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Reading about other's experience at Intensives can help you to decide if this is something you want to do. It can also help to allay any fears you might have about attending an Intensive. While most people are nervous when they first come, by the 2nd or 3rd day they are having a wonderful time and wishing it would go on longer!

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"It was a powerfully, transformative experience, resulting in a deep sense of connectedness within myself, with my spouse, and my fellow workshop attendees." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07

Gary Ritter,BS, RPh DC

My experience of these five days of Inner Bonding was one of the most healing and enlightening times. It was all wrapped up for me in the last day of jumping in and allowing my little child her place in my life. She is now alive, seen and fully appreciated. Thank you, thank you." Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07

Susanna Barry,Consultant
Santa Monica,California

"If you ask me to list the top 5 most loving things I ever did for myself in my entire life, making a decision to go to the 5-Day Intensive was definitely one of them. I want to do this again!" Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07

Katherine Bouglai

This was my second Intensive. I'm a 62 year old (fairly "Hot" Grandma) who struggles with alcohol abuse. The past 3 days I have learned "how to", and that I must stand up and speak my truth. I'm quite shy and believed I should be "nice" to my husband and family members. I have been tortured inside by not being honest. I now feel empowered to speak up when things don't feel right. It will be the loving thing to do to my husband who has no idea what he does to contribute to the situation. I'm excited about the possibilities for my future happiness! L.A. Advanced Intensive, 4/07

Mary Campbell,Retired Nurse

"As a hypnotherapist, I have experienced many exploratory journeys. I can honestly say this is the safest space for opening, learning and loving yourself, others and the world around you. I will not be able to see anything in limitation again. Possibilities abound and I am open to them. Namaste."

Pam Miller

"This is my second Intensive and it was wonderful to dig deeper and get clarity on issues that were not resolving. The support of the group allowed my Inner Child to feel safe to heal around these issues. Fabulous!" Santa Barbara Intensive, 1/07

Penny Boyle,Mother/Wife MGP(Making Good People)

"It has been a tremendously inspiring and liberating experience. Inner Bonding is a process of learning how to take loving care of ourselves in each and every moment. It has given me the understanding, insight and tools to enable me to do this in a way I've never before been able to with other therapies. It's given me my life!" Lucerne Valley Intensive, 11/06

Diana Toomey

"The energy and effort expended by Margaret is incredible. As well as her perception in determining the needs of her clients. I learned so much and I take with me a wonderful opportunity to grow and become the person I want to be. The experience will be life changing." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 11/06

Tom Campbell,Attorney at Law

"I had read a number of Margaret's books before I attended the Intensive but knew that I only had what is something called 'Book Learning.' I needed to practice Inner Bonding in a deep and regular way to fully understand it. Margaret's devotion and commitment to helping others is insirational. She has a dep connection to God and is very loving, kind and also direct and honest." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 11/06

Paul Yarema,Project Manager

"Learning from Margaret is a wonderful gift. Her love and compassion radiate from her. She wastes no time to get you to the present, and the relief from the pain and anguish is speedy. Her guidance and clarity goes from one group member to the next without her missing a beat. You will learn as much from each group member, their experiences and how they deal. The love and compassion you feel for each person opens up the love and compassion for yourself. Opening to Guidance will be demonstrated over and over, and is what makes working in a group so powerful and beneficial. The process, the group and Margaret have made this an experience of a lifetime for me. This has been what dreams are made of!" Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06

Sharon Appleby,Mom - B.A. Sociology, Licensed Psychotherapist

"This workshop has been an enlightening experience for me. Inner Bonding has taught me to be compassionate with myself and the people who are important to me. I am grateful for the learning and for sharing my experience with a very special group of individuals." Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06

Ted Tobias,Business Owner

"I learned so much not only from my own Intensive work, but from others as well. My connection to Guidance became even more clear as the deep inner work continued. Thank you Inner Bonding for the space to heal." Santa Fe Intensives, 10/06


"Margaret gets to the point quickly. She possesses a remarkable intuitive ability that is amazing. The Intensive was worth the time and money spent." Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06

Ben Caballero,Real Estate

"Increased my late-coming connection with the Great Spirit, leading to more joy. More Inner Bonding techniques learned (hopefully) for getting rid on an hourly basis of destructive beliefs still seeking control of me." Santa Fe Intensive, 10/06

Noel Sorrell,Copy Editor
Albuquerque,New Mexico

"I feel that the Inner Bonding process is the most useful one I've found to date for deep healing. It combines the best of psychodynamic, cognitive and spiritual processes for the integration of the mind, heart and spirit." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 7/06

