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Today, notice who is in charge - your ego wounded self, or your loving adult connected with your spiritual Guidance. Are you in your mind or are you present in your body, conscious and aware? The awareness of who is in charge will help you choose to be fully present and loving with yourself and others.


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SelfQuest Educational Foundation, Inc.


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Learn about SelfQuest, our sofware program based on Inner Bonding, that will be donated to prisons and schools. Help us complete this project with your donations.
Purpose and Mission

SelfQuest Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, is in the final stages of developing a software based self-discovery and healing process, designed for inmates and students to:

  • Develop self esteem and personal responsibility

  • Prevent and treat substance abuse

  • Prevent and treat domestic violence and other forms of violence

  • Reduce recidivism

  • Prevent high school dropout.

Our mission is to donate the SelfQuest program, which is contained in an interactive downloadable CD, to prisons, schools and correctional institutions and to provide trained facilitators to augment and support its use.

SelfQuest Overview

The technology presented in SelfQuest guides users through their personal history and behavior profile, helping them to become aware of their fears, limiting beliefs, and uncaring or destructive behavior. Then it takes them through the Six Steps of Inner Bonding to help them resolve both inner and relationship conflict. They learn how to access and take responsibility for their feelings, how to learn from their anxiety and difficulties, and how to access the spiritual love, truth and power that enables them to heal their self-limiting beliefs and take loving action for themselves and with others.

SelfQuest has tremendous potential for lasting impact on the community, as demonstrated by the following testimonial:

"Inner Bonding has been extremely powerful in helping me as an instructor teach very painful concepts to men who have very violent histories. It is truly remarkable how men respond and move toward taking personal responsibility for how they feel utilizing the Inner Bonding process. These men have extreme issues of control, and Inner Bonding gets to the heart of it in a very direct and healing way. Inner Bonding is perfect for correctional institutions and quite frankly I have been in the game for a long time and implemented many programs. We have been waiting for someone to put it together in such a way that inmates respond and apply the knowledge."

James Beard, Domestic Violence Substance Abuse Instructor, Sheriff's Department, Correctional Education Division, Los Angeles, CA

Each inmate and student who participate in the program will have his or her own program. The program can be utilized in any size group, depending upon computer availability. Most prisons and schools have computers available. Minimal computer skills are required. A trained facilitator will be introducing the program to each group, and working with individuals and groups as they move through the program. In addition, the trained facilitator will conduct a brief training, with all inmates and students utilizing the program, on how to support each other while learning the SelfQuest tools.

Research indicates that most violent criminals, rather than having low self-esteem, suffer from toxic self-esteem. They tend to be pathologically narcissistic, selfish, and self-centered. They think they are special, entitled, better than others, which they believe gives them the right to do what they want, even if it harms others. When anything is wrong in their lives, they blame others - their parents, society, their teachers, the justice system, and so on. They do not take responsibility for themselves. This erosion of personal responsibility in our society has had tragic consequences, and prison does little to change this. The SelfQuest program addresses these issues as well as issues of anger management.

Non-violent offenders, such as many addicts, have few coping mechanisms for feelings of fear, anxiety, and inadequacy. They often turn to substances because they know of no other way of filling their emptiness and avoiding their pain. 12 Step programs are supportive, but don't provide the actual tools for managing difficult and painful feelings. The SelfQuest program provides these tools.

The SelfQuest CD is designed to move individuals out of seeing themselves as victims of others and into personal responsibility. It is designed to move individuals out of narcissistic behavior and into caring about themselves and others.

Donate Now!

We invite you to become part of the SelfQuest project. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to SelfQuest Educational Foundation, Inc. All donations received will be used directly to create, distribute and facilitate SelfQuest/Inner Bonding in prisons and schools.

All of our work on this program has come from donations from individuals who have benefited from Inner Bonding and want others to benefit as well.

__$25 __$35 __$50 __$75

__$100 - $499 - Inner and Outer Bonder

__$500 - $999 - Angel in Training

__$1000 - $4,999 - Angel Graduate

__$5000+ - Saint

And in Spirit we are all the same!

To make a donation through PayPal, click the "Make a Donation" button:

To pay by check: Make payable to "SelfQuest Educational Foundation."

Send to:

SelfQuest Educational Foundation
PMB #42, 2531 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

To pay by Visa or MasterCard: Call Valerie at 888-646-6372

Thank you for helping us make this a more peaceful world!


Margaret Paul, Erika Chopich, Valerie Lippincott



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