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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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"Before you book your next vacation or purchase that luxury item - invest in going to an Inner Bonding Intensive. It's life changing at its best!" Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04

Cindy Shore,Happy Mom
New York,New York

"The best thing I've ever done for myself. It has evolved my soul. Truly miraculous!" Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04

Cynthia Collins,Skin Care Clinic Owner
Walnut Creek,California

"Both Judy and I rediscovered our abandoned Inner Children while we were participating at the Inner Bonding Intensive in Santa Fe. The added bonus was finding our power again. This has been an amazing process both individually and as a couple. Margaret Paul has been miraculous as the leader and co-founder of the Inner Bonding process. This process has allowed me to realize that I can be in a relationship without losing myself." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04

Art Ross,Real Estate Broker/Shopping Center Developer
Westlake Village,California

"Finally, after years of having relationships end the same way with the same problem (intense fighting and thinking the other person is the problem) and ending up alone, I finally was able to see myself and how I was contributing to the problem or how my way or being was activating or contributing to the result of separation. I see that I was addicted to anger, and I was looking outside of myself to validate who I am. I know and will take the time to love and take care of myself, and that anger is my addiction and not the solution." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04

Michelle Ota,Mortgage Broker
Del Air,California

"I have enjoyed attending Intensives in the past on my own - attending with my partner was an even more rewarding experience since I was able to observe our system and my role in it. As well, we now have a shared experience and vocabulary to work through our challenges together." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/04

Liz Radzick,Management Consultant

"[The Intensive] is a personal experience and group process where you can be in touch with yourself and others in a powerfully healing way. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again! I learned so much from witnessing others, as well as doing my own work. It's a good way to access your feelings and the messages they are giving you, and find the support and guidance you need in the moment, at any moment." Santa Fe Intensive, 5/04.

Naomi Roen
So. Burlington,Vermont

"In a supportive and loving environment, I was able to explore my thoughts, behaviors and intentions when in relationship to myself and others. The Inner Bonding process offers a way to freedom, clarity and joy. If you are ready to take full responsibility for yourself, open to what is possible for you and experience an Intensive." Santa Fe Intensive, 5/04

Karen L. McGinn,Logistics Manager
San Anselmo,California

"The intensive was one of the best things I have done for my well being and personal growth. I wish this method to learn about ourselves and love was in the schools and churches." Santa Fe Intensive, 5/04

Tom Hillenbrand,Jeweler/Musician

"This intensive was a major gift and turning point in my life. Watching Margaret Paul was so confirming, affirming and such a tremendous role model for pure consistent, unconditional love without a shade of judgment." Santa Fe Intensive, 5/04

Patricia Bruno,Businesswoman

A transformational experience, beyond any previous therapy. Each intensive that I attend allows me to move closer to achieving my full potential. Inner Bonding is the key to successful relationship. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to participate in this safe, loving, learning experience. Margie is a dedicated teacher, with a wonderful gift to share. 2003

Enid Kessler,Interfaith Minister/Addiction Counselor
New York, NY, USA

Spending 5 days in this loving [intensive] environment is a freeing and joyful experience. It brings me such a sense of what life on the planet can be, and teaches me how to live my journey in a way that lets the light in - Inner Bonding is a process to practice with intention, and thereby I have found joy. 2003

Rick Fria,Construction Management
Snoqualmie, WA

This [intensive] was probably the safest I have felt since birth! Margaret Paul created a nurturing container of pure love and curiosity which allowed me to face and address an issue I have hidden from for 50+ years. I came hoping for a breakthrough experience and I found it.

Marti Neal,Therapist

I feel that Margie is an enlightened person. She has an intensity that stimulates all levels of communication within my being. I'm a better person for my work with Margie [at the intensive] and I look forward to continuing my growth.

Michael Narutowicz,Entrepreneur

Before the intensive I was feeling hopeless and cynical about trying one more thing. After the first day, this workshop had changed my life permanently. What I had thought was a lot of money to spend on a five-day intensive I now will pay willingly and gratefully again and again as I continue to bring Inner Bonding into my life.

