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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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'This has been an incredibly healing and necessary experience for me.  Connecting to my Guidance as well as my fellow Inner Bonding Intensive friends is an experience I will always cherish.  If you are thinking about going, please go!  You won't regret it.' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive

Maria Homan

'The Inner Bonding Intensive experience is like no other.  After attending several Intensives, I always walk away with new insights, clarity and deep healing.  A profound experience!' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive

Penny Boyle,Mother of Three

'This was my second Intensive and I continue to be amazed at how I learn something new & useful about myself each time.  Inner Bonding is the only process I've ever discovered to be so all encompassing - whether your life difficulty is aloneness, shame, relationship problems, abuse or addiction to name a few.  By combining psychology & spirituality, this unique method could be used by just about anyone looking to improve their life.' Jan.'09 Santa Barbara Intensive

Doris Muczynski,RN

"I had a very profound experience at this retreat.  It opened up a whole new world inside me and allowed me to heal some very deep issues.  I thank Margaret and the other participants for a very moving 5 days." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Saeyoung Min,Psychologist
New York, NY
347) 400-3444

"I spent two months trying to read testimonials and figure out what to expect from an Intensive, and I never could've known the gifts that I ended up with; JUST GO.  Be in the presence of a wonderful teacher (Margaret) and kindred travelers - give yourself the gift and the adventure.  It won't be your expectations - it will be full of wonderful surprises, wonderfully beyond all of them." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Barbara Prindle,Writer
Minneapolis, MN

"An amazing learning experience.  Lots of love, and lots of growth.  I would recommend this to anyone." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Katherine,Singles Coach
Los Angeles, CA

"The experience has been very rewarding and beneficial in a much deeper way than regular therapy.  Experiencing and 'practicing' the process was the crucial component for me.  Being surrounded by the caring, loving & unconditional support of others made this an invaluable experience. The setting was very comforting and the connections made with others added to feeling a sense of community.  I look forward to the ongoing support and being part of the Inner Bonding community! Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Stacy Veach,Therapist, LCSW
Indianapolis, IN
317) 849-4223

"Wow!  What powerful work.  I believe anyone and everyone could benefit from this work.  I now have the tools to deal with any situation or emotion that rises up in my life.  This work is a great gift to not only me, but a great gift to humanity.  This work is inspired & inspiring." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

S.K.,Real Estate, Management
Merrimack, NH

"This experience has been a blessing.  Inner Bonding gave me tools to help with listening, comforting and healing my inner child.  I would recommend this work to anyone that is willing to care for them selves, because you are deserving of self worth and much more." Colorado Intensive, 10/08

Rick Sison,Owner, Ability Specialists
Centennial, CO

"The Inner Bonding Intensive was a perfectly safe place where I could allow myself to be totally vulnerable & ask all of those questions I'd always wanted to ask but felt too scared to do so.  At the end of 5 days I feel joyful, healed & able to implement Inner Bonding in my day to day life." Colorado Intensive, 8/08

Celia Wade
+44 1626 208889

"This was an incredible learning experience.  Seeing first hand, Inner Bonding put into practice is beyond words.  I now know how to use words & define feelings to look after myself, and that is truly all that matters.  Margaret Paul is an amazing, compassionate woman.  She has changed the way I will view life.  I wish I knew this 20 years ago - for me & my children." August Intensive, 8/08

Ken Daniels

"An Intensive is an opportunity to get to know your issues and how to constructively heal in a safe environment.  The group environment creates a sense of family where mutual support, along with great love is very nurturing.  If you need a hug, come to an Intensive, get real with yourself and confront life's challenges.  You've nothing to lose and everything to gain!" Colorado Intenisve, 8/08

Carol L. Hannon,Retired

"Margaret & Mike created a space for me to connect with Jesus in a way that I'd not connected in about 10 years.  I learned on a deep cellular level how it truly is up to me, the loving Adult, to love & cherish my journey here on Planet Earth.  And from that loving & cherishing place within Me, will all that I need & want flow & manifest itself."


"I came not knowing what to expect and having been to many workshops before.  What I found was an elegant and powerful way of being with myself and others." Colordao Intenisve, 8/08

Shelton Huettig,Psychotherapist
Seattle, WA & Perth, Western Australia
206) 325-6167

"I really can't say enough of how much of me I am taking home. (My little one)" Colorado Intensive, 8/08

Jackie Radmall,Massage Therapist
801) 225-5539

"The resort and small group size were very conducive to learning and working in a safe & intimate environment.  It was very beneficial to have such a concentrated experience of working in the process and really being able to absorb it through seeing & feeling the work of others and ourselves.  The information and tools learned will stay with me as I continue to progress on my spiritual path." Colorado Intensive, 8/08