Dr. Ilene Krems,Psychotherapist
Culver City,California

"Most important experience of my adult life. I have finally found the source of my unhappiness and discovered the path to personal fulfillment through recognition of my true self and the means to give and receive deep love." Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Douglas P. Bosack,Physician

"Inner Bonding is as meaningful and healing for an agnostic, which I am, as to those who can see angels and spirits. The process is universal; it will touch your deepest human essence if you will be open to learning about yourself. Margaret Paul is totally non-judgmental. She is centered within herself, intuitive, with gentle, loving strength. To take a workshop with her is to give yourself a gift: contact with the person you are and what you can grow to become." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 7/06

Alice Schafer,Ex-Computer(Software/Database) Analyst, Retired

"Inner Bonding is the most powerful and permanent process of healing I have ever experienced - and I've experienced a lot! What is so important about this work is that it taught me how to give myself what I have been seeking outside myself for years - in therapy, meditation, yoga, you name it. It taught me how to be the parent to myself that I always wanted but never had. How empowering to know that I truly do have all the resources inside I need to heal. I have a Master's in Spiritual Psychology. This work truly is Spiritual Psychology in action. Inner Bonding changed my life more profoundly than anything else I have ever done." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 7/06

Julia Padawer,Career Coach; M.A. Spiritual Psychology

"Inner Bonding has really shown me the way to recovery from my unloving and destructive behavior. Going to a 5-Day Intensive, my first, has been a tremendous help! I was apprehensive at first but quickly realized the extraordinary help that was available through this intensive process and Inner Bonding. I would recommend Inner Bonding and the 5-Day Intensive to anyone feeling 'stuck' or 'trapped' in their unloving and destructive patterns." Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Jason,I.T. Executive

"Inner Bonding is the greatest tool I have found for finding true connection with myself. I am so grateful for Margaret's brilliant facilitation and depth of unconditional loving. This is good stuff. I look forward to teaching this technique to my clients." Lucerne Valley Intensive, 7/06

Julie Sponsler,Marriage & Family Therapist
Los Angeles,California

"You think you've done the work, and there is the same issue staring you in the face once again. Do you open to learning about it or go into resistance and close? You've paid all this money to heal, so of course you have to open but there are those same protections keeping you closed!!! In any moment you can make the choice to open.... There is silence... and then the group joins in with Margaret channeling incredible wisdom, insight and truth, and through their honesty, love, and support all of a sudden in a flash the A-HA moment comes. You are flooded with a peace, calmness and joy and with a knowing that all is right with life. It is a moment of clarity and enlightenment. You are once again connected to yourself, truth and spirit and there is no greater feeling in the world. Advanced intensives are like this, yeh, they are!!!!" LA Advanced Intensive, 6/06

Merry Oislander,Teacher
Deer Park,New York

"I gained a great sense of clarity from the Inner Bonding workshop. I was struggling with questions that therapy just couldn't answer for me. Through the help of the group experience and Margaret's great gift of being able to pinpoint the exact issues, I gained a great awareness of what was going on in my life and my relationships. Also, I learned the Inner Bonding process which has given me the tools to deal with my issues, connect with my Inner Guidance(God), and know and love myself better. I have learned that I am responsible for my own love and happiness and how to best give that to myself by connecting with my Inner Child and God. Thank you to Margaret and the group!!!" Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Rose Harkins,Web Developer
Los Angeles,California

"Since starting the Inner Bonding program, I regularly find myself believing 'It would be impossible for my life to keep getting better, yet it keeps getting better!'. The 5-Day Intensive only served to amplify, deepen and normalize this experience! Being with others going through this process was both liberating and supportive. I couldn't have integrated the practice and process as quickly and deeply any other way. Thank you Inner Bonding!!!" Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

David Squire,Therapist, LCSW
San Diego,California
(619) 549-2963

"This is my second Intensive and I am amazed at the level of the learning that happened at this Intensive. Once again I witnessed the change that happens once we all go beyond our wounded self, the beauty that starts to shine out. The process is really amazing - I enjoyed it very much." Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Ivanka Jankovic,Engineer

"I learned a great deal at the Intensive, both personally and professionally. Personally, through my personal work and the work of others, I have learned about the dysfunctional patterns in my life and how I can change them. Professionally, I learned how to be a better therapist by watching the amazing gifts of Margaret. Her loving attention to each person has been an inspiration to me, and the growth we all achieved is extraordinary." Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/06

