examples of a responsible loving adult self. And I love it." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Larry Penna,Pool and Spa Business Owner
New Fairfield

"My experience was very validating and intense. I saw that I was not regressing as I though I was, but I was really going to deeper levels. Understanding why I didn't trust my own decisions and judgments has been so liberating and enlightening. 'I am the best authority on me.' Margie's peacefulness is so inviting and I enjoy tapping into her wisdom. She shares so freely of herself. She is truly a gift from God. Thank you, Margie!" Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Suzanne Lafleur,Facilitator/ Transcriber
Moose Creek,Ontario

"I felt the intensive brought me in touch with the wounded part of myself - the part that needs care and attention - in a direct, safe, and unambiguous way. I feel I have a new awareness now that will greatly speed the evolution of my soul's journey, and open the door to love and joy on my earthly path as well. The group was great!" Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

John Collinge,Publisher/ Editor

"The intensive gave focus and immediate "feedback" to identifying the wounded child. Not only identifying woundedness in a visual and concrete way, but also the way/path to healing. Many disciplines are called upon in this healing process, the physical, psychic and spiritual. I appreciate the integrity of integrating mind/body/spirit moving quickly into the loving/compassionate adult. Focus on intention is a critical part of true healing." Ossining, NY - August 25-29, 2000

Ann Hartzog Hall,Psychotherapist
Black Mountain,North Carolina

"This intensive provided the transformational opportunity to move through deep, protective layers of pain and reclaim my being - to connect with my core self, truly experience my value and finally allow the love and respect of others into my being. It felt as if it is the beginning of my aliveness. Thank you Margie for your love, patience, intuition and extraordinary skill in facilitating the access to my own power." Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000

Colin Horowitz,CEO
Los Angeles,California

"To say that this was a transformational experience does not begin to describe what occurred. I came to the intensive from a very wounded place and in this loving and nurturing environment, I began to love me and without labor wrote the following: I caught of glimpse of myself in the mirror and then I really looked. I saw me. I really saw me. I am beautiful. I was able to see what others see. My eyes sparkle like magic, my smile has the warmth of a very dear friend. At this very moment, I fully love me! The war is over and I am no longer alone. I did not need to envision myself as the wounded little girl to feel love and compassion. I felt love purely for my essence. Just me. No strings attached, no if only's, no judgements. How incredibly beautiful." Lucerne Valley, CA, June, 2000

Cindy Young,Administration/Social Work
Fort Wayne,Indiana

"For the second time in my life I have felt extremely safe in an environment of love and care. I found myself sharing very intimate aspects of myself that I have never felt safe enough to share before now. Margaret and her staff's deep caring for each individual was most evident and contributed to depth of safety experienced in the group. I began to have an understanding of who I am in the world and it gave me a process to improve how I show up in the world. In my belief system we teach that every person is whole, perfect and complete, but Inner bonding provides the process for realizing one's wholeness, perfection and inner completion. I am deeply grateful for having arrived at this transformational junction on my journey." Davison, MI - September 2000

Angela Davis,Storyteller
New Orleans,Louisiana

"I loved the work that I personally was able to do. What I like about the process is that it provides healing and understanding for all the wounded selves by hearing and feeling them - providing a tool to integrate them and most importantly a way to self love and self care through Spirit. Watching you as a professional was invaluable. I have never witnessed anyone honor individuals in the way you do. It is truly palpable and visible that your work is through spirit. A wonderful example of what our own work can be. Thank you for your genuine love for all of us and the universe. I also appreciated the assistants - supportive - fun - enjoyed dream work." Davison, MI - September 2000

Lee Mohrman,Counselor
Ft. Wayne,Indiana

"The intensive was a safe and nurturing place to explore feelings and false beliefs with compassion. I've explored many healing modalities and the Inner Bonding Process is by far the most comprehensive, effective process for deep, true change. I embrace the process wholeheartedly. The intensive was a wonderful way to experience the power, love and beauty of Inner Bonding - I leave with many tools, experiences and memories that will support me in my continued growth and the growth of my clients." Davison, MI - September 2000

Shelley Riutta,Psychotherapist
Green Bay,Wisconsin

"Extraordinary! Life changing! Attending with my mother was an unbelievable experience. It is changing our relationship (I never thought possible). We're planning to do this yearly together. I can't think of any other place that I could do the challenging work of facing the truth of who I am (all the parts). A truly sacred place for a sacred journey." Lucerne Valley, CA, June, 2000

Susan Rosenstein,Student and Mother
Santa Monica,California

"When I called Margie's office, Jan said, 'This is a life-changing experience,' At the other end of the phone, I thought, 'Yeah, right.' How do you change a 42 year old habit of being angry all the time in 5 days? I was in pain, so I came. I found out it wasn't about changing or fixing what was wrong with me. It's about embracing all of me, with courage, compassion, and love. I came alone. I'm going back home with a beautiful inner child who brings me wisdom, love and joy, and who is me. This has been phenomenal, and I know my life is forever changed." Lucerne Valley, CA, June, 2000