Audrey Sorensen
Wilson, WY

"This Intensive was the first place where anyone ever told me that all my care giving is controlling, not loving, and that sitting in my energy at that moment was a lonely experience.  As a pastor, that was a shock.  But it was spoken without any judgment, merely as information, and this shattering of my self-illusions led to genuine love for myself and for others, and gave me great freedom.  There is no greater freedom than to love oneself & be oneself as created by God, and then to share that love out of one's own inner abundance.  Thank you, Margaret, for helping me open to Spirit and open my heart." Colorado Intensive, 6/08

Rev. Teresa Davis,ELCA Minister

"The most valuable part of the Intensive for me was being able not only to identify my pain but to be able through this process to actually HEAL!!  There was finally resolution, which I have rarely experienced in all the years previously.  I have never felt such joy and hope for a Spirit-filled life!" Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Joanie Hill,Retired

"I found the Intensive really useful.  It was an uplifting experience to hear that many people have issues that need to be worked on.  Many of my own reflections were re-affirmed through the process of one to ones and hearing others.  The environment was very welcoming and the Sophia retreat centre was very comfortable.  Also, to meet such a lovely group of people was very uplifting." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Bryan Berry,Science Educator

"Over a year ago a friend told me how Inner Bonding saved her son's marriage & she recommended that I go online and check into it.  After reading information online I contacted Margaret and I began having phone sessions.  I learned a great deal during the phone sessions and they were of great help, especially with the additional books and CD's.  But it wasn't until I attended the 5-Day Intensive in June 2008 that it all really came together and I finally became aware. Margaret consistently told me to get my eyes off my husband.  She would say, 'It's not about him, it's about you - it's about how you are treating your little girl.'  Now, I'm aware and have the tools to take care of myself.  It is a life-changing experience/process and I highly recommend Inner Bonding.  Thank you, Margaret!" Colorado Intensive, 6/08

Mary Ann Farmer
Scott City,Missouri

"I found the Inner Bonding Intensive to be a safe place for me to process issues that were ready to be faced.  The gentle guidance and loving care of Margaret was pivotal in releasing these issues." Colorado Intensive, 6/08

Linda Agnello,Assistant Editor
941) 925-0471

"During the 5-Day Intensive, I felt released from my wounded self's need to work so hard to control myself and others.  Now the Spirit flows through me, teaching me how to use my emotions as information.  As a result, I am learning to love myself and others with fewer expectations." Colorado Intensive, 6/08

Susie Keown,Expressive Arts Minister
317) 523-5833

"My experience at the 5-Day Intensive was a life-giving/life-changing experience for me as a Survior, now a Thriver of brutal abuse and gang rape, bringing a child into my life and thrusting me into parenthood.  The work I allowed my courageous self to engage in included Anger Processing and releasing the evil false belief and spirits I carried for years, releasing the pent up outrage at all the abusers, and rapists.  Some grief/sorrow work, talking to my deceased Father and Sister.  Opportunity to share the life-giving/life-changing experiences with a loving, supportive, caring, genuine group of others.  Awesome experience. Durango, CO Intensive 4/08

Barbarie White,Retired Military

"In an extremely warm way, it is amazing how quickly Margaret identifies what issues and patterns we need to move out of and acknowledge in ourselves.  But the true gift which traditional therapy seems to lack, is the solution of self-care and empowerment, that the 6-step process provides - allowing you to move and grow beyond any stuck places you encounter now or in the future." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Katherine Thomas,Graphic Artist

"To me, Inner Bonding is the action-oriented psychotherapy process that can be self-administered. Attending the Intensive workshop provides the foundation for discovering the path to freedom." Durango Intensive, 10/07

David P. Best,Industrialist
San Francisco,California

"This is it!  This is the path to self-learning, healing & inner peace.  After 20 years of on & off conventional therapy I've finally found the 'right' thing for me & for everyone with a wounded inner child, I believe.  It's a life long process & journey, but it really works if you work at it." Colorado Intensive, 6/08

Vicki DiMarco,IT Project Mgr
516) 586-3640

"I have had many different types of therapy and self-help experiences throughout my life since age 16.  Inner Bonding not only integrates the best parts of therapies that may be beneficial, but weeds out the parts that have not proven to be helpful.  I have healed and grown more in one week using the Inner Bonding process than I have with any other therapy, self-help book or spiritual path.  I understand myself now and know what I need to stay connected to myself and God to be successful & truly happy." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Lisa Malzhan,Entrepreneurial Artist & Real Estate Broker

"I learned that my thoughts and all of my creations are my responsibility.  By taking that responsibility, I can change them, if I really want to.  The tools and information received are beyond educational and informative.  The skills learned are a new way of being and acting in life.  I feel like I lost 30 lbs. of emotional baggage.  I will engage with my soul more often to heal my wounded child and my wounded adult.  The best vacation I ever had!" Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Tamara Shafer,Strategic Business Consultant