Karen Kral,Graduate Student, Counseling
Santa Fe,New Mexico

After having completed my second Intensive, I am filled with inner peace and joy. This feeling comes from having found my spirit! With my spirit as my guide I am never alone. I am very excited about the work that I have done and look forward to integrating the Inner Bonding process into my life and work. Thank you Margie!

Joanne Blayman,Registered Nurse
Chapel Hill,North Carolina

My experience with Inner Bonding [the intensive] was that the six step process took me much deeper into my psyche than I expected or have experienced with other psychotherapist's methods. I recognized how deceptively controlling I am of myself and others to ensure my needs and responsibilities are handed over to my wife and others. I will now be learning to take responsibility for my needs and begin to give much needed love and attention to my inner child.

James Schmidt,Retired Aerospace Engineer
Albuquerque,New Mexico

Even though I had just completed a two year Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, I learned so much more about loving myself during the intensive. The experience has substantially changed my life and I now have a very practical tool to use in transforming my fears and worries into compassion and love. I highly recommend the experience - my wife and I are incredibly grateful!

Mark Lersch,Intern - Counseling
Santa Fe,New Mexico

If you consider five days of your life, there is no better way to get to know yourself and walk away with a process for continued positive growth. I loved being here learning from Margie and all the participants. The bonding that occurred was both inner and with everyone with whom I shared this time.

Michael Solomon,Entrepreneurial Advisor

The Intensive provides a safe environment to create a healthy dialogue between your healthy adult and inner child. The workshop participants provide a wonderful mirror of our own issues and experiences. The Inner bonding process gives you an opportunity to tune into your spiritual connection and learn what is in your highest good.

Wayne Minor,Sales
Ft. Lauderdale,Florida

I came to this intensive program somewhat reluctantly as my wife wanted to attend. I leave, five days later, with an intense sense of gratitude that I attended and a feeling of being greatly privileged as I and others in the group spoke our truth and discussed our issues. The feeling of safety and encouragement and Margaret's insights made a great deal of progress possible. Many times I felt a chill as comments and suggestions made by Margaret hit home and were understood at the gut level by the participant. I would encourage all human beings who want to grow emotionally and spiritually to attend this program.

Shazad Carpenter,CPA and Therapist
San Jose,California

Intensive #2. Now I really 'get' how to use the 6 steps and know that by constantly and consistently practicing them that I will release the fear and anger that has been blocking me from the sunshine of spirit.

David Rhodes,Business Owner - Realtor - Psychologist
Chapel Hill,North Carolina

The [couples] workshop offered an excellent opportunity to learn by examples what it means to listen to your inner child, to open to spiritual guidance, and to practice the entire sequence of the Inner Bonding process. Observing (and sometimes participating) in other people's explorations offered both an opportunity to see the Inner Bonding process in action, but also an opportunity to see an issue one has being dealt with by another person who has the same issue. Doing one's work with Margie as a coach is very effective.

Dorothy McKinney,Engineer
San Jose,California

I came to the intensive with an overwhelming sadness and anger, but I did not know the cause, or essence of it. I trusted Margie and her assistants (Patti and Colin) to know how to unleash these feelings. By trusting, and having a willingness to learn about myself - I have broken down the walls that protected the pain I was holding onto. I no longer want to focus on these negatives, I want to use the knowledge for loving myself and others.

