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Searching For Answers Works Only If You Find Them...

You've tried it all - the endless research, reading and doing the popular "self-help" programs,
and perhaps even months or years of conventional therapy.
After everything you've done to "feel good about yourself," you're still asking the same questions:

 Why do I still experience feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy?
 Why do I still suffer from anxiety or depression?
 Why do my relationships with my spouse, partner, family, friends and colleagues continue to struggle and fail?
 Why do I turn to alchohol, drugs, food, sex and other addictions to help manage my painful feelings?
 Why do I still believe money, fame or approval of others is what I need to feel safe and worthy?
 Why do I still feel alone, abandoned and filled with shame, guilt or self-loathing?


Inner Bonding is a proven six-step self-healing process.
It's comprehensive. It's practical.

And it always works when you do it.

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Here are a few ways in which Inner Bonding will help you heal and transform:

You'll have a step-by-step system to use throughout the day that rapidly moves you out of any anxiety, depression, shame, or anger to feeling centered, peaceful, and joyful
You'll remain calm and know exactly what to do or say in any situation that that feels out of your control - regardless of how the other person is behaving. You'll be fully free to express your true self and less susceptible to criticism from others.
You'll have a powerful method for manifesting what you want in life - financial success, a loving relationship, a good sexual relationship, and deep fulfillment.  
You'll have a powerful healing process that enables you to both understand and heal the cause of addictive behavior, so that you do not turn to addictions to avoid pain or fill emptiness. 
You almost always feel safe, worthy, alive, joyful, passionate about life and inwardly peaceful. You no longer take life so seriously.
You’ll have access to an abundant source of inner wisdom, which will be your guidance and north star when times get challenging, so you never have to feel alone.
You will start to value your body, health, and wellbeing and actually enjoy healthier foods and exercise, and be able to say “no” more easily to addictive junk foods.

Dr. Margaret Paul explains the Six Steps of Inner Bonding

Listen to how Inner Bonding helped Alanis Morrissette


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People learn in different ways. Some like to read, others like to listen or watch, while others like to do and experience.
Some can learn on their own while others need in-person help. Look over what we offer and decide how you want to start learning Inner Bonding.
Immersing yourself in the process is the best way to learn, so some of you might want to do a number of these at the same time.

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Love Yourself: A 30-Day at-Home Inner Bonding Experience with Dr. Margaret Paul - to learn to love yourself, rather than continue to reject and abandon yourself, which is the underlying cause of most anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, addictions and relationship problems. Starts November 13th 2019.

A 30-Day at-Home Video Experience with Dr. Margaret Paul to create loving relationships and heal your relationship: Wildly, Deeply, Joyously in Love. This course can be started at any time!

New! See Dr. Margaret Paul's Webinar and Amazing Special Offer: THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF - to Self-Heal Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and Relationship Problems.

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Find and use your inner strength to live life to the fullest, reach your full potential, and become all you are meant to be.

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Inner Bonding Events

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Whatever led you to this website, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone. Support to help you on your healing journey is what we offer to members of the Inner Bonding Village. You can connect with others who are also learning, healing and growing, and receive the help you need.

We are a community of strong, vulnerable, kind, honest people working on creating a healthy life, just like you.


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We are pleased to announce the next Inner Bonding Facilitator Training Program (IBFTP), a year long experiential, comprehensive training curriculum that provides a balance of professional development with the opportunity for profound personal transformation. Participants who complete the program will have gained the confidence and competence to begin working with individual clients, while simultaneously experiencing deeper contact with themselves and their spiritual guidance due to the personal growth orientation of the program.

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Sharon Appleby, B.A., Sociology

Phone & Skype sessions are available with Dr. Margaret Paul and other Inner Bonding® Facilitators.

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When being loving, we are not grasping, demanding, needy or clingy, because love has nothing to do with getting or taking. We give freely, to ourselves and to others. We also receive graciously when the gift is freely given. When being unloving, we may try to manipulate a gift - whether it be of time, money, attention, emotional support, approval, sex or affection - but when we are loving we know that a gift not freely given is not really a gift. Notice when you are being loving or unloving.



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