Jean Schumaker, Ph.D, S.E.P.,Psychologist, Researcher, Professor

"I have been blocked on many issues for which I sought many healers. Never before have I come to such personal awareness as through this Inner Bonding work. Now I have a tool and a process to true and complete healing. I realize this is a process and by deeply loving myself, through understanding and taking responsibility with loving action, I see a true path to happiness and joy. Yeehah!" Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Dina Weinberg,Consultant
Los Angeles,California

"This is one of the safest, most supportive, loving environments in which to deep personal transformative work. I feel blessed to have been a part of this sacred work." Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Mark Stempel,Financial Advisor

"It was a self-affirming exploration of my 'being'. Inner Bonding has been one of the most loving things I have ever done for myself." Santa Fe Intensive, 4/06

Jeff Frymer,MFT Intern
Sherman Oaks,California

"I feel as if I have finally come home to my real self. I feel so empowered. I now have the tools for me to give up limiting beliefs and actions and to start creating the life I want to live. For the first time in about 15 years I feel connected to Source Energy/God." Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/06

Joyce Riesett,Medical Claims/Massage Therapist

"Having attended the Intensive I feel an immense sense of relief. I was able to unblock false beliefs that have been with me a life time. I thought it was impossible to heal. I feel as though my life has been handed back to me and for that I am truly grateful!" Santa Barbara Intensive, 2/06

Penny Boyle

"Wow, what greater gift could there be than a conscious, loving, spirit connected relationship with myself? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Monte Umphress,Letter Carrier
El Cajon,California

"This has been the most wonderful experience of my lifetime. Inner and Outer Bonding (wonderful group of people) is truly amazing and truly divine - a release from bondage. It is not only a unique experience in itself but also an ongoing inspiration." Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Ann Forsyth,Therapist
Edinburgh, Scotland
(0044) (0)7734 346 7

"It was a wonderful experience. I learned so very much and believe that what people learn here can radically change the rest of their lives. This is only the beginning to an incredible new life for me. Sharing this experience with me were others searching for answers and a pathway to make the rest of their lives the best years of their lives (and we will!)" Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Kathy I. Norman, Ph.D.,University Professor
San Marcos,California

"The Inner Bonding process has been a journey of highs and lows, and highs againand through this process I can say that I know Love - for the first time in this life of mine, I know the truth about giving and receiving Love. It is an experiential process like no other!" Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Linda Selvage,Jewelry Artist/Feng Shui Consultant

"I got in touch more profoundly than before in both a) my barriers to adulthood/endless resistance, energetic scattering, thinking that I have no choice how to respond when I get overwhelmed with feelings and b) ways to develop spiritual connection and a stronger inner Loving Adult (meditation, opening my heart, practicing the Inner Bonding dialogue, and kindly observing my energy as I interact with others." Santa Barbara Intensive, 12/05

Joel Rosenfeld,Retired Psychology Professor
Huntington Beach,California

"This was one of the best weekdends of my life. Such love, support, deep healing, growth and fun too. The layers of the wounded self are so deep and tricky. Each intensive I attend with an intention to learn I'm able to explore and heal the same core issues at a deeper level and move thru them much more quickly. Thanks to Margaret and the group for such a deep, rich and delightful experience. If you have attended a 5 day intensive give yourself a gift of an advanced intensive, it is sooo worth it." East Coast Advanced Intensive, 10/05

Merry Oislander,Teacher
Deer Park,New York

"Wow! First word that pops into my mind. I have never grown so close with so many people so fast. And the learning that I saw here is something you can't put a word to, but if I did, it would be Amazing!" Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/05

Andrew Todd,sales consultant
(917) 796-5976

"This intensive was truly one of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had. To be able to release years of anger and sadness in such a safe environment was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. This safe, sacred community and space will last with me for a lifetime. I look forward to bringing what I have learned into the world! I feel so alive." Couples Intensive, Santa Fe, 8/05

Debby Todd,sales
(203) 847-3415

"The Inner Bonding Intensive experience is like a rebirth. It has allowed me to explore myself, find a connection to God, and see the endless possibilities of my life." Santa Fe, NM, 4/05

Kevin Gunderson,Business Manager
Green Bay,Wisconsin

"Margaret Paul is a Wizard. She gives you tools to do personal transformation. Tools that you can carry with you everywhere, and you don't need any high-tech for it. Tools that will bring you the lost part of yourself. This Intensive is way beyond anything I could have imagined. We shared common human stories of our woundedness and different ways we expressed it, and our struggle to change. And we started to change. It was a blessing to see people starting to understand what we were doing to ourselves, believing that others are doing it to us." Intensive, Lucerne Valley, CA, 7/05

Ivanka Jankovic,Engineer

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