Laurie Dalton,Property Master/ TV and Film
Los Angeles,California

The Ossining Intensive was powerful and incredibly healing. Michael and Nancy made a truly safe - and sacred - place for us in this lovely old farmhouse. They helped us explore the defenses we had created against extremely painful memories, losses and fears from childhood, all with the intent to know and love ourselves more deeply. They are so grounded in this wonderful Innerbonding process -- and it works! Nancy brings her strength and Mother Earth presence and Michael his persistent, gentle spiritual connection: a dynamite combination! The meditations, dancing, hilarious story-making, inner child's play like blowing bubbles, and Notessence collages of our core selves all helped create community and gave us a way to integrate this profound experience. We were empowered and transformed. And we laughed as much as we cried. This was my third intensive and filled with gratitude for the way my life has changed over 15 months. Thank you Nancy and Michael for the gift of seeing ourselves through the eyes of grace. Thank you for the privilege of being with other beautiful souls and sharing a part of their journey. Namaste.

Susan Settle,Psychotherapist
Amherst area,Massachusetts

When David and I set out for this couples workshop, we were both filled with anger and blame towards the other person. I decided before I started to get rid of that feeling and try to find my peace of mind. I found that and so much more. I discovered that I had a wounded, abandoned child that I had not been taking care of. Once I opened up and became a loving adult taking care of my inner child, I felt more alive. The workshop gave me the tools (the six steps) to connect with my inner spirit and take care of myself. Once I become the loving adult, I can be part of a wonderful relationship.

Joanne Blayman,Registered Nurse
Chapel Hill,North Carolina

When we came to our first intensive we were both emotionally drained and ready to walk away from the relationship. Months and months of anger, blaming, shaming, attacking, and withdrawing had taken their toll. We reached our turning point the first day when we both realized the simple truth - through the six steps of the Inner Bonding process - that the real issues were not with the other person, but within our individual selves. Almost miraculously, this simple (simple, not easy!) process not only allowed us to see the real source of our pain, but gave us concrete, incredibly effective tools to change the pain into joy. As a result, we have now reached the deepest most loving space ever in our relationship. Our love is solid and now we have the tools and process to keep it alive.

David Rhodes,Business owner, psychologist, realtor-broker
Chapel Hill,North Carolina

I took an Inner Bonding workshop two years ago. I wasn't ready to do the 6 Steps at that time - at least not on a regular basis. The Intensive has given me numerous opportunities to put into practice the 6 Step process and it worked every time. Having several opportunities to work in front of the group with Margie was like 6 months of therapy. Listening to the other members of the group allowed me to grow in ways I didn't expect. I am committed to the Inner Bonding process and I know it will continue to transform my life.

Art Ross,Shopping Center Developer
Simi Valley,California

The Ossining, New York, Intensive in June 2003 was an extremely safe, fantastically fun and deeply healing experience! It is evident that Nancy Weston and Michael Barmack have done huge amounts of personal healing using the Inner Bonding Process. They each have tremendous respect for individual process and allow participants to chart their own course of healing utilizing the tools of Inner Bonding. I highly recommend an intensive to anyone who is interested in deep exploration of themselves. It was truly a gift to be a participant at the first Innerbonding intensive hosted by trained facilitators Nancy Weston, Michael Barmack and facilitator in training, Nancy Swisher.

Kate Reardon,M.S.W., LCSW

It has been one week since our intensive came to a close, and I find myself quietly reflecting in gratitude for the experience. And yet, the first phrase that comes to mind to describe it is MIND BLOWING (although mind expanding would probably be a more apt term!). The Inner Bonding system is an amazingly inclusive approach to healing, bridging the gap between psychological and spiritual truth in a wonderfully integrative way, illuminating no gap ultimately exists. For me, this has worked almost magically, helping to connect different parts of myself which I've spent years fearfully defending. And on a deep, intrinsic level, this has created a more authentic, intimate experience of Self -- interpersonally and intrapersonally. I still have a long way to go, but somehow, I've walked away from our time together with a somatic knowing that I'm more than up for the ride -- it is indeed, as Margie describes, a sacred privilege. I met two of my spiritual guides for the first time on this journey, and luckily for me, they both agreed to come back with me to New York!

Mike Moran,Creative Arts Therapy Student, Songwriter
New York,New York

This was my 2nd Intensive and it was a wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed the safe community in which to learn.