"When I came to the Intensive I came as a wounded little girl.  As I leave today I leave with a greater insight, perspective and acceptance for my wounded self, love for my little girl and excitement about the doors I am opening for myself.  The tools and techniques I've learned have already had a profound impact.  I know as I practice and exercise these tools, my joy and love will grow with me." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/08

Katie Hodges,Accounting & Business Management
Salt Lake City,Utah

"Words fail in describing the sheer brilliance of the Inner Bonding process.  I have been in intensive therapy, 12-step and other self-help studies consistently for over a decade, and Inner Bonding has provided a key to unlocking true healing.  The Intensive was fun, challenging, intense, freeing and eye opening.  Five days is the perfect amount of time to take a journey from the bondage of self to self love and freedom.  I've made connections to the other participants that I hope will last a lifetime." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08

Elizabeth Hill,Therapist

"The Intensive is a deep immersion in Relationship of the self to the Self.  It is an open invitation to learn to truly love oneself and heal the essential Relationship from which all other Relationships are patterned.  The opportunity to do this work is phenomenal - the opportunity to do it in a community of like-minded, non-judgmental, openhearted friends is a rare & precious gift.  The Intensive is indeed the most loving gift one can ever give oneself." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08

Carol Kennedy,Artist & Educator

"As my 2nd Intensive, this was an even more profound and wonderful experience.  The safety and authenticity that are created in this group allowed me (& others) to go deep into feelings, emotions, insecurities & false beliefs.  Everything was well thought out in the Intensive - focusing on always being open & in the truth constantly.  The amazing process of learning to work with, heal & evolve completely within oneself is a brilliant & revolutionary method - completely unique." Santa Barbara, CA Intensive, 2/08

Lisa Mansfield,Real Estate Agent

"The Inner Bonding Intensive has been the most profound gift, and the best part is that I have come to the understanding through this Intensive that the most valuable gifts we receive are the ones we give ourselves.  To deeply nurture and validate what our inner child is saying is our access to feeling whole again, just as we were in the womb.  I am excited about the journey back to myself that I have now embarked on." Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/08

Katherine Warnett,MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist, Birth Doula

"Inner Bonding is an empowering process that allowed me to journey into my emotional underground in a very safe and supporting way.  It provided me with the motivation and necessary insight for positive change and growth.  It has strengthened my sense of self and will undoubtedly benefit me for the rest of my life.  It is certainly recommended to anyone who has the willingness and desire to want to improve in every area of their life. Inner Bonding has been the missing piece that has now given me an effective way to resolve problems quickly with confidence, clarity and conviction. I am grateful for this new resource of self care and awareness." Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/08

Marcia Derwin,Consultant, Massage Therapist
Ft. Washington,PA

"This was an amazing experience to learn how very much my Inner Child needs ME to be here for her and love her. The most wonderful insight was knowing I can love my little girl and take care of her needs first, yet still be the giving person to others I was meant to be. Thank you so much Margaret and Sharon for helping me to see the beauty I have inside." Durango Intensive, 10/07

Tamara Stover,Mother
Greensboro,North Carolina

"The Intensive was amazing! The information taught and learned is invaluable! Anyone who walks away from a 5-Day Intensive and hasn't changed their life hasn't given of themself." Durango, CO Intensive, 4/07

Justin Bradshaw,Business Owner

"This was my first Intensive with my partner and it was incredibly powerful - we each worked on issues about our own work & personal issues, and saw how we try to control each other in different areas.  The understanding I got is going to transform my relationship with him - I can already feel the increased aliveness, curiosity and openness." Advanced Intensive, NY, 11/07

Emily Agnew,Musician & Counselor
Rochester,New York

"I first attended a weekend Workshop (2 days) which gave me a great overview and encouraged me to attend the next Intensive. I've done my share of therapy but this Inner Bonding Intensive (5-day) has given me an amazing connectedness to myself and the tools to continue my process of growth and self-improvement. The gentleness in helping me become aware of areas of work for me - allowing me to accept the input - I felt acceptance and safety and a sense of belonging that I've never felt before in my life. I've grown a true and authentic sense of self-worth. The friends I made will be lifelong. I've received the gift of a new family made up of those friends. The Inner Bonding steps are the light at the end of the tunnel. The light is forgiveness and hope and love - and my antidote to loneliness and emptiness." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07

Tim Lennon,Broker, Owner - RE/MAX Greater Atlanta

"It was for me a profound experience where I got in touch with my essence, and met beautiful and creative people who shared their gifts with me - the 5-Day Intensive was guided by Margaret and Sharon's wisdom and expertise." Durango, CO Intensive, 10/07

Margarita Rivera Swank,LMFT

"The 5-Day Intensive was a great experience. The information I learned will help me grow to be my very best person that I can be. I learned we always have choices. Thank you Margaret and Sharon." Durango, CO Intensive, 10/07

Catherine Hopper
Hicksville,New York

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