Marcia Tribolini,Business Owner

"I came to the intensive seeking the keys I needed to go forward on my spiritual journey of reclaiming and healing my inner child, of bonding my soul and my Higher Self. In these 5 days I was helped to see particular parts of my inner experience, to which I've been previously asleep. I feel as if new pieces of my puzzle have been revealed, have been put into place. I can see another section of the picture, and feel empowered to go forward into new chapters. It has been priceless to experience this for myself, and to share with the friends I met their own similar, yet unique experiences. I have not encountered as powerful a healing technique anywhere else!" Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000

Patrice Kaufman,Writer

"A warm, nurturing, loving experience. A safe place to open to your deepest fears, wounds and loneliness and walk away feeling whole, nourished and totally peaceful. It was time to connect with myself and spirit and really see the truth of who I am - who God created me to be." Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000

Ginger Dixon,VP/Real Estate Investment
Los Angeles,California

"I felt very safe. I had my cute and fun sides reflected back to me. I needed to see these authentic reflections in order to see myself. I leave this intensive knowing I have gained a great deal. After all the atoms realign themselves, I will be much more whole. I feel this process occurring. I feel more centered, more joyful and hopeful that I can leave here an deal with important challenges and relationships in a healthier way." Lucerne Valley, CA June, 2000

Leitha Spetzler,Past R.N and Past Preschool Teacher
Portola Valley,California

"The Couples Intensive helped to melt, unlock, unfreeze my pain and facilitated and supported my decision to take 100% responsibility for my own feelings. It led me to the antidote for the sickness of blaming." Lucerne Valley, CA, August, 2000

Jonathan Dariyanani,Venture Capitalist
Santa Monica,California

"I found the process to be extremely safe, accepting and loving. I believe it brings together many things, parts, pieces and theories and learnings that promote great change in a far greater way than any other venue I've found to date. Margie embodied the essence of accepting and honoring each individual without any judgement or hint of rejection. Not only did she offer a safe atmosphere for growth, she personally provided a safe 'holding' that allowed me to claim all that is good and mine." Davison, MI - September 2000

Lynn Taylor, MS LCSW, LMFT,Family Relations Division-Juvenile Probation
Ft. Wayne,Indiana

"Well done. I appreciate my personal work - a great opportunity for a therapist to do my personal work and to observe and learn. A unique opportunity to learn to connect to a 'Spirit Guide' and how to use it well. Margie, your calm 'stick-to-it-tiveness' helped me feel I could really get what I wanted. Your explanations and teachings brought safety and a sense of enlightenment to the room. The accommodations and food and surroundings were a delight." Davison, MI - September 2000

Joan Soble,Psychotherapist

"I wanted to wait for a week after I finished the intensive to write this as I wanted to reflect on my experience and not just write while in the 'glow' of the moment. Happily, that 'glow' has continued to be with me. At the intensive I faced some very core issues that were blocking my personal and spiritual growth. The love, support, and help from Margie, Nancy, Kelly and the whole group allowed me to access these issues and develop the tools with which to resolve them. I am so grateful for the experience. Although I know I still have a lot of work to do, the Inner Bonding Intensive has made a profound difference in my life. I cherish the new friends I found there, including myself. When I read the testimonials on the web prior to attending, I thought they were perhaps a little exaggerated. I was wrong - there really is no way to express with words how incredible the experience was. A big smile and a huge hug might be a start." Los Angeles, Feb. 2000

Susan Connor,Vet
(425) 778-6363

"I believe it was one of the most moving, intense moments that I have ever experienced in my life. I think the whole planet should experience this. It would really have people look at themselves and treat others in a more humane way. Thank you very much, Margie." Lucerne Valley, CA, May 2000

Timothy John Boerger,Musician
Ft. Wayne,Indiana
(219) 471-8278

"Inner Bonding offers a safe and loving place to explore and get rid of beliefs and actions causing us pain and allows us to become the special loving people we were meant to be." Davison, MI - September 2000

Marty Schoeff,Retired Educator

"The intensive was totally a magical experience. The love and compassion that developed so quickly, as well as the group's ability to resolve conflict is such a loving and positive way, was remarkable. I made lifelong friends and really feel much more aware of my true self and of feeling loving towards myself. I also will do more of these - it's really the best "vacation" I have ever had!"

Sharon Kane,Business Manager
Los Angeles,California

"I can't [share my experience]. I also can't share my experience of the ocean, the stars, my love for my children, my parents, my wife, my self." Los Angeles, March 2000, Couples Intensive

Rick Sharp,Teacher
Manhattan Beach,California

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