Veronica Narutowicz,Registered Nurse

This is my 4th [couples] intensive and I am very excited to say the amount of personal and spiritual growth I have experienced is amazing. There is no way you could experience this process and not feel a shift in your life or your core being.

Cindy Shore,Mom to be
New York,New York

Wonderful! Don't talk yourself out of it [the couples intensive]. When you change, everything around you changes. This will change you.

Steven Shore,Retail
New York,New York

My (what I thought was a good) marriage of 27 years had just ended, my AA sponsor of 21 years had just died and the grief was so overwhelming I was not able to do my job so I quit work when a leave of absence was denied. Life as I had known it was over. I was scared, overwhelmed, stressed to the max, feeling alone and abandoned and worthless and inadequate and just wanted to be dead. The divorce will have been final 2 months by the time I return home from this Intensive and I know now that I can face what lies ahead without feeling victimized and violated if I'll utilize the tools I have gained at the Intensive. I will actually be able to self actualize and be authentic "in the real world". I can give up expecting others to take care of me and I can give up attempting to control what others say, think and do. I am grateful for this life changing event

Julie Hammer,R.N.
San Angelo,Texas

I am so very grateful of the love and safety and skill and support here (and amazing honest openness of sharing of everyone). I learned so much about myself with this work and Margie, and I learned so much from each of the other couples [at this couples intensive]. The Inner Bonding process is a gift from Spirit that I wish every person could experience. I arrived disconnected from my inner self, with limited awareness of how my past impacts my feelings today. After five days I gained so many valuable insights that allow me to truly express myself. This gave me the tools to change the way I behave in my relationship in the future.

Randi Burnham,Nurse Practitioner

This intensive created a space safe enough for me to open to an issue I've buried for a very long time. Margie - you are brilliant, a true Master at what you do. It was a privilege to work with you and I look forward to working with you again. Your ability to cut through to the core with strength and compassion makes you amazing. Connecting with this group to the level we did was also amazing. Thank you for sharing your passion and your gift of sight. P.S. Thanks for really seeing me at all levels!!!

Merry Oislander,Teacher
Deer Park,New York

This was my 2nd Intensive and even better than the 1st (difficult to imagine). The Intensive feels like I'm catapulted into a new level of understanding that would have taken years by conventional therapy. It truly feels like years of therapy are done in 5 days in the most loving environment one could possibly imagine.

Deb Klugger,Home Building/Real Estate Broker

The couples intensive has been instrumental in opening my eyes to the way I've been in my relationship with Cynthia. More importantly, it has opened by eyes to how I can be, and has created hope that we can create a loving supportive relationship for the two of us together.

Mark Moore,Entrepreneur
Walnut Creek,California

I have been to many intensives. There were all very different and I got so much from each one. I really believe that the couples work/intensive saved our relationship. We have also gone to a few on our own. Do yourself a favor...and go!

Cynthia Collins,Owner, Anti-Aging Clinic
Walnut Creek,California

In the first 5 minutes of work we did in the intensive, we moved further than we did in an entire year of couples therapy. The environment was wonderfully loving, supportive and non-judgmental. At the same time, it was a highly effective environment in which to learn and grow. I came into the intensive open and ready to grow. I got more than I bargained for! My husband came into the intensive skeptical. He left his skepticism behind long before the end of the first day. This was a tremendously valuable experience for me as in individual, for us as a couple, and for us as parents. In addition to the Inner Bonding process - which I consider a valuable tool, I came away seeing clearly the dynamics of my relationship with my husband which does produce good results, and more importantly, what I can do to create more loving, fulfilling relationships in my life. -- Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, NM, 2002

Norma Meyers,Non-Profit Executive
Los Angeles,California

"This has been an incredible experience. It has changed the way I look at life and myself. I healed a lot of old wounds, and made a lot of new friends. After spending 5 days at the intensive, I am excited to get back to my real life, and live with a greater appreciation for myself and others."

Veronica Narutowicz,R.N.

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